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Kristijan Ristovski

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15 May 2013




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Very FastPaced and Aggressive. Mostly it depends on the mod itself, but because I put the difficulty on hard every mistake counts.

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I've played countless mods and titles that tie with half life in some way, and my way of playing and enjoying them was to be very thorough with the AI and NPC interaction(I had some experience developing npcs in source for hl2, so I'm very exponentially focused on it).

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Command & Conquer Saga (1 - 3)
  2. Red Alert Saga (1 - 3)
  3. Age of Empires2-3/Age Of Mythology
  4. StarCraft 1,2
  5. ArmyMen(2,WorldWar,ToysInSpace)


  1. Research and Development
  2. Depot
  3. Mission Improbable
  4. Deep Down
  5. Black Mesa

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  • Mapping: Some
  • Modeling: None
  • Scripting: Little
  • Texturing: None
  • Voice acting: Little
  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: Some
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11 Jul 2015 Next Mapping Challenge Starts Wednesday 15th July CuteHeadcrabRabbitVile HL3 RABBIT NPC CONFIRMED
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