Borked Hazard

for Half-Life

28th August 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

The mod is a hazard course, where you are a member of staff in a training facility for Bio-tec research. During your training terrorists ambush a colleague and gain entry to the facility. At this stage you are in the middle of training. and you have to help stop the terrorists from taking classified information from a supercomputer located inside…


Spolier Warning
Set in modern day New York, you work for a scientifically well-known research centre. The centre’s main claim to fame, a high sophisticated super computer with vital information about the centre’s research into various sections, which you are never told. You work for just over minimum wage, but yet you still feel loyalty towards the company. You express this in many ways, but one, regular way, you turn up early every morning, and complete the companies in built training course. Training for what you may wonder. The contract never reveals this, but it seems quite fun any way.

This is where the troubles begin!

One morning you arrive early, all seems well, and you start the hazard course. Until about half way through, all hell breaks loose. Sirens start going off, explosions surround you, and the friendly security guard seems to be dead….

[In a nutshell; previously-unknown terrorists have taken the lab by force, a bit too much in reality, but any way. You are the only person who seems to be left, well, you and the few remaining guards, although later the US army take and interest and help you on your way. You have to use your hazard course training wisely from now.]

You fight way through the lab and into the dodgy parts of New York, (getting beaten up by drunks with broken bottles never seemed so much fun). Finally, all is revealed to you by your superiors. From then on you are helped by the US army to try to retrieve the vital information which should have been kept within the country. You are flown to another country, fight you way through ruined parts of the middle east, and finally get to your goal, and the inevitable Big Boss, who gives a good fight, but nothing compared superiority of your higher skills! You then get flown back home again, personally chauffeured to your house, and given a nice retirement settlement. Then from then onwards is up to you…….

Basic Details
  • Title: Borked Hazard Mod
  • File Name: hl1-sp-borked-hazard.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 44.9Mb
  • Author: Borked Hazard Team
  • Date Released: 13 June 2004
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. dufferx

    This one has never been a smooth play for me regardless the machine used. Too bad.

  2. RedRanger

    I try to download the mod but theres something missing from it.

  3. Please be more specific RedRanger. What error messages do you recieve?

  4. RedRanger

    Ok I tried to download the mod and when I try to play it theres a message saying something about a

  5. Heyzors

    I am pretty sure that means you don’t have the programing for the crowbar. Or mayber the skin…


  6. RedRanger

    Well if I dont have the skin or program what can be done?

  7. use the search button in windows and look for .many mods have it.when you find it copy it into your events folder that is inside the mod’s folder


  8. RedRanger

    Thanks for that advice andyb but now its saying it cant acticate client.dll or something so now im trying to download the hazard mod again and see if that works.

  9. RedRanger

    O and adding to my last comment I tried adding a different client.dll from the janitor mod and it said could not load library C:\games\half life1\HAZARD\cl_dlls/client.dll

  10. andyb

    I’ll check back on the weekend and see how ya made out.if you still have problems I can send you the file from my hazard mod install.

  11. Aside for the truly awful voice acting, there are some battles late in this mod that involve 50 to 100 enemies running around in one map. It sent me down to less than 10 fps and I gave up. It’s a shame, because it was a promising mod and clearly a lot of work went into it.

  12. Heyzors

    Red Ranger. Did you try re-downloading it. Sometimes the things download wrong.

    On another note…I am having a problem too. When I get a weapon, it shows as if I am in a scoped weapon the whole time. Although, it is not zoomed and there are no crosshairs. To make it more annoying it doesnt show my health, armor, weapon inventory, or even the weapon I’m holding. It’s pretty much like my screen has been made completely black and a hole has been cut into revealing very little.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  13. john

    PROBLEMS AS WELL. map over 3 when I spawn they are shooting at me when the screen is black. I tryed and tryed and finally got to a point where I can live. none of the grunts do anything but stand their. when I loaded up I couldnt pick up the 40mm gernades. which would help. after a sucide charge around the map I am alive at 4 health. no med kits on top of hill so I cant servive the jump down. now if I was able to fight back before the screen loads, have 40mm gernades and a healthkit or two. I might have a chance. am uninstalling it. shame to. guess I got borked.

  14. RedRanger

    O and I noticed that when I try to download other mods they have sma problems as im having with the borked hazard mod.

  15. if your having that problem with other mods its one of three things.your download manager isn’t working right,your steam/half life install is corrupt or whatever you use to unzip things is not set up right.

  16. The Abandoned Workshops

    This modification includes new weapons and some new models for characters and enemies. The weapons were rather decent but some sounded very weak for what they could do. The action in this one are very tiresome and get rather boring a lot of the time. Some maps have far too many enemies it makes them near impossible to complete without cheating and it also causes a large slow down too. The flow was still good but a lot of it was ruined by the gameplay which is a shame. There is also some new voice acting which was rather bad, especially since you couldn’t here it very clearly. There were some very unfair spots as well, one map fades in from black however enemy troops are shooting at you yet you cannot see them causing you to lose a lot of health. Ally troops don’t fight back making them useless and there wasn’t even any health at the top after the battle either.

    Sometimes it varies from average to a little over, but most of the structure throughout is poor. It sets off the idea of the buildings and locations clearly but the way each area was created could have used a lot more work. Even some of the scale was off, and some areas looked untidy. Texture choices were good but weren’t used too well either.

    Tiresome and boring gameplay, with some bad structure and design. Could have been a lot better.

    Rating: 38%

  17. RedRanger

    Hi again, recently I downloaded cleaners adventures and for some reason some missing files came back into the file. I dont know how but when I play hazard or cleaners adventure the game starts up but when its about to put you into the game it quits out on both games!

  18. geekofalltrades
    Avoid It!

    I never could get this mod to play smoothly. The backstory sounded intriguing, but a lack of professionality, combined with some corny and contrived situations (like a parachute-drop straight into an enemy machinegun), ultimately rendered it unplayable.

  19. wreade1872

    I actually liked this mod, eventually. Combat gets really intense and challenging towards the end, I mean that in a good way. Some might experience slowdowns but I only found one area and I just kept my eyes towards the ground to eleviate that.

    For the scope or whitecircle problem you’ll need to play in 800×600 mode.

    For the impossible level (you’ll know what I mean!) you’ll need at least 60 health to continue, the general will heal you a bit. Anyway go to the copter guy, when the fadeout starts run to the guard post, the right spot is just behind the guardpost between it and the wall. When you land (if your still alive!) crouch and wait until you can see. 🙂

  20. Hmmm. Read the comments for this one. Don’t think I’ll bother.

  21. TheRipper

    Mediocre mapping, heavily unbalanced gampelay, I gave it up after a few maps. Models look nice, but that’s not enough to keep going…

  22. Ezequielhl
    Avoid It!

    This mod is a pain: it a lot of good work in modeling, coding and new weapons trashed be a buggy and boring maps.

    Did someone tested this? And I thought every SP mod I found in PHL will be good…

  23. Ade

    PHL is collecting them, and that’s what the rating system is for: so we can decide if the mods are worth playing 😛

  24. mfw41

    Here is a link to a trimmed down version for this mod, since some of the files were never needed:

  25. Edwin "Oscuro" Herdman
    Avoid It!

    The first note is that I used mfw41’s trimmed version of the mod, mamy thanks! However, a couple of the bugs I mention *may* be attributable to using that file, but the vast majority of them will certainly be found in the normal download; I guarantee it.

    Where’d the “too buggy to play” button go..? I think I detected some slowdown at one point in this mod – impressive for a GeForce 8800. It wasn’t due to large numbers of enemies, but something else. This is a cheap shot, but: The mod advertises itself perfectly well since it says “borked” and “hazardous” on the wrapper. Guess what it ended up being?

    Almost the very first thing I noticed in the game was some z-fighting, although I can truthfully say that I didn’t notice it again. Unfortunately, the mapper traded up in terms of level design flubs: Almost every soda machine is a different size from the others. The insides of closed rooms are hollowed out; the mapper uses the “big box” theory of mapping which leaves excess polygons out of sight everywhere. There’s lots of missing polygons too, and HOM everywhere. I got stuck a few times, such as once on a door which needed to be broken for the player to jump through – unfortunately the mapper got cute and decided to leave a little triangle of the door at the bottom left (just like a real broken door eh?) and you can easily get wedged between this and the wall. At another point, I got stuck in a wall to my right during a level transfer. World detail models that have a giant hitbox that prevents you from moving around them. Not all the mapping design and scaling is completely terrible, but it mostly is. I can say that the mapping seemed more detailed and realistic as time went on, but that’s not saying much given how generic and uninspired the first area was, or how buggy the large second mission was.

    You could probably take a thousand damage from a mounted gun before that infamous fade-in decides to kick in. There’s also a friendly barney (or whatever they are – sometimes they’re barneys, although they have hgrunt animations and some hgrunt sounds) standing in the sky behind you at this point. Suffice to say I was playing with god mode by this point (although I probably could have crouched at the beginning to stop the madness); I had been doing so (on Medium!) since the first close quarters combat fighting of the game – the three guys rappelling from a hole in a ceiling. In retrospect I could have grenaded them, but imagine: You put the new player who may be armed with nothing but a highly inaccurate pistol (and no armor bonus) up against three classic hgrunts and with very few cover opportunities. The weapons are very weedy – slow and inaccurate, not to mention not terribly dangerous – but only for you. Dudes behind mounted guns seemed able to run around freely, so you couldn’t always get them with a lobbed grenade or even know which of the people on a ledge was your priority target. I threw a couple snarks up with the left one in the New York outside scene (by Redz) and they ignored him. Only explosives or a clean shot (should you get one) will do it.

    I couldn’t take being briefed by a They Hunger zombie, so I smacked him upside the head with a hammer and nobody seemed to care. The game tries to be clever and keep you from spawning weapons by blocking impulse 101, but give weapon_egon (for instance) works most of the time. All the regular HL item codes are mapped to a weapon, either old or new. Don’t try gibbing the final boss (a dude with a shotgun?) because that’ll crash the game. Definitely the mark of a conspiracy.

    Here’s just a sampling of issues with the weedy weapons: The MP5 is really slow in default mode, and the zoom takes forever and a day to go in and out. It also has terrible accuracy, zoomed or otherwise. It makes no sense that the MP5K is a different weapon from the MP5; it also makes little sense that it has a different ammo pool and that I couldn’t get more ammo for it (probably unintended, like most “features” of this game), or that using the code “give ammo_m16” crashes the game, or that the M16 altfire doesn’t work and that the contact grenades can’t be picked up, or that the MP5K’s world (on the ground) model is an UZI…and that’s just a little bit of what’s going on. The crossbow has been replaced with a “bolt rifle” which usually won’t reload properly, and you must fire two shots from the desert eagle before you can reload it…there’s a bunch of pistols in the game, and I don’t think you can find some of them in the game, but it doesn’t matter. Use the unmodified HL weapons because they’re bug-free and actually can do some damage. I haven’t seen the crowbar rapidly fire at corpses (makes a buzzing noise and clears things away much quicker than usual) like this in years, and the same is true of a similar bug which lets the M16 be fired as quickly as a minigun with a similar buzzing noise and only one bullet gone from the chamber when it stops. Pretty funny, and awe-inspiring for the number of bullet holes you can leave in walls and ammo casings you can drop – but it does virtually no damage against enemies in this state (it didn’t even break open those little cardboard boxes on Valve’s shelf prefab).

    The original voice was quite understandable for me, unfortunately, although they do beat the unnecessary fourth wall-breaking onscreen messages like “you know what to do” at the beginning of the game. There’s another point where you get briefed by another They Hunger zombie whose mouth stays open the whole time, including when he’s supposedly taking a question from one of the (invincible) soldiers in his audience, because it’s a sound clip ripped from a movie or show, complete with music. There’s some other sound bits like this and at least one piece of music, and most of them can’t be heard over gunfire.

    That brings up another point – whatever happened to the original premise of the game? It turns from what’s described into a worse-than-generic terrorist hunt game, which is not terribly interesting. It sort of makes sense considering the author seems to have a 9/11 obsession / conspiracy theory angle, but that alone takes the production down a notch, I’m afraid. There’s not nearly enough originality or authenticity in the “let’s go fight terrah” portion to justify doing it, especially considering that the original plotline of the game is dropped. Although I wonder if the They Hunger radio announcer standing on that inaccessible ledge above some toxic goo knew the secret all along…

    There were a few things I did enjoy in the game, however. It was nice to see the Redz neon sign again (I don’t know where it’s from, but I know I’ve seen it before and it’s also a given that it wasn’t created for this game, as there’s virtually nothing new here), and it’s also cool to FIGHT THA POWA and bust down a door into a taped-off crime scene which has the required burning barrel inside (how long has that been burning with nobody inside?). Also, who puts a picture of some random dude surfing above their fireplace? Wow…the crying eagle is funny enough. Whoever decorated that apartment has some issues.

    The credits map is nifty however – I didn’t stay around to see if anything cool happens, but the ending JFK speech and music mix is nice (and also cements the conspiracy angle which wasn’t obvious coming into this mod).

    I think the perfect final note would be to transcribe the onscreen messages at the halfway (roughly) point of the game where you’re on a military base:

    [bottom of the screen]
    ‘You have been taken to a secure militray [sic] facility, you will be briefed shortly
    [top of the screen]
    You will find that were lucky……. [seven periods, omg it’s a sign]
    [new text]
    As a friend found you unconscious, before they did anyway…
    [new toxic green text]
    You are now amoung [sic] friends, no weapons are needed

    I think I’ll be the judge of that.
    /give weapon_hammer
    Look at Joel “Acidscar” Richards
    impulse 203 🙂

    This would not be a bad mod if the models and animations were fixed up and if the mapping and scripting / coding was fixed. Unfortunately, that would require the mod to be done over from scratch.

  26. Avoid It!

    Sorry, this was no fun at all. The description and the first few maps sounded / were nice but then it got just ridiculous and boring. I stopped playing after climbing into the helicopter at the airfield and immediately was dead before I could see anything…
    Found some bugs and oddities, also the balancing is terrible. The positive features are many new weapons, models and a different setting, meaning no BM style mod. There are also some puzzles and surprising scripts, but it’s sort of unplayable.

    -Interesting setting
    -New textures, models etc., and quite good leveldesign
    -Lots of new weapons (Desert Eagle for example)
    -Some good scripts

    -Balancing – quantity is not quality, there’s almost no health too
    -No fun, rather frustrating
    -Bugs like getting stuck etc.
    -Sometimes heavy performance issues
    -Some poor, basic and boxy design
    -Enemy placement / spawning is a joke
    -Story sounded okay at first, but then gets unimportant
    -Many more I suppose..

    Note: Please take care about this review, as I haven’t – and never will finish this mod. Besides that, many others say that’s it’s like unplayable cause of horrible balancing, performance and so on.

  27. Maybe?

    It’s not a terrible mod but has big problems. The maps are generally not that bad, the problem is mostly the balancing and lack of polish.

    Nearly every weapon is from a different source, so the player hands are not consistent. Broken difficulty, some sections are extremely hard to get through and unfair to the player. The voice acting is very hard to understand in some sections, especially in the end etc. etc.

    I edited the weapon models and tweaked the health and damage variables a little to make it more bearable and after that, it’s just a mediocre, action packed mod. Still hard to recommend though.

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