for Half-Life

30th March 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

The game starts at a remote area of the black mesa facility where scientists have been experimenting with headcrabs. The military have set up blockades at the entrances to make sure nobody gets in or out.


I renamed this file to correct the spelling.

Basic Details
  • Title: Quarantine
  • File Name: hl1-sp-quarantine.7z
  • Original File Name: Quarintine.zip
  • Size : 4.82Mb
  • Author: trooperdx3117
  • Date Released: 25 March 2007
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  1. Quite buggy & way too many monsters to make it any fun. I’m stuck & don’t know where to go next, but it’s so un-fun, I probably won’t finish it.

  2. john

    oh, mighty goddess how can it be no fun. I plan to start it this weekend. where be you stuck, so I can offer my help.

  3. Imagine yourself being the only person in Night of the Living Dead. All I can say is run like hell and try not to die.

    As for where I be stuck, it’s after I have activated the generator.

  4. Nevermind. I just did a series of events the wrong way. Even still, very buggy so I can’t really play it.

  5. AI

    Buggy, Hmmmm, better get out the can of Raid!!

  6. Okay, I finished it after switching to software mode. There was so much enemy spawning that it was real stuttery in some places. There were still a few map loads that kept messing up (getting stuck in structures, falling out of the map completely, doors not opening, etc). Loved the sentry gun in the office building but that was about it. Very very dark in some places, so if that kind of thing bothers you, adjust your gamma – it helps. There’s a nasty little elevator shaft to watch out for too.

  7. john

    too buggie to continue playing.

  8. Try running it in Software mode. Worked for me.

  9. TheRipper

    I’ve done 3 out of 5 maps, and now I’m stuck. I’ve switched on the generator, and then the alarm. And now there is nowhere to go… There’s a door in the other building, marked “black mesa central complex’, but it still won’t open. So what am I missing?

  10. Mel
    Avoid It!

    Poor game, poor design and textures. just 100’s of zombies in every level.

  11. Gilfrarry

    TheRipper, you’re not missing anything. The yellow button in the observation area that turned on the alarm also opened that door. Unfortunately, that door closes after a minute or two and the button doesn’t work again, apparently.

    It looks like you’ll have to restart that map, using cheats to get your suit and weapons back, or restart from the beginning. Or noclip, since it’s a bug and not your fault.

    Make sure you get the guns downstairs near the generator room, first, before you press the yellow button. You don’t need to deal with the zombie horde after pressing the button – break the left window, crawl along the ledge and jump to the next buliding to bypass the horde.

  12. TheRipper
    Think Twice

    Thanks for your answer, Gilfrarry. But I’ve deleted the installed mod by now. I could do it again , ofcourse, but it’s just not worth it, I’m afraid.

  13. Ade

    I remember hating the same things Goddess hated and doubt I finished it, too pointless anyway!
    Came back to rate it

  14. Avoid It!

    One of the worst packs I’ve ever played. This is absolutely no fun at any point.
    I wonder what the author was thinking when creating this madness.

    Everything essential is missing here: story, at least average combat, puzzles, atmosphere AND leveldesign!
    However it feels like build in errors or flaws are fun.
    This includes bugs like graphics bugs, triggering scripts, mapchange, game crash, performance issues and so on.
    I’m really glad they’re only 5 maps in total, this is terrible!

    You start outside with a suit and pistol, inside a small hut is more ammo, and you’ve to fight some grunts to get inside the “facility” where scientists were experimenting with headcrabs, the results are braindead zombies – tada!
    There’s not really a facility but a larger outdoor area FILLED with zombies who make the game very slow. There are even more zombies spawning out of nowhere..
    Inside an weird, empty building you have to turn on power. More zombies inside.
    And inside another strange building it’s dark again, but not pitch black dark. Guess who’s there!
    Last map is to escape, even more ridiculous, you suddenly have no weapons anymore.
    It’s day now and there’s a large outdoor area again filled with…exactly!

    Boxy, poor and undetailed design mixed with a silly stupid, stupid gameplay, absolutely no puzzles or atmosphere leading to frustration instead of fun.
    I’d rather play “Barbie’s Fashion Designer” than this again, seriously!

    Boring. Tedious. Pointless. Illogical. Horrible. HANDS OFF!

  15. Brad

    I agree with Technic, I had to noclip to the elevator, and I HATE noclipping in Half-Life becaus I hate cheating.

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