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Just mess about when I feel like it, but at the same time try to make HL2 maps.

Latest 25 Comments
14 Oct 2017 Tunnel Woes For a map made in such a short time, it's decent. Had some fun with pitting the alien soldiers ag...
28 Jul 2016 BM: Quarantine Been a while since I played BMS, and I think this map has made me fall back in love with it. T...
30 Jun 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille What would you look at for a Doorville entry Phillip?
22 Nov 2015 Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Okay, got past that bit (fighting my urge to screen like a girl). Now I'm past the cellar and stu...
21 Nov 2015 Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Whilst I haven't completed this mod, the amount I have played of it has given me enough to write ...
20 Nov 2015 Next Mapping Challenge There's no certainty that I will do the competition, but of I were to enter, I would to prefer it...
01 Nov 2015 Hard November I tried playing hard mode Half-Life 2. What I have learnt from that experience is to NEVER play i...
29 Oct 2015 Poll Question 327 - After Gameplay, which is the next most important element? (classing it different from visuals). If I don't know where I'm going or where I can find what I...
14 Sep 2015 Storage My God is this map fun. It may not look like it at first, but it has enjoyable difficulty, at lea...
03 Sep 2015 WaterVille I tried again to make an entry for this competition, but I was too slow in making it (spent days ...
01 Sep 2015 Modders: Choose the next Mapping Challenge! Define "modder" from "mapper".
15 Aug 2015 WaterVille - Mapping Challenge Announcement I've just realised, if Phillip does another competition on the 2nd of September (which he said wa...
11 Aug 2015 TutorialVille - Create a Tutorial Definitetly. It will be that mappers will use the formula as a basis (it can be hugely iterated, ...
10 Aug 2015 TutorialVille - Create a Tutorial I have an idea, but it maybe breaking rules in 2 ways: 1. It's more of a formula/theory for pa...
08 Aug 2015 Station60Ville If I had only known that there would of been 1 competitor to be up against I would of worked to f...
11 Jul 2015 Next Mapping Challenge Starts Wednesday 15th July Will the challenge be to use Black Mesa: Source or another mod?
01 Jun 2015 Bravado Hey Phillip! Will you be updating MapTap so it can run BMS mods and maps?
16 May 2015 Poll Question 313 - What is your Black Mesa purchase plan? Also I think there's less waiting time between maps and overall performance might be improved (in...
10 May 2015 Poll Question 313 - What is your Black Mesa purchase plan? I've bought it already, I'm just waiting to find somewhere with unlimited broadband (we are on a ...
02 May 2015 Half-Life: Visitors lil stuck on Visitor. I have no idea what to do after the scientist unlocks the armoury room. ...
30 Apr 2015 Marine Invasion: Episode 1 How about "meat-grinders"?
30 Nov 2014 RunThinkShootLiveVille Mapping Challenge Here's a good question, do you have to define where each section starts and ends? It would be goo...
18 Oct 2014 Data Place The map had good aspects to it, like some good ambiance and objectives that you could do in any o...
01 Aug 2014 Clearing a Path Now THIS is what a <5M map should be like! So many options, paths and routes to take, you can ...
29 Jul 2014 Sewer Sickness A very big improvement in the authors mapping skills, but still needs to design more gameplay in ...
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