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  1. Counter-Strike : Global Offensive
  2. Dishonored
  3. Pokémon Sapphire
  4. Team Fortress 2
  5. DooM


  1. Precursor
  2. Underhell
  3. Transmissions - Element 120
  4. SMOD Redux
  5. MINERVA Metastasis

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Latest 25 Comments
03 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Well, this is kind of depressing.
18 Dec 2017 The Lambda Cup, The Mesa Cup, Experimental Mapping Challenges, a Special Challenge and the Calendar. I like the addition of a Black Mesa cup, that game has a lot of potential and in my opinion it ca...
26 Nov 2017 Lunar Descent Cool to see that it's finally released ^^ The last time I saw anything about this mod was back...
24 Sep 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Well paced, great combat and nice little visual changes to make it a bit more unique than most HL...
24 Sep 2017 Now Running on a Dedicated Server Nice to see improvements on the "website-part" of the site. RTSL is pretty much a safe haven for...
17 Sep 2017 Quiet Rehabilitation It's just a Nova Prospekt HL2 map like many others. That doesn't mean it is not good, because wh...
15 Jul 2017 Remaining Mapping Challenges' Dates YAY A Black Mesa Ville! I think we've waited on that one for quite a while. Since Black Mesa doe...
16 Dec 2016 RTSL in 2017 I can´t wait for THC 2017 :) I really don´t understand why the last Hammer Cup was not spanned...
05 Dec 2016 December 2016 General Chat I´m hyped for HardVille!
18 Nov 2016 Week 46 I wanna see some Unreal Gold :)
16 Nov 2016 Hard!Ville Mapping Challenge I´m just going to assume that there will be a few troll entries. Anyways, I´m excited to play ...
04 Nov 2016 November 2016 General Chat MORPHEUS!! I really like the style of that map. Unreal and Unreal Tournament are really great g...
14 Oct 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Mapping Challenge Nice to finally see your face again :D I´m excited for this Ville, but I can´t participate sin...
15 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo Lol, the first trailer was taken down becaue it had a ton of segments from this video: https://w...
08 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo 1. Prospekt 2. Hunt down the Freeman Demo 3. The Closure
07 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo Oh boy. We expected a really bad mod. Some of us probably were expecting worse, but I was sti...
18 Aug 2016 Poll Question 358 - How many Achievements have you attained? ALL OF THEM! Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and also Black Mesa.
06 Aug 2016 Calling All In-Development Mods I second this.
28 Jul 2016 BM: Quarantine It´s a very short, but well polished singleplayer map. It doesn´t really offer a lot of variety ...
01 Jul 2016 July 2016 General Chat But what if he is right and there will be a reboot of Strife called "Strife", that will come out ...
09 Jun 2016 Poll Question 349 - Does your playing style represent your personality? I vary my style. But on my first playthrough of a game I usually play as if I was the characte...
16 Apr 2016 Poll Question 342 - Do you think Valve should support multiple versions of each game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNd5Gdt3xYE
16 Apr 2016 Poll Question 342 - Do you think Valve should support multiple versions of each game? I think it´d be really awesome if we could choose the version of our games in the properties menu...
25 Feb 2016 Introduce Yourself This page is getting way too long.
23 Feb 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 2: LiberationVille I am sadly too busy with school and a csgo map right now. Will there be a mapping challenge in...
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