Week 46

18th November 2016

Happy Birthday, HL! Half-Life was released a mere 18 years ago, on November 19, 1998. And we’re celebrating with a special stream weekend!

First, Phillip’s massive Autumn 12-hour Playathon is tomorrow! He’ll be streaming starting at 12pm Central European Time (11am GMT, 6am Eastern US) and running to midnight his time, 11pm GMT and 6pm Eastern US. Phillip hasn’t shared exactly what he’ll be streaming, but there might be some surprises in there!

Immediately following Phillip’s Playathon, I will be playing the original Half-Life. So I expect this stream to start at 12 midnight Central European Time, 11pm GMT, 6pm Eastern US – give or take. It won’t be a speedrun, nor will I be especially taking my time. Come watch!

You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

All streams will be on the RTSL YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. In the post, you say if we have any questions about the stream, just ask, so here is my question. What the hell am I streaming, because I have NO FREAKING IDEA at the moment.

    1. Unq

      Thinking of your unboxing stream last week, maybe you should break out some old-school Unreal. I’ve never played it.

      1. Yep, it’s installed, I just need to figure out how to make it 1920×1080.

        1. AI

          Phillip, I have my original “Unreal series cd’s” (1998) I loaded them in my PC, and the best graphics mode was 1680×1050 @ 32bit using D3D!! Back then I thought that was good — now UGH 🙁

        2. If you just want the vanilla experience in 1920×1080, I would recommend the Direct 3D 10 renderer, which even automatically adjusts your FOV accordingly:


          You can also use the version 227i fanpatch. This is using a Direct 3D 9 renderer, but it is – strictly speaking – no longer the vanilla game, as it includes some improvements and additions:


          Both are easy to install.

          1. I installed the 227i patch before I started playing.

    2. I wanna see some Unreal Gold 🙂

      1. Yep, I’ll be playing some of that.

  2. Anon_1468120

    I hope I can catch some of the stream. If you’re up for it, I’d love to see you play Quake!

    1. ^ Oops that was me, forgot to log in.

  3. Thank you both for the streams, they were very fun to watch 🙂

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