November 2016 General Chat

2nd November 2016

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and is having a good autumn. I personally love Halloween, and although I didn’t do a costume this year, I made sure to watch plenty of horror movies and played a few spooky games. The best movie I saw this year was definitely It Follows – it’s creepy and tense without being gory.

Things have picked up a little recently here at RTSL, with the release of Precinct 17 and Fast Detect – and of course the pending release of HalloweenVille Three!

Happy November!

What is this post?

Over the last few months, RTSL has gotten a lot of new readers. Anyway, unlike many other sites that also have a “proper” forum, RTSL does not.

So now, each month we create a “General Chat” post for readers to post whatever they want within the limits of being a family-friendly website.

Please don’t post reviews, questions or comments about maps and mods listed on the site – post them on the respective post – all those comments will be deleted. We do this to ensure that when a reader visits a map or mod page, all the information is in one place.

This Month’s old FPS game

Back in June 2014, Phillip started to use a poster from a classic Sci-Fi movie as the background for the post image. Starting in June 2016, we started to use images taken from old FPS games.

This month it is Unreal Tournament (1999).

UT was one of the first multiplayer-only FPS games. It did have a “campaign” in that you could play through the tournament linearly against bots until you reached the final showdown with that jerk Xan, so you could become the Grand Champion. I actually had a lot of fun against the bots in this game – it’s a fun action-packed shooter that’s still a good time. The map pictured is of course the great low gravity DM-Morpheus.


  1. JamaicanDave

    Ahhh Unreal Tournament (1999) – one of my all time favourite games. Still have the original CD’s and it’s the one game installed on every PC I’ve owned.

    It had some of the best bots in the business, great maps, interesting game modes and was well supported by Epic. Not only did they release 4 FREE bonus packs (including new maps, models, skins, mutators) it shipped with UnrealEd, which they later updated in a patch to the brilliant UnrealEd2.0.

    The game was easily modded and there is an absolute bucket load of custom content out there. For anyone interested, the FoT map packs are a must have. Compare those maps to the games originals, you’ll be amazed what the engine can be pushed to.

  2. After Descent, but before Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament was my game. I knew that the moment that Mars slowly rose on the horizon of DM_Phobos. UnrealEd was an amazing editor and the tracker music gave it an underground, homebrew quality. And they were proud of that – it was the kind of game where every level had the author’s name on the select screen.

    It’s too bad that they never open sourced this version of the engine, as far as I know. It’s pretty wonky to set up and play these days and it would have been cool to see where fans could have ultimately taken it. Interestingly, UT did have a few single player campaigns, like Return to Na’Pali, which were possible because all of the predecessor Unreal’s assets were already in the game.


    I really like the style of that map.

    Unreal and Unreal Tournament are really great games, the artstyle, atmosphere and levels are the best things about the game.

    It also has the best soundtrack ever featured in a game.

  4. JamaicanDave

    Hey, just noticed the contact and submit map pages have vanished. How do people submit new maps or contact the site?

  5. bkadar

    on this date is one of the great thing about this site.. get it now or wait a year. keep finding so much that i missed.

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