Now Running on a Dedicated Server

24th September 2017

I am very pleased to announce that RTSL is now running on a dedicated server. That means, for those that don’t know, I pay to rent a whole computer in a server farm and that whole machine is mine. This should mean the site is very fast.

I have only really done 5% of the work and would like to thank Mazur for the other 95%!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be improving the site, fixing 404s, reinstalling the Contact and Submit pages, along with lots of small changes to layout and pages.

Registration emails should arrive much sooner as well.

If you see any issues with the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
It’s more expensive to run the site this way but I believe it’s worth it.

I’ll be starting a donation drive to cover the hosting costs from November.

So, that’s it. Enjoy the site and remember: FINISHING HALF-LIFE IS JUST THE BEGINNING!


  1. Nice to see improvements on the “website-part” of the site.
    RTSL is pretty much a safe haven for all things HL mods and it’s a great archive for HL modding history.

  2. Lovely news. You’ve done a very good job continuously improving the site.

    Here’s to more content and mods!

  3. zeberdee

    Dont know why, but just lately Firefox takes much longer to load this page now. Almost a minute at times. Any ideas? Other pages open almost instant. Once on the main start page tho, everything lads really fast.

  4. Site seems very fast!!
    I’m sure its money well spent [ every month 🙂 ]
    Only a short step now to Google adds and Silver and Gold memberships.
    We took the step into the Brave new World of paid subs and after 12months our membership has returned to its freebie level. Its the way of the world, User Pays.
    Maybe a discussion for another day,,
    Congrats on the new server Phillip.

  5. Tom

    Hi Phillip – it looks like the Gauge downloads are not working anymore

    I’m getting:
    Cannot reach this page

    1. Okay, thanks. I have fixed them.

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