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01 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Thank you for everything through all these years, Phillip. Best of luck in your life ;)
25 Sep 2017 Now Running on a Dedicated Server Lovely news. You've done a very good job continuously improving the site. Here's to more conte...
01 Jul 2017 July 2017 General Chat GMDX is coming out this weekend? Damn, thanks for the heads up. I've been wanting the finish DX R...
17 Feb 2016 The Sprucecape Mod Mod title is wrong. It's written Sprucecape instead of Sprucecape.
06 Feb 2016 ChasmVille Damn! Congratulations to all authors! It's great to see so many entries. Have fun everyone.
22 Nov 2015 Antlions Everywhere Really great mod! Quite frustrating at times, mostly due to a few bugs, and it was odd tha...
26 Mar 2015 Cremation Good to see this here :) I played this a while ago. It's 4 maps, recreating 4 distinct environ...
23 Mar 2015 Then and Now, Now and Then I played this release just as soon as it came out on Urby's profile. The idea is cool: the aut...
04 Jan 2015 Awards 2014 Well, for some reason my votes aren't being registered, so here goes: My vote goes for . B...
03 Jan 2015 High Speed Hey guys. I had the same problem as dougjp. I’m not using MapTap (manually installed the maps i...
02 Sep 2014 4000 Days Online! Congratulations Phillip :D A perfect gift for your viewers (even though it should be the other w...
25 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 Well, if that's actually the case, then I stand corrected. As I had said, I haven't played the mo...
25 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 14GB is kinda... abusive. If the author actually gave use to each of the files, I'b be amazed, bu...
25 Aug 2014 August 2014 General Chat New mod released on ModDB: Hopeless Night
23 Aug 2014 SniperVille 2 I'm going to be short with my reviews: Dead Eyes This one was really great. It had the hardcore-...
28 Jun 2014 Black Guard I remember playing this mod last February or March. It's been out on ModDB for quite some time. I...
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