The Gate 2

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

24th August 2014

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

The story continues from where The Gate for Half-Life 1, finished.

The TimeGate will take the player to amazing new worlds in distant galaxies.

It features, new weapons, new enemies, a full scripted story, professional voice actors and a full classical music score.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Gate 2
  • File Name: hl2-ep2-sp-the-gate-2.7z
  • Size : 3.99GB
  • Author: Craig J. Beattie
  • Date Released: 13 August 2014

Download Options

Download file part 1 to your HDD [1GB]

Download file part 2 to your HDD [1GB]

Download file part 3 to your HDD [1GB]

Download file part 4 to your HDD [0.99GB]

1. I am making the mod available in 4 parts due to the size. It seems the most efficient way.
2. Because my download consists of 4 files, the download counter below displays the number of “file part 4” files downloaded. I have made the assumption that if you download the fourth part then you would have downloaded the previous 3.
3. In addition, the files above ONLY work with each other. You CAN NOT download other files from other sites and hope to piece them together.
4. The uncompressed size is approximately 14GB, yes, GIGABYTES. So make sure you have enough space on the drive where you are uncompressing them before starting!
5. Please check the author’s homepage (linked to above in the Basic Details for other download options and locations.

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Firstly, make sure you have downloaded ALL 4 parts and they are in the same folder.
  • Use an uncompression application (I recommend 7Zip – it’s free) to open the first file. Don’t worry about the extension being “001”.
  • When you open the first file, you will see the “TheGate2” folder and the PP readme. Drag the folder to your SourceMods folder.
  • It will take a few minutes. You don’t have to manually open the other parts – 7Zip does it automatically.
  • Once it has finished, restart or start Steam.
  • The Gate 2 should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page or post a comment.

Custom Grid View Icon

The file above comes with two grid view icons. To use it, select “Grid View” in Steam (top right corner). Make sure you have saved the image to a location on your computer – you can’t use it from the compressed archive directly. Right click on “The Gate 2” and select “Set Custom Image”. Then browse to where you saved the image and choose it. Then click “Set Image” and that’s it.

Of course, you can create your own custom image if you prefer.

Videos and screenshots

Videos and screenshots will be added as I play through the mod.

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Longest: 16 Hours, 35 Mins by DJ FrANKy EHP
Total Time Played: 53 Hours, 30 Mins
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  1. I just realized I don’t have The Gate posted on the site. I’ll try and add it soon.

  2. Play It Later

    First of all, some achievements this mod made :
    -With 14 gb uncompressed, biggest HL2 mod yet (twice the size of Black Mesa Source).
    -Also, the first and only GoldSrc/HL1 mod which has a sequel on Source/HL2 (was it a good idea?).

    Okay, WOW, I don’t know what to say at this point. I won’t give the mod a bad review because the developer has really worked hard to give us that. You animated and lipsync all the characters, that must have taken you some time…

    The problem is, with such big mod’s led by a “one-man-army”, is their flaws, in fact it’s like GString by Myo-Hyo : you have a great universe, great map’s, but a crap story and a gameplay sometimes very horrible.

    The story is just a massive pile of crap, it’s so bad that I thought to take alcohol and drugs just to try to understand a little more what was that : So many questions, such as ow Anna came back to your time, first of all?? Why the General with the glasses worked with Orbital Earth, and then he’s a bad guy working at Area 51?? Who was the New World Order (was Orbital Earth with them?)?? Why do we see the SWAT-like guys working with New World Order and Orbital Earth, without anyone noticing?? Are the aliens good guys or bad guys?? Why are they dissected on Area 51 AND worshipped at the same time by the Illuminati, leading the pits??? ) that and also the fact, there are so many times you do things without PURPOSE : I have to take pictures, to bring back a movie camera from a wreckage : for WHAT?? We don’t know what’s with the bodies!!! what’s with the camera!! We do things without knowing ANYTHING!!

    And then, after hours and hours of random massive stuff-nobody-cares-about, the ending comes, and in the contrary of the first one (which was so fun!!! Killing THAT bad guy and sinking THAT ship, and then the cliffhanger), is a great disappointment 🙁 too rushed, and without any “boss” or “bad guy” to fight/kill in the end, it’s just coming after all of THAT before??? No way…

    Also, the fights, 8 years later, are the same as the first one : enemies have the eagle eye and can shoot you without missing everytime, they can endure direct grenade/rockets shots (but you and your comrades, no!!), and the medkits are so rare… Basically, you suffer from the “unfairness” of the difficulty… Also, in the “last” part where 30% of the map’s are (yes, 20 maps), you endure redundant fights, but at least you’re helped with some guys.

    In fact, the main problem I can say is that, first of all, the dev’ didn’t listen to the critics for his first mod : the fights are the same, the story is just a complete delirium…

    Shortly, he focused too much attention on the details (textures, models, story/stories/side-stories), and you forgot too much the basics (gameplay…). I mean, I’ve experienced here even worse than the “Patience” level of HQ Amen : the prison was 3X5 minutes of NOTHING. And what about all that bad taste here and there??? Poops, farts, naked corpses… I mean, that was funny early in the mod, but then after a thousand times it’s just disgusting :/

    In the end, it was fun to play this mod : various environments, enemies, fights, “that” story was so much dumb I was laughing so hard throughout it, but there are too many flows which forbid it to get a PF, even a PIN…

    In 5 words : unofficial adaptation of HL Full Life Consequences…

  3. JG

    14 GB? Is this author insane?

    I guess that’s what happens when you get too preoccupied stealing assets from other games and mods. You lose track of just how much you’ve stolen.

  4. 14GB is kinda… abusive. If the author actually gave use to each of the files, I’b be amazed, but we all know at least 1/3 of that is development trash.
    I personally don’t think he used stolen content. Maybe he had some permissions, but I don’t think he went around stealing stuff.
    I’m not playing this anytime soon. I’ll wait for some kind of “revised” version of the mod, if it ever comes out. Which is a shame, because I originally played The Gate on GoldSrc and I quite liked it.

    1. Well one of the possible issues is that using copyright material, even for non-profit, is generally considered copyright theft. By adding a disclaimer in a readme file doesn’t negate that. Now, I have to say that I haven’t played the mod yet, but from what I have read that is what is happening. I also believe there are textures from retail games and there is no way the games companies would allow that.

      1. Well, if that’s actually the case, then I stand corrected. As I had said, I haven’t played the mod either. I was just hoping for better from this author.

  5. -Minor spoiler alert-

    Haven’t finished it yet, but here’s a heads up. Levels look cool but the gameplay is horrible. Only good area I have played so far is the start of “Area 51”.
    Stuck in a map with a bunch of dead dinos right now in an area where a helicopter seems to have crash landed into a building on the edge of a cliff.

    Also, there are no subtitles and the dialogue is very quiet. It’s very difficult to figure out what your objective is sometimes. Will write a review when I finish playing hopefully. Unless I’ve stabbed myself because this thing makes me wanna bleed. :3

    1. s.anchev

      you have to [spoiler] just shoot the planks beneath the copter with rockets, that’s it, and then retrieve the McGuffin inside the copter. Don’t give up, the end is near!!! [/spoiler]

      About the models “stolen” or not, AFAIK, there are Penumbra models, Nightmare House 2 models, I think Dino D Day models, Gamebana models, FakeFactory Alyx models… Stuff like that… It’s all listed on the end credits.

      That was also the case for the first one (many They Hunger stuff).

      Btw, I forgot to mention that for some reason, the blonde Anna from the first one is now that FakeFactory Alyx model (which makes no sense at all, of course, but it’s just the cherry on that cake of plot holes in this mod).

  6. s.anchev

    In this post, I resume the whole adventure, because seriously it’s beyond words, it’s in spoilers because I don’t want to break you the “pleasure” and the “surprise” of this, but this is a place-holder post for those who’ll want to confront their position on the story, or who want some therapy…

    [spoiler]I will try to resume my adventure, because, truly, that’s beyond words :
    Well, first of all, The Gate 2 resumes where The Gate 1 ended. In the Gate 1 ending, Anna was with an MP guy, here she’s alone and she came with some such of high-tech copter. Anna (now “Alyx” as a model, but… still Anna) says that you’re in great trouble and not to trust your friends at the FBI, then she’s shot by a sniper, and then you don’t have the time to cry, you have to run to your… jeep (the Jalopy) and you are shot at and chased by cops and some SWAT guys, and then some unknown guy lead you to sewers.
    Here, some guy (I’ll call you Breen like his model) works for Orbital Earth (uh?), and tells you that you have to go to the base on Mars (what?) because Nazis have invaded it (where those Nazis come from? The Gate of 1942 was destroyed). In fact, you are FORCED to do that, and you can’t change it. Of course, he says to you he’ll help you to save Anna, but anyways, that’s just very unnerving. Then you go kick some Nazi ass on Mars, and then you’re sent via the Gate to… some ruined world (or ancient time, dunno) where Nazis are experiencing on people and zombies (here, produced by… facehuggers!!), and then you go back to another Gate where… you’re sent back to Breen and he sends you back on time to save Anna, at least true to his word. BUT, then, he keeps Anna “hidden” (how? Last time we see her before stepping in the portal, she’s doing everything on her free will) and forces you again to do some… stuff… First of all, want to know why Alyx was killed? Because of time paradox, but NOT the fact that you killed Hitler in 1942, namely completly changing the face of the world, NO, the fact that you destroyed the UBoat BECAUSE it is linked to Anna’s father… who was ALREADY born at that time. WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEELL… So, after Gate 1 “Redux” in Nazi prison, you save the day, you also encouter briefly Hitler (not killing him this time)… and then you are send to stop the “New World Order” (coming out of nowhere) from blowing up a North Korea nuclear powerplant… And then, he sends you to Alaska to hide you for 6 months, and here, it goes completly nuts : you have to take photos of bodies dropped by a copter (why? You’ll never know) who is shot by another copter (why? you’ll never know) and then you have to get some data from another crashed copter (why? you’ll never know) before being sent to Area 51 where Breen’s pal, a general, is suddenly a “bad guy” working for the new world order (which for some reason is linked to Area 51?), and after a cool “stealth” mission, the WHOLE story is explained when a Roswell Alien telepathically says everything : blablabla we created human race blablabla we created the gates to help evolution blablabla…
    It then turns to complete delirium fueled by alcohol and high drugs : you are sent to a prison where some crazy humans… zombies… live in dirty things, and then are sent in an area without weapons to fight zombies, just for the fun of… the aliens??? (who were dissected in Area 51, RIGHT?) and… the Illuminati??? (with George W. Bush??? :/). BUT, then Alyx saves you and then, unfortunately you can’t stop the evil guy’s plan… (plan you are aware of… oh, well, the moment you see it in action, LOOOL), and then you are sent to Jurassic times, because… the Resistance led by a Mossman look-alike lives here to hide from the New World Order… After some missions (fighting or avoiding raptors and… Antlions???) which you are FORCED to do, the same way as Breen (meh :/), you are sent to the FINAL battle with 3 guys (the “best ones”, as Mossman said… Killed at the same time by one grenade, oh great, while enemies can survive direct rocket shots in the face), and then you stop the nuclear missiles to be launched, but then you are killed and the end, Anna puts flowers on your tomb, you saved the world you’ll never be forgotten, ta-da.

    Btw, Breen is never seen again, the aliens and Illuminati leading the pits are never seen again, besides killing foot soldiers and the general of Orbital Earth, you don’t kill anybody else in the New World Order, you see SWAT guys working for Orbital Earth and New World Order at the same time BUT the hero never says anything about that, etc etc… [/spoiler]

    1. JG

      Reminds me of the way little kids tell stories. “And then this happened, and then that happened” and it makes absolutely no sense! XD

      1. It is exactly that sadly. Finished playing it today and the plot holes are massive.
        The worst thing is that I couldn’t catch half of the plot because the character voice clips are very quiet and the mod has no subtitles at all.

  7. with a 6mb broadband connection i cant justify downloading such a massive mod just on the off chance i may like it ….. why is this so massive … and is it worth downloading …. ( if so i can get my neighbour to download it on his fibre connection )

    1. 10 GB of materials you never see. The rest of the game is just 4 gigs.

      1. so ( in your opinion ) is it worth downloading …. i like old school hl2 mods and not alt mods ( such as water ) ….

        1. This one tries to be something new but fails at it. Unless you love shooting enemies that take forever to die while you are leaking HP all over the place.
          The story is very difficult to follow.

          The levels look nice but that’s about it. The gameplay itself doesn’t allow you to run and gun but it doesn’t teach you not to do that either.
          Best approach to the combat that I have found is to hide behind corners and peek around them before firing a couple of rounds.

  8. Ade
    Avoid It! pt1 pt2

    It’s not on youtube because while I tried to cut the twitch highlights in many varied ways, youtube would always end up muting more parts than twitch so it just wasn’t really worth it. That just shows how much of this mod is NOT original content.
    What baffles me is that this got posted on this site, when I thought Phillip was against copyrighted assets, specially after that talk about HoliestCow’s (was it?) mod on moddb. And while this somewhat total conversion has made it to the site, others like Estranged and Underhell didn’t, as of yet. One must wonder what to expect next and what is the site really about nowadays.
    The only good parts about this were SOME parts of the mapping, but very few to be worth diving into it. Other parts of the mod are so bad that by themselves are reasons to avoid it, like making the player wait for half an hour in a prison while listening to the most annoying song in the world, n times over, numerous visual and game breaking bugs, even though it says it’s patched (are you f***ing kiddin me? I broke the mod a few times in my first and only playthrough), difficulty increased to an absurd only by throwing in various enemies in copious amounts from various directions while starving the player of health and ammo, not teaching the player anything and breaking the game’s own rules, like having to shoot a certain type of combine panel at a random point in the game, over and over til it blows up, while same panel model was used many times before and many times after with no use whatsoever, or pixel hunting for a trigger/button on wide and/or new panel models, under time pressure, and under attack! Plus everything else that was said in the moddb reviews and on this page.
    It’s so bad, it hurts. Unless you’re ambitious to prevail from get, like Anicator and I were, there’s really no point in touching this. There were not enough bad reviews at that time, I guess? I hope there are now.

    1. JG

      My gosh, your Twitch stream of this is over 6 hours long? I salute you, Ade.

      Ultimately, it’s Phillip site, but I would agree that I find this mod’s inclusion here baffling. Its theft of assets from other games is remarkably brazen. It also goes to show how easily impressed most people on ModDB are.

      1. Consider its inclusion more about wanting the site to be complete, rather than any implied support.

      2. Mod DB reviewers wouldnt know rat shit from rice crispies….

      3. Unq

        Well it’s only at 61% on ModDB at the moment, which is pretty low.

        Also there might be a middle ground in that Phillip keeps this post and comments alive to include the mod, but removes the download if there is serious concern about stolen assets from other games.

        Not much different than The Gate 1, that one sucked ass too.

  9. Karen56

    PP, when you finally upload the first “The Gate” mod is it possible to have an HD version or do you only upload original versions?

    Like this one :

    1. I’ll see what’s available and hopefully have both available.

      1. Karen56

        Well, you could ask the guy, since he said he sorta made the one remodded edition.

        I mean, just look at the videos! No more low quality copyrighted John Williams music so finally someone can actually record the flag-tastic original version on them YouTube, HD models, sounds, sprites, skill tweaks, and all that!

        1. Unq

          Is the gameplay HD too?

          1. Karen56

            I don’t know what you’re talking about, is the gameplay video the one that’s HD or the map textures that’s HD?

            Cause i remember the guy saying that the map textures are fused with the map file, so, there’s nothing the guy can do.

            Unless what you mean was the actual gameplay changes in the mod like the stealthing?

            I think those are also scripted to the maps, so, no dice there.

  10. Maybe?

    Wow, where to start with this one? Absolutely huge mod that took forever to download. I was really thinking this might be a classic with all of the original content. Once I got going though, this mod really had its ups and downs for me.

    On the good side, there are many beautiful environments to play in and interesting puzzles to solve. I also like the fact the that main character had a voice instead of being the normally mute Gordon.

    On the downside, the plot made no sense whatsoever to me. I don’t think I played the original mod so I was really lost here. What was the point of having Nazis? I encountered a number of invisible walls which I don’t like, and there were a number of areas where I managed to get myself stuck. For example, there were trucks that had enclosed cargo beds you could explore. However, if you did you were stuck as you couldn’t get back out of the truck. Missions were you have to sneak around are not my preference, although some others like them.

    The gameplay was not very good, as you take a lot of damage and supplies like healthkits and ammo are in short supply. You also are sent on several missions with no weapons at all. In the end I got frustrated and played the last half of the mod on god mode.

    The worst thing about this mod was the terrible delays the author put the player through. From the extended scene at the beginning to the part where you are in the jail cell, this mod is like watching paint dry at times. The more I played it the more I disliked it. The jail scene was so long and drawn out that I got very frustrated.

    I see some comments about “stolen” stuff being in the mod. All I know is that the dinosaur sounds were a lot like “Dino D-day” which I played before. Maybe it is the same author?

    Lot’s of times after playing a mod I think “Yeah, I’ll play that again sometime”. Not this one. G-String is way better and I have already replayed that a couple of times.

  11. VoiceofAnna


    I don’t know if it’s OK for me to post here or not. I’m the woman who voiced Anna in this mod. Gotta say there’s a lot I’d like to redo. lol.

    I don’t know too much about making mods myself. It’s a shame this one seems to have so many problems.

    1. Hi VoiceofAnna, of course it’s okay to post here. I’ve done quite a bit of VA myself and know how frustrating it can be seeing your work released but having little or no chance to change anything. Especially, when it’s part of something that people seem to be criticising – I’m not saying your work in particular – just the mod itself. Please let me know if you are looking for more VA for mod work, as I often get asked if I know anybody, especially female voices.

      1. VoiceofAnna

        Thanks! I love doing VA work for mods, so please, if you know anybody looking for a female voice actor feel free to send them my way.

        JIC, Here are some links to other things I’ve done: (a bit old…but woo!)

        And I don’t mind criticism as long as it’s constructive =)

        1. Au-heppa

          From Earth is looking voice actors for the aliens. They speak their own language designed for the game, and the pronunciation can be challenging. They also need to have very expressive voices so that the players can get a good hint of their intentions.

  12. bobdog

    I’ve written an extremely lengthy review posted at the Foxhole:

    To sum up, The Gate 2 is a mod FILLED with promise and scope, but the author gets in WAY over his head to deliver a finished product. He does a pretty good job of creating outdoor scenes and in detailing maps, but his indoor work suffers from too much linearity (left, right, left, right, etc.). I appreciate a mapper that doesn’t baby his players, but that has to be balanced with providing enough clues and information for players to make intelligent decisions. I’ve played 99% of all HL2 mods released and would consider myself an expert HL2 gamer, yet I was clueless with some of the core decisions made in this mod; e.g. having to shoot an unconnected console across the room to open a gate – something we’ve NEVER had to do in any HL2 mod to date.

    Additionally, the lengthy periods of waiting in this mod are unjustifiable, other than the mapper thumbing his nose at the player. I’m sure the author wanted to build suspense, but he went beyond suspense to hair-pulling, obscenity-laden territory. It was absolutely maddening to have to wait for so many things in this mod, and you’re never sure if you’re just supposed to sit tight and wait out whatever the author wants, or if you’ve missed a trigger somewhere. In all, you spend a good 60-90 minutes of this mod waiting on something to happen, and probably an equal amount trying to figure out the “hidden” parts of the mod.

    I am hard-pressed to recommend this mod, even though it does have some really fun gameplay elements, like the initial driving escape at the start of the mod, the sneaking section in Area 51, the escape from Area 51, the Jurassic outdoor valleys, and the return to Area 51. These are all pretty satisfying to the HL2 enthusiast, but all the negatives may make this unpalatable to any but the absolute most patient gamers.

    2.75 out of 5

    1. Ade

      Incidentally, the topic you posted in is called HL2 Mod Mini-Reviews.
      I’d like to thank you, with this occasion of me making silly observations, for linking to my twitch videos.

      1. bobdog

        Well, yours were the only play-throughs I could find when I got stuck! 🙂 If I hadn’t found them I would have easily quit the mod, because some of the design choices were … nonsensical. When I saw that you were having the exact same issues I was having, in the exact same trouble spots, I felt better.

        1. Ade

          Misery loves company, indeed. Except our reviews had the purpose to warn people to stay away from such a nonsensical mod.

          1. I had lots of laughs watching a part of the driving section, where for some very strange reason ANYTHING you seemed to touch killed you. I can’t wait to play that!

            1. Ade

              Hahaha! I know, right?! But I think some bits would’ve never been as funny (to play, or to watch afterwards) if I weren’t streaming or if I weren’t on Skype with Anicator to be my anesthetic for all the pain we had to go through.
              Basically the high speed mini crashes and bumps with the car would do various damage like from 5 to 15, which is in normal HL2 as well, but then when I was under 35hp or something, the smallest bump would be instakill, must’ve been scripted like that.

              I think for this particular mod, though, would be excusable to just skip the play+review, Phillip 🙂

              1. bobdog

                Oh no — if I had to play it, Phillip has to play it! But we’ve easily trimmed an hour of “play” time with our spoilers.

  13. I had a strange bug, where my health and armour wouldn’t change anymore. It started at the marsbase. I couldn’t pick up health-kits, but bullets wouldn’t hurt me either. I switched god-mode on and off, but that didn’t help. I started again from the beginning, and it happened again. Then i gave up…

  14. Unknown

    I don’t think this mod is all that bad, but the cracks aren’t exactly bandaged or hidden in any sort unfortunately.

    Really I don’t know who to blame for this to be honest, but within the first 5 minutes I was already able to spot problems with The Gate 2. I don’t know who he got to beta test this mod, but I feel really disgusted for their “Lack Of Commitment”.

    I am not sure who Craig got to beta test, but they were probably a bunch of random stiffs from the Moddb community who had no actual interest in the mod itself they just wanted gloating rights, so they could say “We were the first ones to play The Gate 2”.

    I have noticed this over the years on Moddb that a lot of members from the community aren’t all that passionate about any of the mods being created they just want quick access to a mod no one has yet, so they could feel like “They are above everyone else” or get some sort of satisfaction of having a mod that no one else has.

    I feel really bad for Mr. Craig having put all that time into what should have been something he could have been proud of. Do to cutting corners, and lousy beta testing the image or expectations of The Gate 2 are now shattered.

    I am sorry to say that about some of the Moddb community I know not everyone on Moddb is like that, but I have seen a lot of users who aren’t committed, and they literally don’t understand the difference between “Playing a mod, and Beta Testing it”.

    1. Ade

      The linked review in a previous post reveals that some of this mod’s issues were present in the Gate 1 mod, as well, and the author simply chooses to ignore feedback and suggestions, and this happens more often than you think. You cannot simply make assumptions like that based on wild guesses. I was not one of the testers, in case you’re wondering.

  15. Karen56

    So, have you asked ZikShadow about the different version of The Gate yet PP?

    Just curious.

    1. Not yet no. I’ll do the research when I start to add the mod..

  16. Play It Now!

    Hi all ;

    First, i´m going to present me, as i always do. I´m one of the person who had collaborated in the “The Gate II” TeamWork. Concretely my works in the mod were; Sound Editor (not all sounds were from me, and which i send for the project, were from my own library of sounds), Music Producer (composing one song, the Main Theme of the mod, that was not included at last…), community manager (i´m actually managing the Facebook and Twitter), 2D Artist (doing the covers for the DVD and Cookie Disc, i had to update them to change some things that in the released version were not included), and Public Relations for Spanish Sites (i´m spanish).

    At this time, i´m working on transcripting and adding subtitles to the game, and translating them to spanish too. I don´t know how much time it will take to me to finish it, because i have more works and collaborations to do, relationated with my professional and artistic career, but i´m on the way.

    Speaking about the game…first of all i want to say that i was not in accordance with very much decisions that Craig took when doing the mod, it includes (music used, website, the cut content in the final release, etc…). Then, i say that i´m only responsible for the part of my jobs. After, i want to say that after the release date of the mod, i downloaded it and started to play and i found potential bugs (the firt beta testers were bad as hell), so i reported them to Craig for he could use my information to fix the bugs…and yes, i was the last tester who helps to do the last patch, sadly, when it was already released, if i had been as a beta tester before, the game had not been out with bugs. Anyway and nowadays, after all, to play correctly the game, whithout bugs, from start to finish, you must download the “Full Size Game (zip 1 and 2)” plus “Gate II Patch 2 revised”, letting overwrite all, from moddb. I told Craig to delay the release date before releasing, till i played all, but he decided to do it so. Anyway, this game was very close to never been released due to some bad things, but at last it was out.

    I wrote a review at moddb that i will share here :

    “Craig the maps are very detailed, and i love the feeling of being playing a film. I like very much of your ideas, the action you did with the vehicles and the lot of models and textures into the mod.

    Overall i miss the new weapons the mod was telling to have from the first and the cut content like the peenemonde maps, etc. What was a little boring for me is the area51, was too long for my likes, because i prefer and love the open areas and illuminated at all.

    The script is good too.

    I missed the song i composed for the game, and the possibilities of easy translation to other languages.

    PROS :

    – Action, gameplay, detailed maps and lot of new models and textures.

    CONS :

    – Weapons, cut content, the translation possibilities and the area51 is too long for my taste.

    Overall i want to say that you had done a VERY GOOD JOB mate.

    My calification is 8.5 / 10.”

    I gave this note keeping in mind all the effort in the mapping, the good points of the mod and of course, my own work done. I don´t know if Craig will release a Weapon Pack or so, i hope so.

    What i´m 100% secure is that i´m going to release a “Definitive Version”, when i finish the transcription of texts and the adding of subtitles and its translation to spanish, of course. So, the game will be with texts in english and spanish and it will be prepared to be translated to other language for the translator/s who wants to do it too. This definitive version will have a cleaner version of the game (deleting some residual files that Craig left by error), will have an steam icon, will include the new covers redone and my “Main Music Theme” i had composed for the game too, also i´m planning to do a Video-Trailer for the game in a Film Style, between some other improvements.

    You can hear the “Main Theme” of the mod i had composed, original from me, at my Youtube Channel, here i left the link sraight to the song start (please, note that recently i had changed my Artistic name, not so much, and some thing needs to be renamed, but i continue keeping the copyrights of all my works, as always) :

    As i told you at the second or third paragraph, i need time because i´m bussy, but i´m on the way. Maybe in the future, i will do a Single-Player Mod, in fact i have very much ideas and maybe for the Source 2 engine but at this time, i need to center in other things first.

    Well, i must go now, but I hope you all are ok.
    P.D.: For to Play “The Gate 2” You only needs a legal copy of Half-Life 2, nothing more. This mod is for Half-Life 2, not Episode Two.

    1. bobdog

      DJ Franky,
      Thanks for coming here and sharing more about the work that went into the mod. No one doubts that a lot of effort went into a mod that took 7 years to create. The problems arise in how the mod is designed, so unfortunately, your new translations and music insertions will not do anything to negate the fact that the mod is just poorly constructed.

      The map linearity, the nonsense actions, the waiting, the elusive triggers for scripting action scenes — ALL of those would have to be redone for this mod to really shine.

      Honestly, I would suggest you save all your work at redoing this faulty mod and put it into your own efforts. Salud!

    2. Hi All,

      Well, after had seen, and had spoken with the leader, Craig, that the game was designed mainly for not having subtitles at all, there are too much work to do and i have no time to work more on this project, because i need to center now in my own projects. So i had cancelled the “Definitive Version” of this mod.

      Anyway i keep my puntuation, and it worth the play.

  17. Hi,

    I had found a way to add subtitles to the game (even when it was not designed to have them) and i will continue working on that version. It will take to me time but the game will have english and spanish subtitles.

    1. Karen56


      I know you are one of the people who worked on The Gate 2, i would like to know how’s your opinion on the revamped The Gate 1 version by a YouTuber/Modder named ZikShadow.

      Here’s his playlist of the remodded version.

      Since you are working on installing subtitles for The Gate 2 right now, could it be possible to combine it with ZikShadow’s The Gate 2 Kevin MacLeod’s music mod when he gets it out?

      I’m pretty sure a lot of people want to record the mod and post it on YouTube so that the mod would be seen by a lot of people but can’t because of the music, so, maybe the both of you can work together.

      1. Hi,

        When i had finished the work on adding subtitles in spanish and english, i will do an Official Trailer of the game, using my own Song i did for the mod. So i can´t work together with anybody else on doing a trailer, because i have all this things already though. I will upload it to my Official Youtube Channel and because the music i will use in the trailer is composed by me, there will be no problems at all. It will be in a film style and i can´t say anything more about this.

        1. Karen56

          It’s not about the trailer, it’s the entire game.

          Have you seen atleast 1 let’s play of The Gate 2 on the internet after it was released.

          I haven’t.

          Same thing with The Gate 1 (Besides ZikShadow’s version, but the music on his TG1 aren’t copyrighted ones.) except only the older ones remain, and none of them are actual LPs, just walkthroughs or trailers, i’m surprised the videos aren’t copyright blocked.

          I think it’s due to the music used in TG 2, which is copyrighted, therefore no one can actually LP TG 2 and TG 1 today.

          Let’s plays are important because they promote your stuff sometimes and can give you some critics that can be shown right away, also, it’s cool seeing people play your stuff.

          Oh yeah, PP, i asked ZikShadow about his version of TG1 myself and he replied he would post it somewhere and give me the link, thought i save you the trouble of asking him yourself.

          1. Hi karen56;

            For all this kind of things, you need to contact with the leader of the mod, Craig, not with me. I’m a collaborator and part of the “The Gate 2 TeamWork” and i can´t do anything else, for things like this, you need to inform and ask for “Craig John Beattie”.

            I’ll finish the subtitles in spanish and english, and i’ll do the trailer with the song i had composed for it, nothing more. After i will center in other personal and professional projects.

            So, contact with the leader and tells all to him.

            Take Care !!!

  18. Hec
    Play It Now!

    The Gate 2 has been a very controversial mod. So far, as I’ve seen many reviews and critics I’ve realized they are very mixed, some hate this mod and some others have loved it. As for me I just liked it very much and that’s ok for me because it got me entertained most of the time let’s say in about a hypothetical 95 percent of the gameplay time. I guess I liked the mod because I am an aggressive gamer, I mean, I love hardcore and blood spilling battles as the many ones we face here in TG2.

    So as a kind of disclaimer, I have to say that many things that some people have signaled as flaws they don’t bother to me at all.

    Like for example, the fact that the main character talks is just fine for me, because here as a Total Conversion mod, we have The Gate Universe and we are not into the Gordon “silent” Freeman HL2 universe, so let’s face that! Also about the huge content specially in what models respects, well that’s also OK as this is a TC mod is going to have tons of content, which by the way, now that I have played this mod from the beginning to the end, I can say the proper credits about other authors custom models were given, and if some are missing (maybe I see some material from Underhell and BM mods not properly credited) that can be emended by a errata statement and that’s it. Also mention L4D2 for some models used could be credited.

    Also I have to mention that I think the story of this mod is developed rather into a very cliché Hollywood fantasy–fiction and surreal style, but again that’s ok!! I mean if bigger games as Call of Duty recent series do it and some great mods as G-String develops their own surreal fantastic universe and environment, why to complain about TG2 plot? Honestly I see no reason for it and I guess story is quite cool involving Nazis a new world order and aliens what more SCFI can you ask for. Also I think I’m glad TG2 develops a very intense and strong environment, a sheer atmosphere that keeps the whole The Gate universe alive, and I think that’s why I also liked the mod, because not only the battles got me entertained, but also the story despite its voids kept me hooked and always wondering and always wanting to know what was coming next.

    Now, about the proper mapping, well I have to be objective in this paragraph and say honestly that TG2 was like a crazy roller coaster in between average, bad and good mapping. I mean some parts like the Alaska section or the North Korean sections frankly have to be revisited. In the Alaska map, an airboat or a jalopy-jeep could be handy, and also there are many parts where you can get completely out of the map and see the naked details of it, the same happens in the nuclear north Korean plant map, there we can get out of the map completely and some sections looks completely unpolished, this can be an opportunity to improve it and offer a better quality mapping in there.
    Also the first sections, mars and the Nazi 2nd WW were fair enough average to good in quality terms and they looked and play OK, also the whole area 51 section was nice but I had some terrible trigger problems in there because some doors that were supposed to be opened pressing buttons didn’t worked, or like in the pit prison section triggers that activate sequences just took so long.

    Also I have to say not all the maps in TG2 were bad or low quality, and honestly some of them like the surface section of Area 51, and the Dinosaur Forrest just were stunning, I loved the Dino section as it was visually a very impressive huge map (actually divided into 2 sections), though I’d like at least to be armed before face the main raptor or retrieve the battery from the fallen helicopter. I’d love the author would develop just that Forrest map, and give some HL2 Universe to combat there, I can only imagine it would be terrific to fight against CMB soldiers, some Hunters and Striders in that beautiful scenario.

    Also another opportunity to improve the mod is about the CC subtitles, I mean as I am not a native English speaker, sometimes you may get confused when some characters give instructions on how to do specific tasks in certain parts of the maps. So having CC in all the dialogue available could be just perfect, and despite I know is more work honestly I think is really worthy to try.

    And here now I have a say about the lack of “new” custom weapons. I have to say the absence of custom weaponry was a kind of let down in my gameplay experience, because this mod could fit perfect regarding the custom weapons models, also I got disappointed because one classic feature of TG1 mod was precisely the use of those fantastic new custom weapons as the MP44 the Luger pistol and more, here in TG2 I’d love to have the Nazi weaponry in the Nazi section, and maybe some AK 47 in the North Korean section, and also the M16 as a regular heavy assault rifle and some realistic Semi Machine Gun model to replace the old and quite boring HL2 SMG. Also a sniper rifle to replace the old Crossbow could be cool too, and I know is a heck lot of work but is definitely worthy in this case. And again I guess the new sounds and new effects on HL2 weapons in TG2 were nice but felt quite repetitive as I still feel as this is a TC then new proper weapon models quite must be in TG2.

    Finally, sometimes I felt political mocking propaganda was sometimes obnoxious, though I felt quite weird to see many Bush and Obama posters, I guess they are harmless but I think they were a kind of a parody to all those conspiracy theories in the US. Also the classic turd in the toilets was a little Easter egg from the prequel TG1, though I feel they were quite disgusting in the prison section, and as a funny fact I can say that this mod definitely breaks all the records regarding showing turds here and there, Lol 😉

    Also the music ensemble was stunting too and it was frankly epic, I liked that as I think it helped a lot to keep up the spirit of The Gate universe saga fresh and alive.

    In conclusion, I say overall I enjoyed this mod from my point of view it was fun and rather entertaining to play. I can only give my greetings to the author for finish it and releasing it, as this was an impressive task and hard work that took more than 6 years! So that’s easy to say but hard to do and you just have to recognize that guys. I have to say from my humble pure gamer view that is always nice to see how some concepts or ideas in a project came to life as it was the case of TG2 mods, also very few HL1 mods make the jump to Source engine and that is just a great achievement too.

    So I really hope the author listen and apply the constructive critics or reviews about TG2. I honestly say that if in some future some maps are enhanced and triggers corrected, and especially if a custom model weapons pack is released I definitely try this mod again, because I liked it. So many thanks for your work Mr. Cjb. I hope to see more maps or mods from you more often.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks a lot for your constructive review. I´m working on adding subtitles in english and in spanish. So in that way, it will be fixed. 😉

      I hope this will be appreciated for the community in general.

    1. Karen56

      Hmm, that’s odd, my link seems to be in moderation far longer than any of my links has, is something wrong PP?

  19. Hi All ;

    We are looking for a translator to Portuguese and/or French, more info for this and the progression on the adding of subtitles at the Facebook Webzone :

    Stay tuned…

  20. Jürgen

    Wie siehts aus?
    Ich komme nicht mehr weiter:-(
    Ist ein Lets Play geplant?
    Bisher habe ich nichts Entsprechendes bei youtube gefunden.
    Screnshots von the Gate 2 wären auch ein Hilfe.
    Bitte mach ein Let’s Play oder ein Walkthroug von dieser Mod.
    Gruß Jürgen.

  21. Hi All ;

    Here are the last updates for all of you :

    – Nowadays, it’s at 56% of the transcription to english added to the game, i had make a remain of all the work already done to be secure all is exactly as it is said at the game, to not make mistakes.

    – The CLOSED list of languages on which the game will be transcribed and translated are :

    – English (Francisco Pozo ‘DJ FrANKy EHP’)
    – Spanish (Francisco Pozo ‘DJ FrANKy EHP’)
    – German (Thanks Jorg Müller)
    – Italian (Thanks Felipe)
    – French (Thanks Darkshift)

    At the Facebook Webzone you can see some screenshots about how the texts will look at the game, here :

    – Appart from this, and speaking about the “Weapon Pack”, it will depends on the leader, and ONLY on the leader at the end. And, in case of it is released, it will be AFTER the transcription and translations are finished.

    More news to come…Stay tuned !!!

  22. ZikShadow

    Hello everyone! ZikShadow here.

    Someone from here asks me about the HD TG mod i rigged up, and i’ve uploaded the entire thing on MediaFire, he sent the link here, but said that his comments haven’t yet been moderated yet.

    I was just wondering, what’s going on with the moderation?

    Is the file corrupt?
    Viruses? Didn’t remember having any…
    Broken link?
    Wrong data uploaded?

    I do hope nothing is wrong…

    1. ZikShadow

      Ah, now it’s up, i hope everyone enjoys it!

  23. Well, download 4 in progress…I SO hope this all works and is worth it…thought one was good though, except halfway through it kept crashing so I abandoned it..

    1. My fingers are well and truly crossed for you.

      1. nah, can’t get it to work…even downloaded 7 zip…(default is winrar)..I dunno…really wish this was a self extractor, tried several ways to copy the unzipped files into source mods, but it just doesn’t show up…ahh well…

        1. Right…call me stubborn, call me obstinate…I’m now downloading this from MEGA (NZ)…fer chrisakes, I just want to have a play on the stupid thing…well, see if this works…I was going to send you a screen shot of what I already have, but there isn’t an option here…sooo, I’ll try this…

          1. Why? What went wrong with my Downloads? Unless you tell me there is a problem, I won’t be able to fix it.

            1. I really don’t know mate, the files, although there, just couldn’t be recognized or opened…they unzipped…but nothing..also, with MEGA, had 65% of it…then a powercut (normal here in BG) soo…start again, as it doesn’t save or support resuming…bah..

              1. Are you using 7Zip? Are you trying to open hl2-ep2-sp-the-gate-2-patched.7z.001 first?

                1. did download 7 zip, but the interface was odd, win rar seemed to take over…got the other download now, but keep getting ‘file corrupt’ messages, but not actually tried to run it yet….I mean, how hard is this supposed to be, it’s just a game, right ?..and yes, done them all in the correct order…

                  1. well several attempts to get it into source mods failed…until finally it did…but it says (winrar) that the file is corrupt…doh…so, guess I’ll just have to watch in on you tube as a walk through…don’t you just hate it when that happens..still, a new year, so onwards and upwards…

                    1. Do you have enough space? Have you tried uncompressing it to your desktop first? I would also say try using 7Zip instead of winrar.

  24. Well, finally got through it and despite the negative comments I loved it…what an epic. I did have to use a walk through in a few places though…but yeah, my kind of mod.

  25. zz

    The download link is broken

  26. The first gate still isn’t posted here

  27. Hi there all;

    It has been a long time since the last time I posted something here, but it’s over.

    Just to resume:

    I finally got it the full permissions from the original creator ‘Craig J. Beattie’, to make a new version for this great adventure where originally I collaborated as ‘Sound Editor’, ‘Music Producer’ for some very short tracks, and ‘Betatester’.

    The new version I have called it ‘The Gate 2 v1.5’, will have a lot of differences here and there, and will fix some mistakes like the reduction of the final size eliminating non used stuff, a minimum of two languages on which the mod will be translated to (Spanish and English), etc. Also will have new weapons, new and original music tracks, and more content added in terms of background maps, and other things I’m preparing, like an owm installation setup and many other things. I will need to work close with other modders too for some things I want to add.

    The bad news is that for the moment, I have the project in a “pause” status, but the good news is that the project is NOT dead, just need time to put my hands on it again. Just be patience. 😉

    Anyway, if you want to be informed about it, you can visit the ‘Facebook Webzone’ managed by me, where you can see all the news and also new images about the advance of it, here:

    Thanks a lot to everybody outhere for the attention shown in this project that will be revived with a lot of work and passion for it. 😉

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