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Christiaan Bakker

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28 December 2013




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  1. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
  2. Prince of Persia 3D
  3. Audiosurf
  4. Myst IV: Revelation
  5. Max Payne 3


  1. MINERVA: Metastasis
  2. TITAN: XCIX - Part ONE
  3. Slums 2: Extended

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  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: A lot
  • Scripting: A lot
  • Texturing: A lot
  • Voice acting: Some
  • Writing: Some
  • Sound: A lot
  • Music: Expert
Latest 25 Comments
02 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Here's the playthrough of me and Ade. Video feed is my screen.
04 Oct 2015 VerticalVilleTwo This ville contains an interesting set of levels that vary in quality but all explore different i...
16 Jul 2015 Station60Ville - Mapping Challenge Theme Announcement DefendVille 2.0 minus rules, yay! Might go for this.
09 May 2015 Poll Question 313 - What is your Black Mesa purchase plan? I don't feel like buying it right now, but apparently that's not a voting option. :p
23 Mar 2015 Announcing a new Event: Critical Jim I'm looking forward to this.
03 Mar 2015 CityStreetsVille Do you happen to play these mods on a Mac?
07 Feb 2015 The New Theme Aaaaah! Where am I!?
05 Feb 2015 February 2015 General Chat I wasn't a really big fan of his work but it was very sad to hear of his passing. DasBoShitt als...
10 Oct 2014 Duality Naughty Phillip! No StealthVille! :p
27 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 This one tries to be something new but fails at it. Unless you love shooting enemies that take fo...
26 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 It is exactly that sadly. Finished playing it today and the plot holes are massive. The worst th...
26 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 10 GB of materials you never see. The rest of the game is just 4 gigs.
25 Aug 2014 The Gate 2 -Minor spoiler alert- Haven't finished it yet, but here's a heads up. Levels look cool but the g...
24 Aug 2014 SniperVille 2 I usually spotted the thief right after he stole it because he usually walked out of the room aft...
24 Aug 2014 SniperVille 2 Entry 1: Dead Eyes I kept getting stuck on things and enemies were just around every corner, in m...
29 Jul 2014 Poll Question 297 - Would you replay the games to find clues about HL3? What about anon-hl2 and the Half Life 0.52 Alpha? Who knows what clues may hide in them!!
01 Jul 2014 July 2014 Mapping Competition Prime example. My DefendVille submission. Generally considered the most unfinished of the maps in...
09 Mar 2014 Forest Train This map was really good. The environment and general design of the map were superb. The expe...
21 Jan 2014 The 2014 Mapping Competitions Sounds tasty. I think what I want to try for the competitions is create my own running theme that...
28 Dec 2013 MovieVille MovieVille was an interesting theme but I think that a lot of mappers felt like it was a very res...
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