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ive been playing hl2 since i bought the orange box on release... from then ive been "attempting" to create a hl2 map called "clone" however with zero mapping knowledge im picking it up as i go along i also run a graphic card information website called videocardtsar ...which has been going for around 14 months.. and this was born out of the hundreds of messages i got via yahoo answers regarding pc hardware
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  1. bulletstorm
  2. shadow warrior
  3. far cry 2
  4. singularity
  5. medal of honor(2012)


  1. Final project diary
  2. Coastline to atmosphere
  3. Strider mountain
  4. Calamity
  5. Minerva

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07 Aug 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement i have the "steam" version phillip ... i did use the mod when it was intitially released but the ...
06 Aug 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement just redownloaded black mesa ready for the release ... how will this challenge be installed ...
06 Jul 2017 DownFall its great to see half life 2 mods going back to their roots .... too many modders try too hard to...
02 Jul 2017 BridgeVille hope someone can help me here .... as of the last 8 months many of the "villes" have been stutter...
08 Nov 2016 Poll Question 359 - Are PC games good value for money? generally pc games offer better value than console games ... i recently started using "
26 Aug 2016 The Hammer Cup 2016 Winners and Overview The hammer cup has been great for anyone (like myself ) who likes playing hl2 mods ... however i ...
03 Aug 2016 Necrophobia Prequel before i start i would like to thank phillip for the "guage" app/utility ... unlike maptap which ...
28 Jul 2016 Poll Question 355 - What is the worst thing that could happen in HL3? we need a spy in valve .....any ex cia,mi5 or kgb operatives avalible for some important work !
28 Jul 2016 Poll Question 355 - What is the worst thing that could happen in HL3? none of the above .... VR is the worse thing that could happen ....vr is good but it would ruin t...
09 Jul 2016 July 2016 General Chat I recently watched one of many video,s on youtube regarding half life 3 and one well respected ch...
09 Jul 2016 Episode 3: The Closure yes,totally agree crowbar.. whatever people think of leons mods theres no doubt he,s one of the b...
09 Jul 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Well that was something else ... when leon makes a mod he makes it big,and allthough some people ...
02 Jul 2016 Calling Tech-heads - I need your help I have a similar ivybridge based cpu and thats fine .. my i5 3330 isnt as good as yours but can s...
16 Mar 2016 They Hunger Again speeded up to around 2mbps after 50% downloaded ..
14 Mar 2016 They Hunger Again slow download .. 1.2mbps on a 80mbps connection ... is there anything wrong with the servers ?
09 Mar 2016 Revelation Come on .. its not that bad ,,, what makes me mad is when novice mappers get critisized for their...
02 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure downloaded fine on my connection .... took around 5 minutes on my 80meg connection ..( rubbing it...
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure first human landing on Mars or teleportation ....
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Well its been 2 hours up to now ( using windows 10 64bit ) and no problems to report ( except for...
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure around 20 minutes into the mod and my keyboard wont respond ... initially i thought my wireless l...
29 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure phillip the referee ( funny wasnt phillip a trained sports coach ) .. lets enjoy "the closure" g...
29 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure if the title "half life episode 3" was not listed anywhere and the mods name "the closure" only u...
29 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure yes,i think too many people dont understand leon as a modder and a person ... ive been playing hl...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure can you have 2 libarys then phillip .. so for example if i log in to my steam account from my spa...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure thanks for the reply leon .. what i will do is buy another copy of "half life ep2" and install it...
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