They Hunger Again

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

13th March 2016

A Source remake of the classic GoldSource mod They Hunger.

Basic Details
  • Title: They Hunger Again
  • Filename: hl2-ep2-sp-they-hunger-again-1.2.7z
  • Size : 1.27GB
  • Author: Roman Lenko, EL D’VIR, Andrew Kizilbashev, Ian Pendleton AKA CreaseInTime, James Terry AKA Mindspark, Evgeniy Frunze, Anastasia Sova, Max Borin, Denis Filanovich
  • Date Released: 11 March 2016
UPCOMING Beta Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer Required

The UPCOMING Beta Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer is required to play this mod.
This can be found in Steam under LIBRARY – TOOLS.

Here is a video created by the They Hunger Again team.

Download Options

Download to your HDD [1.27GB]

Torrent [13KB]
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You can still use it with Gauge once you have downloaded it.

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Copy the hunger folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\ folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • They Hunger Again should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


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Coming Soon.

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  1. I know readers like it when I have the first review up but I am just so busy at the moment. I have a few days off in a week and will update reviews then.


  2. OJJ

    Not played They Hunger before, how do I get out of the room the the radio and a trap-door looking thing? I feel i’ve hit and pressed ‘e’ on anything in the room

    1. At the very start? You go back outside the way you came in. I’d strongly recommend playing the original They Hunger before this, mainly because it’s changed a number of things for the worse.

      1. OJJ

        The door was locked

  3. I also have trouble making progress. Got the crowbar and pistol, killed the zombies. There are really annoying invisible walls.

    1. Do you mean skybox or just straight up an invisible wall?

  4. I wasn’t a very big fan of this.

    In the initial release the zombies were extremely difficult to kill and the weapon kick was insane. Add to that the lack of a suit and flashlight, and the multiple unnecessary changes to the levels from the original and it felt very frustrating to play. A lot of the puzzles were pointless (especially the water level one at the start after you leave the church, you can literally walk up the slope and the invisible wall is extremely obvious) and some areas were left out entirely.

    It also ends around the middle of the original mod. You don’t even get to go to the dam.

    It looks pretty good visually, and I think it would have been amazing if they didn’t spend so much effort on changing things for no good reason. They’ve listened to feedback and changed things based on that though, which is great.

    Also those menu options, wow.

  5. Confused Travolta

    To be honest I’m surprised this mod is already released. I first heard about it like month ago. There is almost no media on moddb. Strange for something that big.

  6. Think Twice

    First off, I just want to say that it is nice to see a Source version of They Hunger finally get released. Over the years a number of these mods have popped up, only to get canned somewhere down the line. Hell, even Black Widow Games themselves went silent while working on their Source game They Hunger: Lost Souls. Shame… πŸ™

    Having said that, as much as I truly, desperately wanted to like this… I didn’t.

    The maps are extremely condensed compared to their original GoldSource counterparts. This is a bit of a surprise seeing as it is built in a newer, more advanced engine, but every single area that wasn’t just cut entirely, was massively down scaled. Not only that, but the levels are ridiculously easy to escape using physics props. Phillip is going to have a field day with this one! πŸ˜›

    Not only that, but the level changes feel very amateur, often fading out at the end of the map and plonking the player into a seemingly similar area at the start of the next.

    The sound design is ok, in that it’s mostly just lifted from They Hunger, but the narration at the beginning… Yikes. This wasn’t a feature in the original and it just sounds ridiculous as it is. Also, towards the end there is a section where a TV would play rave music… which was just ridiculous even if it was meant as an easter egg.

    As for the gameplay, it’s not great. One thing They Hunger left alone was Half-Life’s gameplay, meaning it was more of a horror theme than actual horror. The gameplay was still very arcadey and the weapons performed as you would expect. In They Hunger Again, everything has been slowed down. You can’t sprint for one thing, and the crowbar has a weird delay before you can swing it a again. The guns are completely unreliable. They are slow, underpowered and massively inaccurate. I only ever used them against the cops as a last resort, using the crowbar (with it’s clunky delay) for everything else. Movement feels awkward as well. Some of the maps are littered with Physics props like rocks and planks, that you keep getting caught up on.

    And then it ends, halfway through the train sequence. The train itself is painfully slow compared to the original and after a while the mod just fades out with a “to be continued…” message.

    If they do intend to recreate the whole series then I wish them look, but they haven’t really convinced me with this sub par quality, terribly short release, which is really no more than a demo.

    1. Because I’m not that familiar with They Hunger, are you saying that the original developers left and a group of fans decided to “remake” their work in a completely inferior way without their permission?

  7. Ohh they remade They Hunger , that’s nice

  8. A They Hunger remake? This looks promising, but based on what the reviewers say, it can’t be that good.

  9. slow download .. 1.2mbps on a 80mbps connection … is there anything wrong with the servers ?

    1. No, I just think the site is busy at the moment. Remember, I don’t have the resources ModDB has. The torrent should be faster.

      1. speeded up to around 2mbps after 50% downloaded ..

  10. Think Twice

    This mod is sooo bad…


    It’s the worse case scenario of a remake. Made and published too fast by inexperienced modders, without care of anything. Not beta tested at all.
    They used Source but they didn’t take advantage of it.
    They made some areas even worse looking than in original. For example the church is really ugly, smaller, without some areas (bell tower). Just imagine what they could have done with Source powers.

    Ok, I understand they wanted narrator in the intro, but pls, if english is not your native language don’t do this. It sounds more funny than creepy. I wouldn’t dare to make any voice acting myself.
    And why is this train so slow? πŸ˜‰

    What’s wrong with level transitions? When you enter the gate in canals (there is no padlock btw, another drawback to original) you got fade to black and you are teleported to another place. I even broke that at first, game faded to black but level didn’t change.
    Almost all the rest transitions take place in the same cave corridor. On the last map transition I just had black wall behind me.
    There are also broken ladders that you can’t easly detach.

    Water pump puzzle – ridiculous.
    There is that water pump you have to use to rise water level. The pump valve is on top of it along with item crate. But you can’t acces the top of the pump! Well you can (by the little tree) but there is no textures on top (so it’s more like breaking the map). You can’t even jump on a little pipe right beside it. You need to turn the valve from the bottom. But then, why they put it on top at first place? It’s just bad made puzzle.

    Fighting is also terrible, there are literally zombies spawned right behind you, from thin air:

    And further is even worse. When you first meet police guys, there is this fence opening and blue barrel. This is so wrong for many reasons. Zombies attack you from both sides, and that barrel can block your way through the fance, you can’t grab anything in this mod, so you are in really bad posistion here.

    Canyon with water is one of the best looking parts of the mod. But it’s so bad gameplay wise. You are fighting zombies in water. Whatever the reason I got launched up in the air everytime I wanted to hit a zombie, and I’m slower in water, and I just escaped from little cave that I was crawling in it. It’s just unplayable. Nobody tested this.

    Another example is vulcan area. You enter an area by narrow passage and you are instantly attacked by 2 policemen, 1 zombie, a headcrab and second zombie from behind (spawned from thin air again). You can’t escape and they hit you hard. On top of this. Far ahead there is this third police guy in the ledge above also shooting at you, almost invisible because of his dark color on even darker background.
    I had to switch to godmode to pass this. And there is this jumping on hot air right after. I wasn’t able to perfmorm this, there is almost no control once you are in air. And those ledges are so tiny and made from dispacements, you can slip to your death any moment.

    Train part is slow and boring, besides opening the gate you have no need to stop the train at all. There are like 3 areas to check, but why would I if train is safer? Also don’t try to jump in it because you won’t be able to fully return to the train’s cabin.

    And the most funny thing:

    Technical stuff

    This mod has just 9 maps but weights over 2,5 GB. Why?
    Because those guys “can’t into” textures πŸ˜‰
    They have tens of 2048×2048 textures 16mb each. There is even 65mb single texture of grass!
    Source can’t even handle properly something bigger than 1024px, and with so basic brushwork this mod has it just look bad.
    Original They Hunger looks better because it was at least consistent. Here you have this little radio with like 4k res texture standing on a table made from 4 brushes:

    Also minor issue – why no umbrella? It’s iconic and easy to do.

    Those guys should really go back to basics and fix this mod. Well, they should remade it from scratch because there is too many basic things made wrong.
    Really, I don’t recommend this at all.

  11. I guess my comment got deleted πŸ™
    “gtfo” was a reference to what the other commentator said about the menu of the game πŸ˜‰

    1. Unq

      Yes your comment was deleted, so why would you repost it?

  12. Maybe?

    For starters, I have only played fragments of the original Half-Life mod, so feel free to take my opinions with a pinch of salt. I personally don’t think this mod was that bad, given it more or less provides what it advertises. It is worth sitting down and playing it for an hour, but it is certainly no masterpiece. I found myself at low health most of the game, but I never depleted more than half of my ammo once I got past the first few areas. The enemies feel like bullet sponges until you are given the shotgun.

    The biggest problem I had with the mod was the inconsistency of the quality. The level design looked good, but there were many small, but very noticeable problems, such as the policemen still using metrocop sounds, despite the fact that the zombies were given custom sounds. You will also find that you cant move 3 feet in the river section without being catapulted into the air by a zombie or a rock under the water. This makes it extremely difficult to move away from the zombies who are constantly ambushing you out of the foliage.

  13. JC

    Gee, I just read some of the reviews and… I think I won’t bother playing this mod.

    1. Zekiran

      I’m with you on that. I barely scraped through the original recently, and if the new version doesn’t even rank a few good comments… not a good sign.

  14. Maybe?

    I’m a big fan of the They Hunger series, and Neil Manke mods in general. So this was disappointing.

    First the good stuff. There was some good humour throughout, and some of the scenery was nice. That’s about it for the good stuff!

    The gameplay is really bad for this mod. The crowbar swings so slowly and the pistol does so little damage that I got trapped a few times by zombies when I should have been ok. Weapons don’t auto-reload and the enemies do a lot of damage. This mod was very laggy on my PC which made it very hard to play as well. Map transitions were sometimes not done well as you ended up somewhere completely different from the previous map.

    Overall not an enjoyable experience, and the huge download was NOT worth it. If you never played the original you should download the original from this site and play it. Although it doesn’t look as pretty in some places, it’s way more fun to play!

  15. Heinz

    It was fun playing, but it was too short for 2,5 GB…what a pitty

  16. Maybe?

    I had to noclip in the vulcano too, to get up. Also you can just skip the train and walk to the end…

    It wasn’t really bad as a mod on it’s own, but it’s not the sequel or the source version of ‘they hunger’ !!

  17. Alencore

    I played they hunger series during the won days so I’ll definitely check out the remake. Not a real TH fan but any HL mod and remakes are always fun to play and really don’t care whether the reviews are good or bad or even very bad, I just want to explore and kill lots of zombies and enjoy games without acting like frustrated game devs hehe, as long the mod is stable and brain dead fun, I’ll play it!

  18. After reading the reviews, I guess the gloves are off, so I will not be kind, since there is little to be kind about.
    The first look around impressed me, the graphics were well done.
    Now the dirt begins as far as complaints go. Why do so many mod developers make the entry into ducts so viciously precise?!?!?! I drowned a few times before actually making it to the end of the duct. Then the next map would not load…the mod just crashed back to the Steam page. After about three tries, I consoled a map, but at the end of that it crashed again! Also, some maps would not even load.
    At first I thought about re-downloading it, but after the horrible game-play…it’s not worth the effort.
    Maybe these folk should try a new avenue for their so-called creativity.

  19. Hec

    UTorrent download is totally dead

    1. Well, it’s not dead, it’s just that nobody is online when you want to download it.

      1. Hec

        Oh i see Phillip, it already downloaded it! Many thanks!

  20. Brad

    Hey guys?
    I have been having some difficulty running a couple mods that require the Source SDK 2013 [single-player] to work, with two different mods: “Coastline to Atmosphere” and “They Hunger Again” for Half-Life 2 Episode 2.
    BTW I’m a huge fan of the classic “They Hunger” for original Half Life. (It’s so much easier to play mods with Half Life 1 [without Steam]).

    The problem is that as soon as the main game title screen appears and attempt to load the menu options, 1 maybe 2 seconds it closes to desktop without any error dialogue.
    I’ve considered checking the Windows Event Log and google the error code.
    But however, I would like to know if anybody has had this similar problem, and to further better understand if it is some sort bug in the Source SDK 2013 [single-player].
    And two mods in a row with the same symptoms is no coincidence to me.
    I think the culprit may be the Source SDK 2013 [single-player]
    Strange, because I tried running the SDK 2013 [sp] directly and was able to successfully complete the Video Test.

    If Phillip or anybody at all has any suggestions I would gladly appreciate any advice whatsoever, because I have absolutely no clue how to resolve this issue.

    BTW I checked Windows Event Log and nothing turned up.
    Left in the dark. Thank you anyway for this.

  21. It’s…alive, It’s..It’s alive, It’s alive!
    My previous post as guest Brad [(via) 21st May 2016 at 1:40 am] is no longer relevant as I,
    after hours of installing every single Source SDK package available (including the biggie, SDK 2013 MP, DS) via Steam|Tools|Downloads and adding some performative specific commands (based on my Half Life installations) (eg,. -appidxxx, -steam, -dev) to the game shortcuts,
    I was finally able to successfully launch “They Hunger Again” to the title menu, and soon afterwards “Coastline To Atmosphere” in the near future. My bad for double posting, also for the lengthy posts, perhaps It’ll assist somebody one day. Thanks for this excellent mod!

    1. Hi, I’m having troubles launching this. After the Valve intro it bombs on my Mac…. I’m taking your advice and downloading the SDK mp biggie! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚ But what commands did you also issue to get this working?
      Cheers, Steve πŸ™‚

  22. My bad for triple posting. I rate the game as 9/10 because “To be Continued” threw me off at the ending. Hopefully the creator of this mod can extend it to the full recreated version just like the Gold-source Classic. I am going to play classic hunger just because of this.

  23. They Hunger Crashed pls help

  24. Great mod. AND

    To get normal crosshairs back
    Delete these 5 files from the scripts directory/folder


    :\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\hunger\scripts

    1. Though I think it should be classified as short or medium. Not “very long” by any means.

  25. CreaseInTime

    Posted this same comment over on Moddb.
    I see people are still writing comments on this mod, so I guess it’s time to address a few things. Let me make it clear from the outset, Roman is not a bad guy, I still have respect for him and what he wanted to do.

    Hi, I’m Ian, one of the guys who worked on this mod. I spent quite a bit of time on it, actually, working to remake the intro map to as close to perfection as I could. Unfortunately, during the entirety of the dev process, there was a huge lack of communication between myself and Roman, as I’m sure my pal GRENADE_EXPERT (who was working on the final Rockwell Town map) will attest. Some things were assumed by myself that ended up not happening, for example I assumed we’d ‘finish’ the mod and then take a long while to hash out any problems or bugs or just plain unfinished bits and polish them up nicely to completion. Roman, however, was just plain exhausted and run-down by all the work he’d already put in, and was satisfied to release what we had in what was wrongly called a ‘beta build’. I was unhappy with this, and I said as much, deciding to officially leave the project after the release.

    The reception was definitely disappointing, although not undeservedly. Upon actually playing the game myself, several months after the fact, I was not only shocked at the low quality and cut corners, but also at the fact that my recreated map had gone seemingly unused in favor of a version that, apparently, Roman himself had made. This was at least eight months of work, of my life, tossed aside and unused. As I said, I hold no ill will towards Roman, and this isn’t a call to abuse him. I hold the belief that he was just so tired that he decided to use what he’d made instead of fixing my work up to his standards, which is sad but understandable.

    My biggest regret in this project is the fact that I left working on my own version (which is, I believe, still on Moddb under the title They Hunger: Rockwell) to work on something that left so many people wanting more.

    In conclusion, I want to apologize to those we disappointed, and I wish you all all the best. Here’s hoping someone more capable takes up the task that we left unfinished.

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