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25 Jun 2016 Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Play it
23 Jun 2016 Viscerator Control Room Took about 5 tries, died at the end. But however, activated god, and, boom! Nailed it. Did not di...
22 Jun 2016 28 Days Later There's no objective here except to get the suit and maybe some ammo no weapons and only a few zo...
21 Jun 2016 TWHL Tower Bump I getting error for an .mdl file thanks anyway
21 Jun 2016 TWHL Tower Some maps a bit laggy, however this is a recommended play. Thanks to all who contributed to this ...
12 Jun 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Episode 3: The Closure is awesome; the Gordon Freeman model, the redefined Combine Ranks and the ...
31 May 2016 Rescue in Ravenholm I wouldn't say that this is a great map, but it's an alright map; not very exciting.
30 May 2016 Alchemilla An almost endless story mod. It could use some non-friendly NPC's to add some extra suspense and ...
28 May 2016 Super Buggy Track 2 This is a fantastic map for Half-Life 2 with endless fun and many secrets, one easter egg I don't...
28 May 2016 Alchemilla I've encountered a bug at the end when you get the landlords key from andys apartment and open th...
22 May 2016 They Hunger They Hunger is a definite 10/10. I beat this thrice and I'll beat it again. Well put story-line a...
22 May 2016 They Hunger Again My bad for triple posting. I rate the game as 9/10 because "To be Continued" threw me off at the ...
21 May 2016 They Hunger Again It's...alive, It's..It's alive, It's alive! My previous post as guest Brad [(via) 21st May 2016 ...
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