Viscerator Control Room

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

5th May 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

You are stuck.

Stuck in a room with no obvious escape.

That is until you realize you can remotely control a manhack.

Use the manhack and external cameras to release yourself.

Basic Details
  • Title: Vicerator Control Room
  • File Name: hl2-ep2-sp-viscerator-control-room.7z
  • Size : 875.14kB
  • Author: Eden Simpson
  • Date Released: 01 December 2011
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Manual Installation Instructions
  • Copy simpson_mlrtm.bsp into your Half-Life 2: Episode Two Maps folder.
  • Launch Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • Open the console and type map simpson_mlrtm.
  • Press enter/return or click the Submit button.
  • Play and Enjoy.

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  1. Phillip says Maybe

    As with nearly all Guildhall releases, this is more of an experiment/portfolio piece.

    You get a couple of minutes controlling a manhack in 3rd(ish) person view and the chance to kill a few zombies.

    After getting first person via Human Error it seems rather a let down.

    Still, some may enjoy it.

  2. Maybe?

    i have to agree with phillip…. the idea is good and the second manhack control after human error ( which is one of my favourite mods ) however the controls are pretty difficult to master and the map actually crashed around 3 minutes into gameplay
    I know this must be a bug since my map/mod crash rate is less than a quarter of one percent ….. I may try editing the gameinfo file to see if this helps…
    one aspect that did impress me was the camera views… this was clever however its also largely to blame for the awkward controls.. you would be using the standard up/down/left/right set-up but as soon as the camera changes the left becomes right…up becomes down. and my headache starts
    in summary Vicerator Control Room has some unique idea,s and gameplay but requires some further work … and a new control system ( which shouldnt be to hard )

  3. Hec

    Well this as Phillip said, very guidhall, and the mechanoc to drive the manhack in 3d person is kind of hectic, tough is funny to broke crates and kill the stupid zombies that way.

    There’s not much to see in here, and yep it also strongly felt like a protofolio piece.

  4. Play It Later

    Just got round to playing this and it’s an interesting few minutes, but not a mechanic I would want to see too often!

    As usual with Guildhall maps it tries something different and it kind of works in this case, but I can’t help but think the author did not think the concept through enough. Most UAV’s (drones) now have cameras onboard, which makes the third person in this seem dated. The controls seem a bit awkward, however they would probably suit someone whose hobby is remote control vehicles/aircraft as they would be used to the reversal of controls depending on the direction of travel. Another thing that makes no sense is manhack’s can be downed with a crowbar, yet exploding barrels at point blank have no effect. Yes I know controllable manhack’s was done in Human Error, so the author had an opportunity to put his own stamp on the idea.

    To be fair to the author this actually looked quite good. For me this is one of the few times I would like to see some way of doing an in-between rating, in this case maybe play it later, so I’m going to be generous with this one.

  5. AI
    Play It Later

    I enjoyed this one, kinda short tho, would like to see more things like this in other maps/mods!
    Had NO problem with control at all! This was like my RC Helicopter I’ve got!

  6. Play It Later

    this is very short but worth the quick play, as stated the controls are a little awkward with the camera view change. I’m not a (3rdish) person view type game player but I could see this type of mechanic gameplay being used sparingly from time to time in certain parts of a larger map/mod as with Human Error.

  7. Major Banter

    Am I the only person who’s noticed one of the headcrab canisters is upside down?

  8. Maybe?

    Kind of enjoyable, unlike Human Error your manhack can’t seem to take damage so I just hit every exploding barrel I could find. If I hadn’t played this type of mechanic before I probably would give it a better rating

  9. Ade

    Is the end sudden death? I’m in this room and the only way out is something that says I activated something but it suddenly goes first person view and I die..

  10. Maybe?

    Took about 5 tries, died at the end. But however, activated god, and, boom! Nailed it. Did not die, and the door opened. Some kind of bug when you activate the door.

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