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At almost75 -- yes ! am I the oldest here?? "OK Boomer!" haha
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Like to be the one behind the gun! as I was in the US Army!!

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Wish I had learned Mapping! oh well

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  1. Wolfenstein Youngblood
  2. G-String
  3. BioShock Inf
  4. Doom 2016
  5. Fallout4


  1. Black Mesa

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Latest 25 Comments
11 Jan 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Year Long Alarm - December 2020 I'm glad to see another "BOOMER" here I'll be 75 in a few days!! I've been here since 2006 and a...
01 Jan 2020 Bear Party: Adventure Hi all! And happy new year!! Am currently playing "Wolfenstein: Youngblood" on Hard , very chal...
12 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat Just got done watching the Haven machinima vid, absolutely remarkable !!! It was 40 min of grea...
21 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Phillip, there must be an error with the file you have listed (223 m) I dl (13 sec) but when I u...
19 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes I've been playing these mods for along time, and I've never had one crash so much as this one!! ...
30 Aug 2014 Enhanced PP Profiles Haven't logged in for a while, I like the changes! Had to look up my PW (must be old age) It wou...
31 Jul 2012 Mission Improbable Very nice mod indeed! Played very well on my new rig! I had NO FR drop or any other problems. T...
29 Jul 2012 Baryonic Predicament As an OLD gamer! this mod was enjoyable, the puzzles weren't to difficult at all, but I do have t...
06 May 2012 Viscerator Control Room I enjoyed this one, kinda short tho, would like to see more things like this in other maps/mods! ...
20 Feb 2012 Ha Long Treasures I love cave exploring, and I really did enjoy the new version of "Dear Esther" just too bad there...
20 Feb 2012 Half-Life Dreamcast Just finnished playing "The Darkness 2" so I thought I'de give this a shot/play! As an old man (6...
09 Aug 2011 Chaos Theory Had no trouble with this map! Played well in "Steam" and "WoN" ;-)
09 Jun 2011 The Desert of Doom Haha this was a funny one!!! Kicked it up to "hard" turned on "notarget" and watched 'em kill e...
20 Apr 2011 Subway I put the map in HL2 E2 and it plays just fine!! NO mirrors!
21 Dec 2010 Orientation This was interesting, but way too easy! Kinda reminded me of the game "Prey" ;-)
11 Oct 2010 Final Project Diary I have enjoyed ALL of Leons Mods & Maps! Thank you Leon it's been a good ride!! The "Prey" m...
22 Apr 2010 Muripo Hey Mel, I agree with you allaround!! This was a good one, lots of action, lots of killing!! ofco...
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