September 2018 – General Chat

1st September 2018

Well, it’s back to work for me soon. I’ve had all of August off and reduced hours in July, so September always feel really hard. That said, it’s nice to get back into a routine and I hope to keep some sort of update schedule going, but certainly not one release per day!

I will also begin mapping again and may start livestreaming practice at the weekends.

I am actually on a holiday until 6th August, visiting the UK.

What about you, what do you have planned?

Let me tell you about some changes. I have limited by tweets. I have stopped the Half-Life Art and other series, like Half-Life Proverbs. They got me lots of retweets, likes and responses but the reality is that it’s not part of RTSL core objectives. Stuff like that is better suited to Lambda Generation.

I may begin to post more mod images etc and I would love to post more mod news, but I don’t have time to constantly check ModDB.

I’ll be publishing my objectives for 2019 in November, but essentially I am going to try to limit myself to updating the site and mapping.

Can you guess the name of the mod shown in the image above? It’s called Half-Life: Echoes I can’t link to it in a spoiler, so you will have to search the site for it.


  1. Happy Spring if you are Down Under, and Happy Autumn if not.

    Does anyone know of a mod that features a super extreme gravity gun at some stage in the game? I thought it was Mistake of Pythagoras, but now I don’t think so.

    I remember it was effectively uncontrollable and would cause whole train cars to be fly around.

    Any news on Half Life 3?


  2. Hi Phillip. I pledged $2 pm. I have many many mouths to feed and am living in a shoebox in ‘t’ middle of ‘t’ road at the moment…

    HL Mods make life worth living.

    Geoff – currently in sunny Oz

    1. Thank you Geoff, that’s very kind.

  3. Is there a place on the site for help finding obscure mods?

    I remember a mod set in a small area with tall apartments. Lighting was dark and moody and had some psychic effects. The particular thing of interest to me was that the player collects and reads love letters left by a woman – giving the game some poignancy. i always like a story.

    1. No, there is no particular place. I can’t think of it. I have tweeted. Let’s see if anybody knows of it:

  4. I decided to give Hammer a go, and struggled a lot to begin with. Then I came across TopHATTwaffle’s excellent tutorial.

    I completed it in a couple of hours, and ran my first ever map in Portal 2. It’s just a room, but I feel confident to move forward now.

  5. I just take time every now and then to be thankful that RTSL exists.

    1. OI wonder ho many mods and maps would have been lost with it?

  6. So…I forgot to mention, playing NostalgiaVille added one more mark for “me dying from headcrab rockets”. It ALWAYS happen, it’s like Lord Gaben just use them to smite me!

  7. AI

    Just got done watching the Haven machinima vid, absolutely remarkable !!! It was 40 min of great action! I have watched my share of these over time, this is the best one I have seen(at my age 72 ) Thanks Phillip for the recommendation!! It would make a great Mod??

  8. Well, that was September, October came and went too and now it’s November…no more monthly chats ?

    1. No, they just weren’t used much.

  9. dotwavy

    Went to check something out on your Moddb and your profile is private, So I went to your comment section on youtube and they are all disabled… what an earth is going on phillip, sounds like you dont like critisism? (Speculation) or has something else happend?

    1. I certainly don’t understand why you think I don’t like criticism when the footer contains a link to my email address, and each and every post has comments open. I stopped using ModDB and because the YT is more or less archived, I decided to limit comments there.

      Now, how may I help you?

  10. asd

    I have a problem with error. The error is: No more edicts. I cant play longer. I have the newest Half life Echoes 1.3. I tried to increase the max number of edicts but max is 2048.
    Please help me.

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