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Latest 25 Comments
21 Oct 2017 Seek and Destroy Mod Tried 3 times with Gauge and each time got this error message Install of "maptap://www.runthin...
05 May 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Next Weekend Methinks this could produce some interesting maps! Very little time to over-think the project (u...
01 Nov 2016 Poll Question 360 - Would you pay to try a Half-Life 3 Demo? The idea of paying for a game demo is in my mind a weird concept. If a new car was announced ...
03 Sep 2016 I'm Taking a Partial Sabbatical I've been out all day and only just seen this and as much as I (amongst many others) want to see ...
03 Aug 2016 Holiday and London Meet Up Ahh! Here we go again! The last time you were coming to London I suggested a few venues for a mee...
14 Jul 2016 Poll Question 353 - Would you play Half-Life Go? I recently got a new phone after my 12yr old one died (well the battery did) and I am having trou...
24 Apr 2016 Announcing the Level Design Academy Livestream I am so looking forward to this, for years I've wanted to at least get a basic grasp of mapping. ...
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure The gun flip (twirl) got me as well, especially after seeing on Leon's own website he has done mi...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure The gun twirl with a real semi-auto pistol is dangerous as the pivot point is the trigger, the tw...
27 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Got it working! Played the start to the first level change and WOW! Visuals are great. But what ...
19 Feb 2016 Prospekt Considering this (at the time of writing) was released yesterday I have noticed that positive rev...
16 Jan 2016 Poll Question 336 - How will you judge Prospekt? Rogat! get your Rogat here at the knockdown price of!!!!!!!!!!
08 Jan 2016 Poll Question 335 - Do you replay mods when they receive a visual update? Graphics updates be it for a mod or a whole game rarely make it better. If the game/mod was good ...
24 Dec 2015 Poll Question 333 - How often do you buy game soundtracks? The last soundtrack I ever bought was paid for out of my pocket money, it was on good old fashion...
21 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille I tried a few random downloads from RTSL and they worked!! Only CrossoverVille produces the probl...
21 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille Not for me it's not! I've tried since yesterday to download it and on hitting the download butto...
21 Nov 2015 What The Headcrab: Episode 004 There have been a couple of Video's on YouTube this month that may be of interest to HL Players, ...
25 Oct 2015 Space Prisoner Thanks! was the Easter egg you found in the same place or do I need to go on a egg hunt?
25 Oct 2015 Space Prisoner Whoops! I meant to say it is a play it now
25 Oct 2015 Space Prisoner A fun little frolic, not much combat but definitely an enjoyable half-hour! For a 12yr old mod...
30 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? Hmmm! Can you get an IWB holster for one of those?
30 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? Hi Skeezix. Your brother-in-law sounds as if he is a rather irresponsible individual. For the ...
27 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? Like Brianthesnail I too have shot real guns but I was never in the military. To answer one of y...
17 Aug 2015 Baby Game If you are referring to The Stanley Parable, yes I have played it. If you are referring to Baby G...
16 Aug 2015 Baby Game @Maki. Call it humour or satire, if you need to go into such a long explanation to justify it th...
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