Holiday and London Meet Up

3rd August 2016

New readers may be surprised to hear I have a holiday away from the site. Well, actually, I have a few but mostly just for the odd day or two here and there, but the one in August is longer. I will be away for 12 days!!!

12 days of no updates or new posts. Well, that’s not strictly true. The Week XX and weekly poll question will be schedule, but that’s it.

I do check email and follow the comments, however, I avoid replying or posting if I can. We all need to re-charge our creative batteries.

I will be in the UK, specifically, London and near Portsmouth.

Every year I post details of my holiday and suggest a RTSL meet Up (used to be a PP Meet Up) and in all the years I have been suggesting it, it’s only ever happened once – in New York. Two people came to meet me for dinner and it was a lot of fun.

So, here goes again:
Who would like to meet me in Central London on a either Sunday 14th, Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st for an afternoon coffee?

For those that are really serious, I’ll give you my mobile number and we can Whatsapp to arrange things.

But please, please only say you are interested if you really are and can actually make it. My time is so short there and I have so many things I want to do, London Sky Garden, Royal Opera House: Bolshoi ballet, British Museum, friends, shopping, parks restaurants etc etc, that I don’tr want to waste time sitting waiting for people who won’t come.


  1. Will you be bringing your crowbar?

    Because I would not in a million years get close to a guy in the middle of the street holding a crowbar.

    1. Nope, staying at home. I might bring my pet headcrab and HEV though.

  2. I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to attend… 🙁

    1. Me too. You’re dead to me now.

      1. I died from laughter.


  3. If only London could temporarily be moved closer to me!

    1. Bummer. I’m somewhat closer – other side of Europe – but still. Damn.

  4. Ahh! Here we go again! The last time you were coming to London I suggested a few venues for a meet, one of which you now wish to visit! The British Museum!
    I’m going to suggest it again, The British Museum is easy find if you are from out of town and the coffee is not bad.

  5. OK we are definately doing this this year!!!
    I’m free on 20th – 21st Aug can”t do 14th.
    Phillip, PM me your phone number.

  6. Enjoy your holiday, Philip … ! Btw, don’t forget the observation deck on The Shard (skyscraper). Probably awesome views over the city.

    1. I was going to say, “What, Phillip is visiting the tower in Mirror’s Edge?” Then I remembered that The Shard is actually a thing.

      Thanks, Wikipedia! XD

      1. NO, not going to visit the Shard. It’s £30 for a limited time visit. The image of this post is from a place called the Sky Garden and it’s free, although you have to book tickets online about a month in advance.

      2. Yep, highest building in the European Union ; )

        Though £30 for a limited visit is indeed a bit extreme. During my visits in expensive New York City I paid 20 USD (roughly £15) for the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock.

    2. Too expensive for me at £30.

  7. Made an account just to register my interest. Very excited to meet with you and others in the community, if this is still on of course. Free on all the listed dates at the moment. Not here to waste your time and am genuinely interested so please PM me the details.

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