What The Headcrab: Episode 004

21st November 2015

Can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since the last WTH. Time flies when you are waiting for Half-Life 3 – NOT.

Let’s see what the HL community has for us in this episode.

If you don’t know what this podcast is about, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

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Pick of the Episode

Gotta be the biggest download in 2015 and it’s called “The Eaters of the Dead” or Der Schwarze Nebel in its original German. I have downloaded the 9Gb of files and will play them ASAP but fear I don’t have enough space on my HDD once the files have been uncompressed. Oh, It’s a complete entire reimagination of HL2 leaked Beta. So, why is it POTE them? Well, you only have to look at the ModDB page to see how cool it looks. Of course, it could be another BBB (Beautiful But Boring) but there’s one way to find out and that’s play it. I’ll do my best to add it to the site and make a downlaod available, but at 9GB, I might have to figure out how to torrent it.


Ket’s start with The Legend of Gordon. Two map updates this month and the work looks good. You can sometimes see development of the mod on abominable37’s Twitch channel, so check that out if you are into watching live streams.

  • Legend of Gordon – First Map – November 2015
    Mentioned on the last episode of WTH but added here for consistency.
  • Legend of Gordon – Second Map – November 2015
    Have to admit, the maps look good.
  • Legend of Gordon – Third Map – November 2015
    As the title says, it’s showcasing the thrid SP map. Not sure I like the idea of talking about the maps in such detail becasue I want a surprise when I play it. However, if people want to read about stuff like this before they play, well done to abominable37 for creating it.
  • Snowball Fight Announced
    Going to release on December fourth. Let’s see.
  • News for week 3 of development!
    notaclevername talks about the third week of development. Plenty of game modes available it seems.
  • Snowball Fight for HL2
    MP mod but looks kinda fun. Throw snowballs at your friends. How about this: Headcrab Fight: A mod that allows you to pick up headcrabs and throw them at your friends. Gonna start a Kickstart campaign right after this recording.
  • Der Schwarze Nebel
    A complete entire reimagination of HL2 leaked Beta. My Headcrab! I just told you that, how bad is your memory? But seriously, you currently have to download it from Google Drive
  • HL: Omega Protocol
    What would happen if the nuke didn’t go off in Black Mesa? Have a play of Omega Protocol, as a Black Mesa mechanic in Black Mesa’s hostile environments. Looks good, will keep an eye on this.
  • WW1 Source Update
    Although it’s a dreaded MP mod, this mod looks pretty good. The renders are detailed and they seem to be taking it seriously. I’ll never play it, but quality work should be applauded.
  • HL Mortal Kombat
    Title says it all. Will anybody play this? CAn’t really understand why people work so hard on making games and mods in older engines. Yes, I love GoldSource, but make something new with it. Nobody says, let’s rewrite Fast and Furious in Shakespearean English. Do they? Yet Here, Dominic, aboard aboard for shame, The Cobra sits in the shoulder of thy car parke. Nah, just doesn’t work, does it?
  • SMOD: Half-Life 2: Episode One
    Yay, another Nikolay piece of news. This time about a SMOD mod. GHet him working at Valve and HL3 would be released tomorrow.
  • SGM Remod Released
    My first thought was Noooooo but them it was Yeeeeeeeah. I thought they were starting a new mod about Stargate and remakes rarely get anyway, but this is a release and it’s SP, so it’s definitely worth a look. Visually, based on the video, it looks a little dated, but us SP players take what we can get. I haven’t downloaded or played it yet, but will this week.
  • Communications Detour
    Looks interesting but as Aaron asked “Is this for Black Mesa (Indie game) or HL2 EP2 using BMS assets?” It’s on the BM workshop but maybe he released two version. I will check this out tomorrow.
  • The Nexus: Part One: November Update
    An Sp mod for the Source Engine. Looks to be in the early stages. Will keep an eye on it.

That’s it for ModDB, onto Gamebanana.
And there’s absolutely nothing new on GB for Half-Life SP players. I promise to start looking into the models and textures sections soon.


Only have few videos from YouTube this episode.

This one is an interview with GF. It’s in French. Quite funny really:

This one shows a player who can set alight zombies by just firing wood at them.

Zero Punctuation tackles the GG in HL2.

And finally, a BM dev working on a personal project shows his idea of Xen.

See the Reddit comments here

Any videos you have seen on YT this month? No HL3 videos please. I won’t be linking to them.

  • Science Pack – Three Prints for 29.99
    Some really nice posters here. I’ll be giving them away in the next mapping challenge but you might want to buy them yourselves.
  • LG has released their 24 hour stream archive.
    Go watch it if you have insomnia. I don’t mean it will put you to sleep, I just mean you have the time.
  • Gold Source Gold HL1 Birthday images
    GSG has been posting great images of HL1 because in case you didn’t know, it’s 17 years old this November.
  • RTSL Tumblr
    Talking of Tumblr, I have started posting an image ever other day on the RTSL Tumblr account. I started it not long ago and wasn’t really sure what I should do with it, but earlier this week I had an epiphany. My site has over 50,000 screenshots of mods and that’s what I should be posting. I have been adding little comments under the screenshots and will try to pick interesting ones. Hope you like them.
  • Half-Life painting
    BlackAdder-BA posted a neat little HL painting on Deviant Art.
Final Thoughts

There we go, an interesting mix of stuff this episode. Some things to play, other s to watch and yet more to read. Who needs Real Life when we have this.

Don’t forget I am always looking for stuff to add to the WTH episodes, so if you see something contact me, don’t think somebody else will because they probably won’t.

Remember, finishing Half-Life is just the beginning! CYA


  1. Great work! I am already a big fan of WTH Episodes! I think this is a great addition to our website in terms of innovation.

    The interview of GF was amazing!

    Thank you for letting us know about What The Headcrab is going on in the other universes!

  2. There have been a couple of Video’s on YouTube this month that may be of interest to HL Players, which are about the games real world weapons. One is about the MP7 and the other about the
    Spas 12.
    The MP7 one does in-fact mention HL2.

    I am so envious of Eric and Chad as this looked to be great fun.

    Spas 12:
    More a look at the guns history and no mention of HL, but if you play HL/HL2 it may be of interest.

  3. Zekiran

    Reddit. lol.

    I thought that the idea that Portal 2 was long after HL2 was well established, by Valve themselves after too much speculation and heated discussion. I have to imagine that some reddit visitors have never heard of the Steam forum where this is long, long old news.

    1. Yeah, the HL sub-reddit has a lot of new readers lately, so there is going to be this sort of stuff.

      1. Zekiran

        Making me wish more than ever that Steam advertised its FORUMS again. Rather than just their discussion hubs of hell.

    2. That post wasn’t about the theory, but the witty retort someone made about it regarding the future state of the combine.

      1. Zekiran


        …. I have trouble with contextual silly like that, given ‘talking about half life+the word Combine’…

        Consider me headdesk’d.

        1. It would be hilarious if the double meaning of Combine is what Valve was actually implying in Portal 2’s ending. 🙂

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