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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Video games always feature various styles of gameplay. In this challenge we asked mappers to create a map that flowed through 3 phases. See the Theme Details section below for full details.

The resulting maps range from average to fantastic and the different interpretations of each phase is fascinating.

Get ready to play through 15 new maps!


Total Downloads: 1,45813th October 2018
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for Half-Life 2

DoomEd is a single-player first person shooter learning game that combines science and history with FPS action, taking players through the horror of bio-terrorism and WWII chemical experimentation gone wrong.

The backstory mixes factual content (the WW2 experiments at Porton Down, Chemical Defence Experimental Station, ‘urban exploration’ in disused London underground stations) with fiction and fantasy (a lost labyrinth populated with human mutants and military personnel who believe the war is still going on).

The action is set in the labyrinth of lost London underground stations and tunnels that have not been in operation for over fifty years. The game follows the conventions of FPS gameplay – interweaving between orientation/exploration and action/warfare with mutants but replacing puzzles with science-based problems and puzzles, drawing on appropriate aspects of the KS4 science curriculum.


Total Downloads: 50721st August 2018
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Half-Life: Echoes

for Half-Life

Return to Black Mesa in this brand new mod for the 20-year old Half-Life. You think it’s just another day at work – but of course it’s that fateful day of the resonance cascade. Run, think, and shoot your way through the Black Mesa Research Facility as you’ve never seen it before, so you may live another day!

This Half-Life mod will let you experience the Black Mesa incident from a different perspective, with some insights into mysterious events which Gordon Freeman was not present for.


Total Downloads: 1,44210th August 2018
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for Half-Life 2

“Similar to Super Gordon Bros, this time Gordon somehow manages to get to Dracula’s castle. Of course, it’s full of zombies and Gordon’s duty is to cleanse the castle of this filth.”


Total Downloads: 2676th August 2018
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Experimental Fuel

for Half-Life 2

As Month Python used to say, “And Now for Something Completely Different!

This map has NO combat. There are NO puzzles.

So why the heck have I added it then? Because it’s fun, that’s why.

Take a Koke bottle into space. Really.

Go enjoy it.


Total Downloads: 37926th July 2018
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Operation Rosenberg Demo

for Opposing Force

At the end of Blue Shift you escape with a few scientists. Dr. Rosenberg is one of them.

In this mod, you continue that story.

You are Corporal Timothy Collins, an HECU marine sent from Black Mesa to the mysterious Area 99.

Your mission: recapture Dr Rosenberg who escaped from Black Mesa and go to A-99.


Total Downloads: 7083rd December 2017
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