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6 March 2020




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I've played a lot of retro fps games/"boomer shooters," like Dusk and Amid Evil, as well as the actual classics like Quake 1.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Guilty Gear STRIVE
  2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  3. Quake
  4. No Man's Sky
  5. Portal 2


  1. PTSD Mod 2
  2. C.A.G.E.D
  3. TWHL Tower 1/2
  4. Absolute Redemption
  5. Half-Life Echoes

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19 Oct 2021 Pyramid For anyone having trouble launching the mod, I was able to fix it by installing the patch file on...
19 Oct 2021 Pyramid For anyone having trouble launching the mod, I was able to get it running after downloading and i...
21 Sep 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Peaces Like Us - September 2021 will this (along with the other CotMs) be added to the Hall of Fame any time soon?
05 Jul 2021 Uplinked I didn't bother to measure my playtime or take notes while playing, so I can't provide a real rev...
20 Jun 2021 The Gate 2 The first gate still isn't posted here
16 Jun 2021 Mistake of Pythagoras well shit, I guess I forgot to put spoiler tags
16 Jun 2021 Mistake of Pythagoras Mistake of Pythagoras is an utterly fascinating mod that is definitely worth your time if you can...
09 Jun 2021 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition Heart of Evil is a fun experience with a few rough edges. Heart of Evil adds a lot, and that's g...
08 Jun 2021 Random Quest Random Quest is an enjoyable but different Half-Life experience. From the start, it promises to b...
07 Jun 2021 The Great Forever Tomorrow I just loaded in and there's a bunch of missing textures and errors. Do I have to have Counter St...
07 Jun 2021 The PTSD Mod 2 PTSD Mod 2 feels like a nightmare, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Weird audio, warpe...
06 Jun 2021 Timeline 3: Heart Of Darkness It's a shame I don't seem to "get" the Timeline mods, since it seems like everyone else loves the...
16 May 2021 Half-Life: Echoes Echoes, the long-awaited solo project by MrGnang, is regarded as one of the best Half-Life mods, ...
15 May 2021 Radix I didn't expect to find another personal favorite so soon!
15 May 2021 Radix RADIX is an amazing map. There's fun combat, good comedy (I actually laughed out loud a couple ti...
14 May 2021 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. C.A.G.E.D. doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but is just great in every aspect. Good music, chal...
14 May 2021 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere Coastline to Atmosphere is ambitious to a fault. While the first half presents a strong experienc...
12 May 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Timeline - April 2021 Will the other Timeline parts be coming to RTSL?
11 May 2021 2020 General Chat Is there a separate general chat for 2021 or are we still using this one?
04 Sep 2020 FusionVille 2 - Map Labs #10 Mapping Challenge Announcement Nice, I can't wait!
04 Sep 2020 Introduce Yourself Hey, my name's Ostrich and I've been playing the Half-Life games for many years. While I have no ...
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