FusionVille 2 – Map Labs #10 Mapping Challenge Announcement

31st July 2020

You’ve wanted it! We’ve wanted to do it! Perhaps the best Ville challenge ever finally returns!

FusionVille 2 is the next full Map Labs mapping challenge and it starts now! FusionVille 2 runs through Monday, August 31st. Get mapping!

Theme Details

The original FusionVille required mappers to combine 3 of 8 given themes from previous challenges. Same thing for FusionVille 2 but with a twist – you must pick 3 of the 10 given themes and fuse them together… drawn from past Villes and from past Map Labs!

  • Bridge
  • Toxic
  • Teleport
  • Liberation
  • Vertical
  • Episode One
  • Two Rooms
  • Think Tank
  • Companion Piece
  • Back on Track

Here’s the official announcement (click for full version):

FusionVille 2 Announcement


The deadline for submission is Monday 31st August 2020. With an extra 3 days after that for bonus (non-judged) maps.


I’m really happy for FusionVille 2 to be happening, especially as a Map Labs challenge! Hopefully there will be another crossover in the future. Most of the Map Labs challenges are available right here on RTSL, and all are on the Map Labs ModDB page (with Steam release coming soon!).

As always, if you’re not already there, join the Map Labs Discord for good discussion & a great mapping community.

Submission Details

Submit maps using the Submission Form.

The Usual Advice

Don’t get overly ambitious. Controlling your map’s scope is key! If you can’t build it in a few weekends then think smaller.

Something is bound to delay your progress. Leave time for testing, bug fixing, and polishing!

We highly recommend getting your map alpha and beta tested by somebody you trust. Do this early in development if you can!

We’d love to see clever blendings of the themes! Some of these themes have much more potential than their released mods realized, this is your chance to mix things up and surprise us!


  1. Just played Fusionville again, and it was among the best of the Ville’s. Therefore I’m seriously looking forward to the sequel 🙂

  2. D34

    This should be a great challenge. Original FusionVille have so much nice and powerful maps. I was waiting for this competition no less than CityStreetVille 2)

  3. Dark Gaming

    Will it have source sdk base 2013 singleplayer ?So that we dont need to have the base game .Pls reply

  4. Just want to say “thank you” to all who have contributed to the Map Labs, Villes, and RTSL support past and present. I have greatly enjoyed your gifts and wish you all the very best in life. Fusionville was also one of my favorites. Looking forward to the sequel.

  5. How long after compiling the entries together will the mod be released?

    1. Unq

      No promises, but hopefully it will be this weekend.

  6. Anon_1868795

    Looking forward to something new…the General Chat thing seems to have died a death again as well..at least nobody ever replies to stuff I post…just one thing, could I RESPECTFULLY suggest that at least in ‘The Hall of Fame’…IF the MOD or MAP is broken (as many are), can you just delete it from the list…I’m sick of downloading things that just no longer work any more.

    1. Just a tip about those and all the other maps that Steam “broke” on us. You don’t have to give up.

      I’m playing through all the well rated maps from the past. Yes its a pain to download and install a map, only to find it doesn’t work. And yes it would be preferable to have all the downloads here up to date after being patched/fixed.

      When they don’t work, I Google “Half-Life (name of map) Patch”. A majority of the time that finds a patch on Moddb. For some reason, I seldom get a search when IN moddb to find anything I want. Alternately, read all the comments in the map here, looking for the required replacement to the gameinfo.txt for the map, so it would play.

      1. KillerMate

        I think several people on this web site have proposed to give their time to correct the non-patched mods but it never went through. It would be great indeed if the webmaster would allow it.

      2. zoe

        Most can be fixed by simply modifying the Gameinfo.txt of each mod.

        See this link


        or google “Fixes for Source mods broken by the SteamPipe update”

  7. positiv1

    I am busy revisiting fusionville and would agree it is among the best ever production of topline mods.
    Hoping for a good entry and only wish I could map myself ….hats off to the guys who put time into these….there might never be a HL3 but with modders as good as we have the excitement can continue long into the future
    Well done in advance guys….can’t wait

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