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19 Aug 2022 EscapeVille - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 3 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) I really appreciate this site and all the hard work that modders and admin do to support it. But...
16 Apr 2022 Uzvara Thank you, vadimhalo, for your gift to the HL community. This is an enjoyable map. Visuals are v...
13 Apr 2021 A2B Trajectory 3 Recently played this map and the previous two A2B maps as a trilogy. It was a fun afternoon. Pu...
17 Aug 2020 FusionVille 2 - Map Labs #10 Mapping Challenge Announcement Just want to say "thank you" to all who have contributed to the Map Labs, Villes, and RTSL suppor...
01 Jan 2020 Bear Party: Adventure First, thank you, Klems, for this wonderful gift to the mod world. I believe anyone who plays it...
11 Apr 2019 Companion Piece - Map Labs Test Tube #2 Linux is also my OS of choice. Thanks for the input on which entries worked. I have been playi...
14 Feb 2017 Mega City One I am not related to Crowbar, who is a modder and a good one. I am just a consumer of the great m...
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure You are right , Jim. The first time I played Aftermath I said "WTH" where is Alyx! I was looking...
01 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure So humble. You have created a fantastic site and continue to provide great mods through your con...
01 Feb 2016 Cremation Totally agree, go to GOD MODE and enjoy the atmosphere and art work, but there is no game play here.
03 Jan 2016 Abandon: The Town Totally agree. The mod without the quick save option was unnecessarily repetitive and frustratin...
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