Antlions Everywhere

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

22nd November 2015

The man character, Carter Grok together with a squad of rebels, has received new orders.

They are to reach City-S where more rebels are located.

To reach the city, the player’s squad is sent through the mines in an attempt to avoid the main Combine forces.

Once in the mine, the squad is separated and the player finds himself alone.

That’s only the beginning of his troubles.

Basic Details
  • Title: Antlions Everywhere
  • Filename: hl2-ep2-sp-antlions-everywhere.7z
  • Size : 101MB
  • Author: Andrey Kizilbashev AKA aHDp495
  • Date Released: 01 November 2015
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Coming once Phillip finishes the mod!


Coming once Phillip finishes the mod!

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  1. I have decided to publish this before I have finished it because it looks like it will take me a while.

    Don’t forget, this is HARD November, so try playing on HARD.

    I am currently playing the mod at various times on the RTSL Twitch Channel

  2. I played this mod when it was released in ModDB.

    +Great atmosphere
    +Interesting design
    +Epic music
    +Different ways of killing antlions


    -Limitless antlions can be annoying in some places at times
    -There is a gap between some chapters but that is not a big deal in terms of effecting the storyline


    Overall, I really enjoyed the mod and recommend you to give it a try!

  3. OJJ

    Really didn’t like this mod when I played it, Antlions are one of the more enemies in HL2 and this mod made them even more annoying. They do about 40 DAMAGE in one hit and to make it worse there are NO CHECKPOINTS and you have to fight them with a crowbar in one segment.
    Also I got lost on the third chapter because I did something right and I could progress but then I died and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I did right before, I also could break that segment by stacking over a wall and skipping half of the map.
    All the weapons have been re-skinned but I don’t see the purpose, the AR2 has a green spray on it, the crowbar is now an ice pick but is still called a crowbar and the pistol now has red lights on it instead of green. In-fact the author seems to really want you to believe you’re playing as someone that’s not Gordon Freeman, but the rebels still call you Gordon Freeman so why put all that effort into an illusion of a character when the first spoken line you hear is “Gordon Freeman and about time too”?
    If there’s anything I liked about the game it’s the maps, not from a gameplay standpoint, but from a visual standpoint they all look fantastic and the last level was my favourite level because it not only looks good but it’s also the map I can honestly say I had fun playing because it wasn’t focused on Antlions and the changes made the gunship actually made sense. Also the city vista at the end was definitely a highlight for me, too bad there was no gameplay involving the city or much to do with the outside because I would’ve definitely preferred it to fighting antlions in a mine for hours on end.

  4. Personal Favourite

    This is another excellent mod which i really enjoyed ….. and ive given a “personal favourite ” as it has significantly more positives than negatives
    however i wasnt too sure about the mod when i intially started playing it as one of the citizens shouted “come on freeman” when your actually playing a guy called “carter”
    this is really a game you need to play before commenting on it … the name of the mod could of been better .. i mean “antlions everywhere” isnt a name that instills enthusiasm
    but i have to admit this was a great mod and well done to andrey for such a outstanding production
    that said if i played this on easy i would of completed it in the half the time and wouldnt have to press “F6” every 10 seconds
    great mod !

  5. Personal Favourite

    This is a copy-paste of my review in ModDB

    Really great mod!

    Quite frustrating at times, mostly due to a few bugs, and it was odd that maps sometimes seemed disconnected, though none of that brings down this mod’s high regards. There are also moments in which the player could use some more guidance.

    The action was great, difficult, but not overwhelming. Just exciting enough.
    The maps were really good looking, which is quite an achievement since 95% of the mod happens in underground mines. Still, the little bit in which you come to the surface also shows a really beautiful environment. The overall atmosphere is excellent.
    It’s also quite nice that the player is constantly introduced to new situations that are gameplay changers, which make him rethink his strategies. Some quite smart ideas in here…

  6. Unknown

    Unfortunately, if you really look at Antlions Evewhere it is difficult to find a lot too say about it. I mean is the mod more creative because of the level design or are people more amused at the fact that Antlions Everywhere has a bunch of neon glowing gnomes?

    This mod is more difficult due to the damage the antlions can produce however, stronger enemies doesn’t make a mod better or more like-able. What I am saying is how many factors does this mod really have that make it standout from other mods realistically?

    I am not saying that Antlions Everywhere is a bad mod I rather enjoyed it. This mod feels to me like a mod that is either “trying too hard” or that its trying to cover up its imperfections with a few gimmicks and hoping players will give it a free pass or a good review.

    This may even be the developer’s first mod which it appears to be, so that being said I think the developer’s efforts show and reflect well throughout the mod.

    First Map:When entering the mine it’s pretty obvious that the first map isn’t supposed to be that bright. That was an issue the developer didn’t fix.

    Clunky Areas:Some maps had at least 20 gnomes or 20 antlion grubs in one area this made some of the maps feel a little cluttered. However, I do understand that trying to get a perfect ratio or balance is extremely difficult.

    Tripping Hazards:One thing I found particularly frustrating with Antlions Everywhere is the amount of gnomes everywhere. Don’t get me wrong they were a main focus and I like how they were used as a key factor for the atmosphere, but half of the time I found myself “slamming into them or tripping on the gnomes “.

    Loading Sequence:The loading was a little “out of place” I felt. When going to the next level the screen would turn dark all of a sudden and bring you too the next area. The structure of the mod made it feel more like a map pack then a mod.

    Entering The Mine:There is the first area where the antlions start to come after opening a door. The dirt mound in which the antlions attempt to fly over seems to block the antlions path and conflicts with the A.I. Pathing.

    Writing On The Walls:It seems someone was trapped in the mine and was leaving messages and the texture of the spelling looks more like red paint, but I assume it was meant to be blood.

    Overflowed Cclient Renderables List:This issue also comes up during a few of the levels due to “too many vertexes” which unfortunately “slows down the frame rate”.

  7. Maybe?

    This mod was really disappointing. It had some terrific parts to it but was let down by bad gameplay and some unfinished parts.

    On a positive note, this was really quite an impressive mod to look at. There were a lot of terrific settings in the mine and some nice ones once you exited. The mechanism that controlled the gunship at the end was really quite clever and it took me some time to figure it out.

    On the downside, the endless spawning of ant lions in many places killed the enjoyment of the mod for me. I can tolerate ant lions for quite a long time, but fighting them endlessly with sometimes very little weapons is extremely frustrating. So I played about half the mod in god mode just to proceed. Weapons were very limited in places and the ant lions do a lot of damage, even on easy (don’t judge me Phillip!).

    Probably the biggest problem with the mod is the lack of proper map transitions. You are just walking along when your screen goes black and then after that you appear in a new map. But your settings from the previous map don’t carry over. I’m not a modder but I don’t believe should happen. I noticed it right away because when I exited a map while playing in god mode this was turned off in the next map.

    There was also a spot where you were herded into going across a board that broke by invisible walls. But that itself isn’t a big deal.

    Sorry, but I didn’t enjoy this one at all. When there is a nice looking big mod to play, I like to be able to explore all of the areas and find solutions to problems. With this mod that often wasn’t possible as those damn ant lions kept coming at me!

  8. Sadly I stopped about half-way through this mod because the game engine (and my PC) gets overloaded with how much was in a single map and immediately dies.

    Thoughts though is that it is okay I suppose, mod really lacks variety to keep me interested. You can only do Antlions for so long.

  9. Personal Favourite

    Wow! I very nearly decided against downloading this mod due to some of the comments. I am very glad I went for it in the end. Antlions are most definitely not one of my favourite enemies in HL but I have to say that I really enjoyed the gameplay here. Sure there were some perpetual spawning moments but I came to realise that these were there to make the player look for a way out and push on to other areas.

    Completely agree with the criticism over the map transitions and find it hard to imagine how someone with obvious talent for mapping could not have gone the extra mile for flowing one map into another. However this was a minor irritation considering the great gameplay. The length of the whole mod was also great. It’s nice to get immersed in a story and not have it finish in a few short minutes.

    Weapons and health-wise I feel there was adequate protection throughout and, aside from the ridiculously hard gunship battle at the end, I didn’t feel any need to switch to GOD mode. Loved the various hidden extras which enabled some of the harder areas to be completed without continually having to hit F9.

    All in all I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable mods I have played both visually and in terms of originality. So even if, like me, you are no fan of Antlions I would urge you to give it a go.

  10. asterixer

    Works well under Linux. Only the Last Level where you have to shoot the Airship… Its unbreakable for Linux users. 🙁

  11. Think Twice

    it has so many broken logical decisions, its painful. magicly enabling the generator by thrpwong gnomes at it? totally broken phisics based doors? really? stupidest boss logic of the year btw.

    its just wasted awsome mapping. i really loved the grey colorcorrected tunnel maps.

    1. Did you finish it in one hour?

  12. NovaPixelStudios

    This is a pretty good mod, I enjoyed the how the custom music complimented the look and feel of the maps. While I liked the level design, I didn’t really like how some of the maps where connected. But that’s just a minor criticism and the level design, in general was good. The game play was fun, but with so many other enemies in Half life 2, I feel as if some potential was wasted. This developer obviously has talent, but I think if the level design was a little more improved, and there was more variety of enemy types, then it might have been more enjoyable.

  13. Hec
    Play It Now!

    Overall surely I can say this is an awesome mod you should play for sure. Is actually really good, and make me remember the also great R&D mod, and I think is now an instant classic if you want to play something related to Antlions, mapping is great we have some outstanding battles, not only against Antlions. BUT…

    Many little details at least in my own experience, quite annoyed me in this mod.And I dare to say there as many good moments as many little inconveniences in this mod.

    One thing that impressed me was that mine environment, it was just great almost valve quality. You know, but sometimes Antlion hordes were just a pain in the butt. Many of them just spawn endlessly in front of my eyes and one hit from them cost a lot of health! So that ruined part of the “exploring” the area element, which I consider crucial in any mod.

    Also those “black screen” level transitions were just weird, and it was very annoying that some weapons I collected previously were gone in one chapter transition to the other. I think that was maybe because the authors wanted some kind of “cinematic” aura for the mod. But some times and in this case is just better to have a normal transition, and by normal i mean that standard “loading” screen message we’re used to in HL2.

    Cutscenes were cool and also really well done and paced. BUT they tell very little to say the least, and almost nothing about, the story. Me as Phillip, also noticed that lack of “story telling” inside the mod. You Know I was pretty well hooked up to the story at the beginning, so I waited for some more details about the story in the developing of the maps, but I had nothing of them.

    I also expected at least one little part or map battling in City S, just to rest from the antlion mayhem. But that map never happened. It’d be cool if the author in some future could work in a mod or some maps built around that very important City S battle.

    Overall is a great, quite long entertaining mod. Is definitely the best of 2015, and shows that every year we have at least a pretty outstanding mod. Nevertheless for me this mod it just doesn’t fit into a PF recommendation, because those minor details were sometimes pretty annoying. Also the finish battle I was quite confused, and it was very hard to grab those scanners that protect the gunship with the grav gun. I actually could do it thanks to a weird glitch where the gunship basically got stuck into that building structure where you’re supposed to go with the Grav Gun.

    Despite of those inconveniences You definitely should try this mod. As is quite smart, original and pretty well done, for sure you will have fun. Though beware if you hate antlions then I recommend to play it not just in one sit.

  14. Play It Now!

    I was thinking about giving “Play It Later”, but I counted how many good things were in this mod, so I changed my opinion.
    So…I will tell some + and – of the mod:
    1)Story. It was really good, and I liked how it progressed. Also that gnome thing…Nothing more to say.
    2)Texture&Mapping. Well-made locations and environments. I was impressed so much because of these caves and mines.
    3)Features. New Liquid which is pumped by Combines, Sliding, Crystals which power up Gravity Gun are amazing!
    1)Autosaves. It was a bit annoying, when you died in the last moment and you need to go through half of the map to replay it. It will be very nice, if author/-s will make more autosaves.
    2)AI. Starting from the beginning of the game, my friend couldn`t walk through 2/3 ways. He wanted to go through the last one, like: “Gosh, fuck off, I want to go there”. Battle with Antlion Guard, there is no much space for him, he was stucking in ?minecarts? (why he couldn`t throw them?), in different parts of mine. Antlion hords were just staying in front of me and watching, it was really weird.
    Again, I want to say that this mod was great and I had good experience. Great “Thanks” to developer/-s.

  15. Play It Later

    OK, I found this mod to be a bit “toxic” of being so much surrounded by those damn Antlions, anyways, it was in the title!!!
    However, the dev’ put a greal deal of effort to tone down that “toxicity”, using sweet music, sympathetic ambiance… various puzzles and fights, particularly one where you explode Antlions with Super G-gun, first time that I saw that in a mod, however he managed to still put a challenge with infinite respawn.
    That, there’s also some boss fights against an Antlion guard, and the last fight which is particularly stupid and unfair, I mean, what a GREAT idea to see that upgraded Gunship helped by small scanners!!! But WTF, they resist rockets and can only be destroyed by G-gun? No way.

    Anyways, it’s globally hard, sometimes frustrating, even toxic, but the various challenges and the humor help this mod to be still good, and sometimes unique.

  16. Play It Later

    In the beginning I thought this could be a PIN, but ultimately I had just enough fun for a PIL.

    Antlions Everywhere is large and polished and is offering solid gameplay, but after a while it becomes quite tedious to fight hordes of antlions, and the occasional appearance of endless spawns surely doesn’t help in this respect. Much thought and care went into the design of the mines, but this mod surely would have benefited from some outdoor areas and more variety than just fighting antlions and a few soldiers in a mine for about two hours.

    Also there’s a lack of flow and an occasional lack of direction, mainly due to the awkward map transitions, regularly jumbling up your weapon inventory. You start with an SMG. Next map you lose your SMG and only have the gravity gun. Then you get the super gravity gun – just to see it disappear one map later. Later you’re suddenly losing all your grenades. And so on. This makes this whole thing appear more like some collection of maps than like a coherent mod.

    You should definitely download and play this mod, but there’s really no reason to stop what you’re doing. Such large mods need a certain degree of variety, and unfortunately AE is a bit lacking in this department.

  17. Marsh

    Wouldn’t recommend if you hate antlions, but otherwise really fun, cool maps and cool music

  18. Play It Later

    Well, this certainly was a large and good-looking mod. You see there is much effort put into it.
    The gameplay, however, was a bit less exciting. As the title suggests: there are a lot of antlions. If I remember correctly there weren’t any other enemies until the fifth level. Antlion combat can be fun but if they are the only thing you fight for more than an hour it gets really repetitive really fast. There are only so many ways you can kill an antlion.
    It’s pretty fun in the beginning, shooting antlions with your buddy. You then fall down a hole into a world of gnomes… I actually laughed a lot in this part. From this point on though, your arsenal gets smaller, limiting the ways you can kill antlions, adding to the repetitiveness of this mod.
    After a lot of combat your arsenal expands again and the amount of enemies gets larger by 2, Antlion Workers and Combine Soldiers. It gets more fun from here on.
    The final battle is great. It took me a while to understand what to do, but I remembered the fight against the Nihilanth from HL1. Also, the environment is the best quality this mod offers, it looks really good.
    Although this mod can get a little repetitive, I do recommend playing it as it is very fun to play.

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