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Latest 25 Comments
02 Sep 2016 I'm Taking a Partial Sabbatical i think i can arrange a safe backup for all the maps if you give up. i really dont want all those...
24 Dec 2015 Poll Question 333 - How often do you buy game soundtracks? pretty much all of them
21 Dec 2015 Arctic Incident solid mapstructure with secrets and alternative routes. reskinned arctic hl aliens, and custom we...
18 Dec 2015 Poll Question 332 - Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work? i would actually agree in a case when the modder knows the certain video is going to reach a terr...
10 Dec 2015 Antlions Everywhere it has so many broken logical decisions, its painful. magicly enabling the generator by thrpwong ...
08 Dec 2015 Half-Rats: A Fever Dream This mod is certanly interesting. It's 1883, and o...
19 Nov 2015 Next Mapping Challenge retroville a little bit portal: it has to be in a 60s, in a facility, has to be puzzle themed
17 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo giving the player just a dark room and a flashlight ...
30 Oct 2015 Space Prisoner "I can’t believe I hadn’t played it." if you google the map and the dev, you can find a 2009 val...
18 Jun 2015 Station 51 Good stuff. Clean mapping skills. Things are not placed at obvious places, but you can always fin...
26 Mar 2015 Cremation philip being over enthusiastic again with that rating. mod is incredibly short (like 5 minues per...
19 Feb 2015 Tr1p (still uploading) the mod is rather polished mapst...
11 Feb 2015 Below The Ice unpolished as hell in my opinion. there are no doo...
27 Apr 2014 RavenholmVille has a saw launcher 11/10 would play again...and i probably will, and upload them to yt
08 Apr 2014 Resourceful Protagonist Not like the usual "I'm gordon f@ckin freeman and I have 30 weapons" kind of mod. you really have...
25 Feb 2014 AssassinateVille maps are blocky, ligtning is terrible, some of the maplogic and/or the triggers are extremly bad....
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