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I like to see how I can manipulate my environment to get through a level, from using the gravity gun to exploiting the map layout.

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  1. Physco-naughts
  2. TimeSplitters
  3. Vandal Hearts
  4. Counter-Strike
  5. Dark souls


  1. Transmission: element 130
  2. Uncertainty principle
  3. Abandon
  4. Leon's coastline to atmosphere
  5. Deep Down

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  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: Some
  • Scripting: Some
  • Texturing: Little
  • Voice acting: Some
  • Writing: Some
  • Sound: None
  • Music: None
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04 Apr 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 3: BacktrackVille Sadly yeah, but you can get hold of custom made HL2 bullsquid NPCs, the models are high quality t...
01 Apr 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 3: BacktrackVille Think I will sit this contest out. Got other stuff I want to work on.
31 Mar 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 3: BacktrackVille This will come in handy for everyone taking part, its called Bounce design.
29 Mar 2016 Introduce Yourself Gmod Roleplay huh? Which server, I might use the same one as you.
28 Mar 2016 Gorge Mesa Very, strange. I just played it now and its hard to really get my thoughts out. So I'll start wit...
27 Mar 2016 PsychologyVille - Just a Discussion Funny you make this post when I've been working on a new project for a Half-life roleplaying serv...
26 Mar 2016 March 2016 General Chat Would be worth waiting until BM leaves early access, While I have the game, I know a lot of peopl...
23 Mar 2016 LiberationVille That's the benefit of these villes, give mappers like myself a random theme to centre development...
23 Mar 2016 Introduce Yourself Welcome to RTSL Sarah. Quite a range of courses you are taking ontop of a youtube channel. What k...
22 Mar 2016 LiberationVille I'm a bit Taken back back that Coast was considered better than Transfer in points when it comes ...
21 Mar 2016 LiberationVille Thanks for playing Transfer I honestly had no idea why the citizens were stuck in the train bar ...
21 Mar 2016 LiberationVille Thanks for playing and reviewing Transfer, In regards to the issue with item crates, there are an...
09 Mar 2016 Revelation He did request feedback and said he was prepared for negative reviews, besides a review should ...
08 Mar 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 2: LiberationVille Will the judges or Phill be streaming the entries again like last time?
07 Mar 2016 March 2016 General Chat Finally sent out my contest entry, I can relax!
06 Mar 2016 Revelation This is pretty much how everyone's first map goes. Mine did. Lets get on with the issues Fl...
05 Mar 2016 March 2016 General Chat Time to send out testing versions of my map
03 Mar 2016 March 2016 General Chat Every time I prepare to send out a copy for testing, I find something I want to patch, that testi...
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