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I only play aggressively when I see a map provides for it. I tend to explore maps to look at the design and to find secrets if there are any.

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  1. Portal
  2. DOOM
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  4. Garry's Mod
  5. Minecraft (of course)

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Latest 25 Comments
21 Feb 2019 Aerial Harassment This was fun for the most part, but there are quite some flaws. Firstly, the visuals are just t...
21 Feb 2019 City 14 Well, this is quite a broken mod. I don't think it was playtested by anyone but the author himsel...
19 Feb 2019 Enigma I enjoy Half-Life 2's combat, but I didn't find any fun in this. There are way too many Soldiers ...
19 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 There is no crowbar, you get a stunstick from a dead Metrocop, in the first room after the elevator.
17 Feb 2019 Appledacker DeadSpace Whenever I launch it, I get a white screen, and when the menu is supposed to appear, I get an err...
16 Feb 2019 Space Lasercore This was a fun little space adventure. Combat was decent in most area's, altough I didn't like th...
13 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 I play on Windows 10. The creator of Sawdust has said himself that the map was a bit rushed, whi...
11 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 Reinstalled it a couple of times, and all the problems listed are still present.
10 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 [recimage id=4] This entry is everything I expected it to be. It captures a lot of Episode One'...
06 Feb 2019 Freedom Didn't get any enjoyment out of this. This is such a map where the creator just put 50 zombies in...
06 Feb 2019 Area 17 This feels like the creator made a lot of different rooms to experiment with, and then decided th...
06 Feb 2019 Sudden Departure Compared to Trouble Dutch, Strontvlieg's first map, this is definitely a step up. Better looking ...
06 Feb 2019 Fallout Vault 7 This is a decent map, but there is so much ammo, healthkits, etc. that it just ends up feeling li...
06 Feb 2019 Simple Etape A map with some ideas here and there, but not executed that well. You can get stuck in the first...
06 Feb 2019 Space Prisoner Nice little mod, I love it when the setting is in space. This mod took me pretty long to comple...
03 Feb 2019 StriderVille [recimage id=4] This entry is basically the final battle in Episode Two but instead of driving ...
02 Feb 2019 RooftopVille [recimage id=5] Good use of the theme and great visuals. Really liked the setting though it fel...
13 Jan 2019 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 Oops, forgot to log in. Anon_1735183 is me.
07 Jan 2019 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 [recimage id=4] What an amazing boss battle! Good visuals and effects. The boss' attacks are cr...
06 Jan 2019 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 Just fixed it. Type sv_unlockedchapters 99 in the console.
06 Jan 2019 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 Played/completed the first entry, but the second entry did not unlock?
04 Jan 2019 Collision This mod is very good at what it sets out to do: being a short and fun mod that has a lot of shoo...
04 Jan 2019 Aurora: Reinstated I quite enjoyed this mod. It looks good and plays good for the most part. In my opinion the amou...
04 Jan 2019 Just Like Rebel Well, this mod had some ups and downs. First off I found the enemy placement to be quite bad at...
03 Jan 2019 Vexko International Fun short little map. Some enemy placement could've been better, but it didn't bother me too much...
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