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I met the Half-Life franchise a while ago, and I remember playing through the entirety of it in about a month and enjoying every second of it. After 100% completing each game, I was left wanting more. I knew HL had an active modding community, and I started downloading maps and mods. When playing these I knew I wanted to make them myself. I started learning Hammer and Source level design. I started to work on my first project: Dark Intervention. I met some really nice and helpful people along the way. Strontvlieg in particular has been helping and supporting me a lot, and I thank him a lot for that. Dark Intervention released after more than half a year of work, and it was received pretty well overall. This gave me much motivation to continue mapping. You will now see me in Mab Labs competitions and the occasional standalone projects.
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I tend to explore maps to look at the design and to find secrets if there are any.

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  1. DOOM Eternal
  2. DOOM (2016)
  3. Portal 2
  4. Blood
  5. Minecraft

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Latest 25 Comments
10 May 2020 Power Tower Short version: is a short but very enjoyable experience. Longer version: Apart from a few ...
07 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 Put the plug on a physics prop, go to the other side, use the Gravity Gun to tilt the prop so it ...
13 Apr 2020 A2B Trajectory 2 After the excellent A2B Trajectory, I was excited to see what Strontvlieg would be doing next. Th...
02 Apr 2020 Rebel Surge You need the Mapbase files because some features it has are used in this mod.
28 Mar 2020 Rebel Surge It doesn't do anything new or spectacular, but what it does it does very well, and that is provid...
17 Feb 2020 CromulentVille 2 - Map Labs Test Tube #7 Mapping Challenge Announcement Will ML07 - The Grid be posted on here?
21 Jan 2020 Halloween Horror II: The Darkness - Map Labs #6 I think you forgot to review Ablaze?
27 Nov 2019 Half-Life: Somatic A fun little map with a Lost Coast style. If you ask me the best aspects of this mod was the com...
11 Nov 2019 Halloween Horror II: The Darkness - Map Labs #6 I guess they do that to make you less mobile, limiting your abilites (to make you feel more vulne...
03 Nov 2019 Halloween Horror II: The Darkness - Map Labs #6 [recimage id=3] Nice job converting the FNaF concept into HL2 and not entirely copying it. Alth...
13 Oct 2019 Mistake of Pythagoras A bit of a mixed bag for me. I really liked the use of abstraction in this mod, really makes it ...
07 Oct 2019 Cosmonaut was one of my favorite entries for any HL mapping competition ever. Seeing it being expanded int...
13 Sep 2019 Dark Intervention Could you try explaining that "bright bloom effect" a bit more?
05 Sep 2019 Stalwart "Stalwart XT is a two map collaboration between myself (JamaicanDave) and Dolmo. It is based on a...
20 Aug 2019 Half-Life: Abridged - Map Labs #5 [recimage id=2] I didn't really expect this chapter to be abridged for this competition, it's j...
23 Jun 2019 Dark Intervention All the issues you listed are fixed in the updated version I'm working on. Recommend playing th...
16 Jun 2019 Think Tank - Map Labs #4 Just posted a review, but it's not appearing?
16 Jun 2019 Think Tank - Map Labs #4 [recimage id=2] This entry started off nice, but it went downhill later on. There are several...
16 Jun 2019 Think Tank - Map Labs #4 Hi, creator of Barrelbrain here. Thanks for the feedback. You mentioned doing puzzles in a way I...
07 Jun 2019 Dark Intervention Hi! The creator of Dark Intervention here. I'm currently working on an update for this map, whic...
22 May 2019 Nova Prospekt: Utility For a first map, this is pretty decent. But as you can expect from a first map, there are misalig...
18 May 2019 Precinct 17 This map ticks all the boxes. Great visual work, level design and combat. The voice acting was ...
18 May 2019 No Time For Crying A horror map that fails at basically everything it tries to do. You have keyhunting, with keys ...
18 May 2019 Nosocomephobia I personally don't care that much about horror games. But when they are well made, I can apprecia...
18 May 2019 Frozen Ice Not much to say about this map. The visuals ranged from okay to bad. The mechanic with the melti...
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