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  1. Portal
  2. DOOM
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  4. Garry's Mod
  5. Minecraft (of course)

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Latest 25 Comments
11 Dec 2018 DoomEd This mod has some issues, but overall it's fun to play. I really liked the "puzzles", I found the...
28 Nov 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 – Challenge 5 – ReplayVille Didn't now about that entity until now. Thanks for the information!
25 Nov 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 – Challenge 5 – ReplayVille I think you could use a logic_timer entity that fires a command at random. Example: Let's say yo...
21 Nov 2018 BlackMesaDoorVille Look at the comment above you.
18 Nov 2018 Rabbit Hole You start off in a city with some Combine combat. Enjoy the sunlight and the city, because it is ...
17 Nov 2018 Transmissions: Element 120 This is one of the most creative mods I have played in a while. The new Gravity Gun allows for so...
17 Nov 2018 Year Long Alarm Wow! There is a reason this mod is on Steam. It's very, very good! The level design, the combat, ...
16 Nov 2018 Antlions Everywhere Well, this certainly was a large and good-looking mod. You see there is much effort put into it. ...
13 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex If I remember correctly, the regular pistol in A Stroll in the Park was at the beginning, right w...
11 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex I really enjoyed your entry, very good level design.
11 Nov 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Just like the previous Quiet Rehabilitation, this one has amazing level design, visuals, combat, ...
11 Nov 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation For a map made in a week's time, this is excellent. This is Valve-quality level design, this coul...
11 Nov 2018 Hells Mines I personally do not really like horror maps, but I decided to give this one a go. The atmospher...
10 Nov 2018 Overtime The big highlight of this mod is definitely the combat; the shooting feels good and there are ple...
10 Nov 2018 FM Project: The Way Did not really enjoy this. When you start the mod the first thing you will notice are that the co...
10 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex Let's hope that after the full release Crowbar Collective will focus on making mapping easier. ...
10 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex Only 2 entries? Are mappers scared of Black Mesa or something? Anyway, the two entries we got we...
08 Nov 2018 The Mesa Cup 2018 – Challenge 3 – The Surface Complex Excited!
08 Nov 2018 Drew Mobley's Prison Break really made me feel like I was escaping prison. The level design was amazing and the combat wa...
08 Nov 2018 City 13 is boring. It's just boring. The map looks terrible. Plain and boring. The combat is awful. Ther...
08 Nov 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 . It goes from one place to another, from one style to the other, you get the point. The mod sta...
07 Nov 2018 Lost Industry was a fun mod to play. The map looks good that's for sure. Combat not so much. There are 2 main...
07 Nov 2018 Xenogears 2.5 is not worth your time. There are about 3 or 4 textures being used throughout a map that is way ...
07 Nov 2018 The Mesa Cup 2018 – Challenge 3 – The Surface Complex When will this be available for playing?
03 Nov 2018 Re-Poll Question 002 – Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? If you run out of ammo, you can still go on. If you run out of health you are dead. I would pick...
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