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29 Oct 2020 The Sprucecape Mod Nice story and nice visual!
27 Oct 2020 Joutomaa Redux Nice scenery, well-designed map, and HL2-like feeling! Awesome mod!
27 Oct 2020 Sile The map design is pretty nice. I got confused sometimes but soon found the ways. I like that ther...
26 Oct 2020 Baryonic Predicament Nice mod! I love the clever puzzles on the map. The combats were also fun but a little bit tough ...
26 Oct 2020 Overawe Nicely designed map
22 Oct 2020 Anti-Citizen The version from RTSL didn't run on my computer so I used the version from moddb. Short and fun mod!
22 Oct 2020 Avenue Odessa Really love this mod. First part: Nice view, short and fun combats, voice acting. / Second part: ...
22 Oct 2020 PTCS: A Post Traumatic Christmas Special Nice for Christmas
21 Oct 2020 The Beautiful Indoor Experiment Beautiful maps! I really love Modern House.
21 Oct 2020 The Transformation Creative and fun!
10 Oct 2020 Cosmonaut Wonderful mod! Nice puzzles, nice combats, nice ending, etc.
10 Oct 2020 Half-Life: Somatic Short and fun! I like the visual of the map.
26 Sep 2020 Deep Down (Classic) Super fun mod!
01 Aug 2020 Research And Development One of the best HL2 mods. Creative and beautiful.
01 Aug 2020 Silent Escape Nice mod! I like the voice actings, the custom storyline, and the atmosphere of the maps (especia...
27 Jul 2020 Escape By EX-MO Fix: Difficulty played at hard -> medium
27 Jul 2020 Rebel Surge Fix: Difficulty played at hard -> medium
27 Jul 2020 Das Roboss Fix: Difficulty played at hard -> medium
27 Jul 2020 Dangerous World Fix: Difficulty played at hard -> medium
27 Jul 2020 Spherical Nightmares Fix: Difficulty played at hard -> medium
27 Jul 2020 Dangerous World Nice mod. The intro part was a little bit laggy but fun to play. The scary atmosphere of the unde...
26 Jul 2020 Das Roboss Nice map. I'm not good at non-linear maps so I spent a little long time for finding the paths. I ...
26 Jul 2020 Call In Nice mod! I like the map design. The paths are not too hard to find, I really like that.
26 Jul 2020 Spherical Nightmares Really nice mod. I like both the scary atmosphere of some places and the bright atmosphere of the...
24 Jul 2020 The PTSD Mod Super fun
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