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I am 71 and don't know how much I can offer except maybe perspective from my vantage point. Even we seniors love to play games. I've loved FPS games since I first got my hands on Doom. I'm retired and not physically able to do a lot so playing games is my salvation. I expecially love HL but also Deus Ex and the entire Doom series. I've also played lots of other FPS games such as the FEAR series and Quake along with Duke Nukum and others. However when it comes to speed I have problems and I'm stuck in those 3. I also love war games. And I play other games such as word games, solitaire and other card games.
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I would say sometimes I'm overly cautious and other times too aggresive so not really balanced.

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  1. Deus Ex
  2. FEAR
  3. Quake
  4. Doom

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I'd love to learn.

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