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Michael McKnight

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27 February 2016




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United States of America

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Just a guy who really really loves the Half-Life series. Not much else interesting I can say about me other than that.
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I play slow and steady, taking my time to observe my surroundings. If characters are talking to me, I always make sure to listen to everything they're saying. When in combat, I tend to be more conservative in how I play, not running directly at them but trying to stay back, hit enemies from a distance.

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I first started playing the Half-Life series with the release of The Orange Box in 2007, and I was hooked. Went back and played HL1 and its expansions from there, and I've been a fan of the series since.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. BioShock: Infinite
  2. Fallout: New Vegas
  3. The Ultimate Doom
  4. Wipeout 3
  5. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades


  1. MMod
  2. Raising the Bar: Redux
  3. Dark Interval
  4. Entropy: Zero 2
  5. Uncertainty Principle

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14 Apr 2023 2023 General Chat "Raising the Bar: Redux" is a mod attempting to recreate the HL2 Beta experience while updating i...
16 Mar 2022 Precursor is an excellent mod that excels in almost everything it sets out to do, from storytelling to a g...
13 Mar 2022 Mega City One is a very ambitious mod compared to most, and one that I personally very much enjoyed. The st...
09 Aug 2020 Sebastian is a fun little mod that gives an alternate take on the Episode 1 story, and I think, for the mo...
07 Aug 2020 Local-Motive (Classic) This is a fairly short but sweet mod that I think has quite a bit of work put into it. You...
06 Aug 2020 Calamity is definitely one of the more ambitious mods, at least in terms of the story it's trying to tell...
06 Aug 2020 Uncertainty Principle What an absolutely fantastic mod. I'm serious here when I say that this is level of quality. In ...
06 Aug 2020 Insomnia It's confusing and doesn't make any sense. And yet, that seems to be the entire point. I'm not...
04 Aug 2020 A Venetian Welcome Pretty great map overall. Good combat, a great atmosphere and well-made environment, and ends wit...
04 Aug 2020 Nightmare House No, it's not very scary these days. Duh, I don't think that really needs to be stated. But put...
04 Aug 2020 Nuclear Plant A very simple map, but that's to be expected given that it's a port of the original Doom map. It ...
11 Apr 2016 Poll Question 340 - Do you ever kill NPCs unnecessarily? I never. I just couldn't do it, even if they annoy me. They haven't done anything worthy of death...
27 Feb 2016 Introduce Yourself Hello there! My name's Michael, currently 20 in college for game design, and I'm just your ave...
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