Zombies (Version 3)

for Half-Life 2

21st December 2004

Basic Details
  • Title: Zombies Map (Version 3)
  • File Name: zombiesmapv3.zip
  • Size : 0.8Mb
  • Author: Marshall AKA Gamefreak or Totalgamefreak
  • Date Released: 21 December 2004
  • Download: Zombies V3 at FileFront
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  1. Play It Later

    Excellent update of the previous version

  2. Maybe?

    This is totally an improvement over the previous version. Music made fighting against zombies and Combine soldiers more intense, Gravity Gun raised fun level to maximum (especially when I began killing enemies with the fridge) and map can be played much longer.

    Although, there is still no proper ending and the design is still on “not bad” level.

    Overall, fridges are ultimate weapons.

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

  3. Think Twice

    Do you like strobe lights? Zombies in a tight boxy hallway? How about combine all stacked up in a outdoor bunker? Then this mod is for you, cause it’s not for me.

    I don’t know why users keep uploading boxy rooms and calling it a day. So much more can be done with the hammer editor, even for 2004 standards. Valve proved what could be done with their engine when they released Half-Life 2. What’s stopping users from doing something like that?

    I did complete it, I think. It never faded out and disconnected me.

  4. Play It Later

    Like it’s previous version, contains a lot of zombies and headcrabs to kill, each of the variants, but it also contains a new section where you, and a Rebel buddy, fight through a Combine encampment.

    The flow is very similar to it’s previous version, going room to room killing many zombies using the weapons you can get, now including the Gravity Gun. The previous version ended with a zombie ambush in a dark room, but now it extends further, through a series of concrete corridors leading to an open area filled with Combine soldiers to kill, which marks the end of the map.

    Overall, it’s a very nice improvement to the original, filled with even more Running and Shooting, even Thinking in trying to survive all the enemies thrown at you.

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