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Just your average autistic white cis male trying to play video games for a living.
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I like a mix of story and combat with highly detailed maps.

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Trying to play every mod on this site. It will take a while.

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  1. Fallout 4
  2. Fallout NV
  3. Subnatuica (Below Zero)


  1. Cosmonaut

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Latest 25 Comments
25 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre This is a well designed map. Quality over quantity here. It's not too short, nor is it too long. ...
26 Sep 2023 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ - Map Labs Atom #2 Yeah, pretty easily actually. It's what I do when I log out from a server.
28 Apr 2023 Somnolence What the hell did I just play? It's... abstract at best. Boring at worst. I got lost many time...
07 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat EZ2 is far far better than EZ1. It's funnier, bigger, and actually more serious too. There are so...
07 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat Hello! Welcome to 2023! I eventually hope to release a mod of my own (99% sure it will just be a ...
24 Dec 2022 Atom Week - Map Labs Atoms #6 - #10 (featuring AscentVille and ElevatorVille 2) Dynamic Skills by Employee8 [recimage id=3] This map reminds me of the portal 1 piston puzzles. ...
17 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away In the map "tunnel" there is a explosive barrel in a room behind a door. In that room there is tw...
14 Dec 2022 Abandon Easily a play it now. It took a long time to find the second and third battery. I thought once I ...
14 Dec 2022 Frozen Ice I didn't give this a maybe only because of how short it is. It's pretty cool to see ice being use...
14 Dec 2022 The Grid - Map Labs #7 [recimage id=4] This map was almost perfect. I loved every bit of it up until I hit the beach, ...
13 Dec 2022 DeceptionVille - Map Labs Test Tube #17 of course I screw up and accidentally hit submit too early. I really wish there was way to previe...
13 Dec 2022 DeceptionVille - Map Labs Test Tube #17 videogame by Sylenth [recimage id=2] I'm not 100% certain if I was deceived at all. I expected a...
12 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away There are only a handful of maps I actually didn't like. This one is definitely something I enjoy...
09 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away This is a great start to a mod, however there are a lot of minor details that I noticed that coul...
03 Dec 2022 The PTSD Mod I don't even know how to comment on such a weird mod. I didn't understand most, if not all the re...
30 Nov 2022 The Sewer I will start off by saying this is a mod that I love. It's scratches an itch I have when playing ...
30 Nov 2022 Re-Search and Destroy I got no problems play this mod; maybe I just got lucky. It's short and sweet. My only concern is...
27 Nov 2022 Dark Factory I'm not sure what did, but I didn't get any weapons or suit, but yet I was wondering around and s...
27 Nov 2022 Lakeside Village This was a sold recreation of Ravenholm. Great level design and lighting! The battle near the end...
27 Nov 2022 The Lost City It's pretty easy on normal. I only died a few times, mainly to the random soldier that I didn't s...
27 Nov 2022 Zombie Stress I had some trouble opening the doors on the second map, but over all it's a pretty laid back map ...
26 Nov 2022 Zombie X I played on normal and died a lot, but it's not intense combat at all. It's just that you get one...
26 Nov 2022 Zombie Fortified I don't know what happened, but I spent 11 minutes setting up and as soon as I started the battle...
26 Nov 2022 Zombie Street Well... I expected something great tonight, but I accidentally escaped? I saw some text about a t...
26 Nov 2022 Hells Mines To start off, way too dark for my liking. It's hard on my eyes to only focus on where my flashlig...
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