The Lost City

for Half-Life 2

27th November 2005


There are two areas within this map, a small town and a coastal area. Russian review can be found here: City 17 Review.


Images and brief description stolen from City 17. If you take the time to download and play this map please feel free to write a brief review.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Lost City
  • File Name: the-lost-city.rar
  • Size : 13.6Mb
  • Author: Ha1fer
  • Date Released: 19 November 2005
  • Download: PlanetPhillip Filecloud Server
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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Help me create more and better content - please support me on Patreon


  1. Senator33

    Never thought a Strider could move as fast as the second one did!

    Good mod; left me wanting more………

  2. fuzzyal113

    english translation for the readme please!

  3. TERM1nu$

    Great graphics, ok combat. Worth a play. Good.

  4. Mike

    Can someone answer me this: is the RPG launcher to be found anywhere, so I can deal with those striders? I seem to merely ducking and diving and getting blasted a lot!

    Looks pretty though.

  5. Mel
    Play It Now!

    I had no trouble finding the RPG launcher, came to that a had no trouble with the mod what ever, all running smooth throughout.

    The city 17 street encounters were tough in parts but enjoyable. The coastling sequence whilst nice in design and textures was a bit empty of encounters until the end seen.

    If like me, you prefer your action taking place admist the outside enviroment, then you will be at home within this well designed mod.

  6. czeapek angel

    The download is:
    here is the catch
    if u want to download the mod do this:

    1.type in google name of the mod like “The Lost City — Half-Life 2”
    2. type in google name of the map exactly like apear on planetphillip for example “the-lost-city.rar”
    Sometime 1 do results or 2 depend of the mod. This mod I findit with 1. metod becouse name of the ile it is different… of course some mod that I like and are no more available on planetphillip I do not findit at all but this is it….

    best regards

    P.S. it is the best HALF-LIFE site in the world fot me I will give a 10!

  7. Play It Later

    another old map thats worth a play. plenty of action in the city part but the coastline is rather bare. Not too difficult but I tried to enhance the gameplay by keeping the rebel alive until the coastline dock.

  8. There’s no download for this mod, getting a 404 Not Found message.

  9. Maybe?

    I nabbed this off Moddb with the patch also. It’s not a bad mod but starts off rather hard. I had to save my game twice before seeing that first Strider lol. Map one has some nice battles but overall it’s done in predictable stages and I really wanted that crossbow to take out the Elite guards or those up high. The rebel fighter was something I didn’t get, he dies so quickly too. The second Strider is a nice touch but I wasn’t really blown away by this first stage – oh and it was annoying to see so many doors that were locked!

    The second map is strange, almost an unfinished quality to it. I liked the start but then it basically becomes a stroll down the beach until the gunship appears. This map had the most potential but didn’t seem to take any advantage of it.

    I liked this mod and it’s worth a play but not one I’m going to keep installed.

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