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I am a retired teacher who has loved playing any Half-Life games and mods that I have come across over the years. I am thrilled to have found the Run-Think-Shoot site and hope to become active in learning mapping. I lived most of my adult life in New Jersey before retiring to Pennsylvania to get away from the hustle bustle of metro NYC.
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  1. Spec Ops: THe Line


  1. Strider Mountain
  2. Mission Improbable
  3. Coastline to Atmosphere
  4. Minerva

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Latest 25 Comments
12 Oct 2023 Smoke on the Water - Map Labs Test Tube #6 Not a fan of this one.
21 Aug 2023 Half-Shell Liked it a lot. Well planned out story with plenty of action. Next time, I'll opt for harder play...
19 Apr 2023 A2B Trajectory Just finished playing it again and found that it was as much of a good story and challenge as the...
08 Apr 2023 City 17 is Far Away Keep going with the development of new maps / mods Tibor. You've got the talent to build a great...
16 Mar 2023 Upmine Struggle It wasn't too bad. I would have like it to be a little longer.
09 Mar 2023 Calamity I've tried to play this mod more than once and delated and reinstalled twice. Each time I can on...
08 Mar 2023 Street Stuck Its a nice collection of scenes that I hope can be worked on to completion.
07 Mar 2023 Storage I think that the story moved along well with plenty of action that I'd say give it a try.
04 Mar 2023 Distress Signal I just tried to replay it and all is well.
03 Mar 2023 A2B Trajectory Good story ands action all the way through.
27 Feb 2023 2023 General Chat I've been playing Half Life games for quite a few years and can say that I've enjoyed them all. I...
25 Feb 2023 A2B Trajectory 2 Once I got started, the game moved along well with plenty of action along the way. Plan to play i...
13 Feb 2023 Uzvara I thought that it was a good map, but wish it could have lasted a little longer. I was just getti...
21 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away I have to say that this is a map that you should not miss playing. The story line has been crafte...
23 Aug 2022 Deeper Down Still up there as one of my all time favorites. I think that I'll paly it again.
20 May 2022 Southernmost Combine I just played it again after waiting for about a year to forget the story and all the moves I mad...
18 Sep 2021 Southernmost Combine Without a doubt, don't wait one more minute to decide to play this mod. It is one of the best one...
30 May 2021 A2B Trajectory 3 I enjoyed the storyline and action a lot and would recommend that they continue developing it so ...
23 Apr 2021 Local Motive: Definitive Edition A lot of good action with great graphics and story. Play it now, because it turned out great. Kee...
20 Apr 2021 Siren I just played it again for the second time and would say that I enjoyed it more this time than la...
28 Mar 2021 Project 25 Just played it for the second time. Take 20 minutes and enjoy a good story.
27 Mar 2021 DoomEd Good overall. I was having trouble getting through the final door to end the game. A suggestion m...
25 Mar 2021 Lakeside Village Good story and good action. At the end, all hell broke loose and it took a lot of killing and fig...
21 Mar 2021 Just Like Rebel Overall, it was alright. I would have liked it to run a little longer and have an actual ending. ...
19 Dec 2020 Deep Down Definitely play in now if you haven't yet. Not sure how many hours it actually took me to get th...
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