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I am a retired teacher who has loved playing any Half-Life games and mods that I have come across over the years. I am thrilled to have found the Run-Think-Shoot site and hope to become active in learning mapping. I lived most of my adult life in New Jersey before retiring to Pennsylvania to get away from the hustle bustle of metro NYC.
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  1. Spec Ops: THe Line


  1. Strider Mountain
  2. Mission Improbable
  3. Coastline to Atmosphere
  4. Minerva

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Latest 25 Comments
29 Aug 2020 Project 25 I found it to be a good story and enough challenges to keep my engaged. Give it a try.
18 Aug 2020 No Shelter Started fine, but ended quickly. I wasn't sure if I had completed all requirements but ended up l...
08 Aug 2020 Year Long Alarm Overall, I found it to move well through the story with plenty of action along the way. The clues...
08 Aug 2020 2020 General Chat I just downloaded the mod Dark Factory which is an hl2-ep1-sp-dark-factory game. After doing what...
06 May 2020 2020 General Chat Thanks dougjp, I have tried looking at / for these suggestions but have not had any luck in cor...
31 Mar 2020 2020 General Chat I have, for sometime now, been having a problem while playing all HL games, that the top of the s...
22 Mar 2020 Half-Life: Somatic I found the overall story and action to be good. I'd like to see it expanded so that the story ca...
01 Nov 2019 Cosmonaut Just finished playing for the first time. Plan to go back soon to play it again. Overall, the...
04 Aug 2019 Mission Improbable Played it all the way through for the first time and ended up being one of my favorites because o...
31 Dec 2018 Sebastian Excellent story and game play from beginning to end. Will definitely come back and play it again...
23 Dec 2018 Siren I'd say play it now. I wasn't disappointed at all with the game play. There was plenty to do and ...
06 Sep 2018 Nuclear Bunker I tried to solve this one for about 10 minutes before getting frustrated and giving up, then hav...
03 Sep 2018 Minerva I've played this one more than once, over the years, and have always come back to play it again a...
02 Sep 2018 Wizardly I played for about 5 minutes before getting bored with only fighting with a crowbar and killing h...
01 Sep 2018 Northern Petrol Storage Area No real story but good movement throughout. Had a moment where I needed to be actively shooting ...
30 Aug 2018 Tinje Got through the play fairly quickly. What was there was good, but would have liked to see more....
20 Aug 2018 DK Prison Good action from beginning to end. Would like t see more.
20 Aug 2018 Lost Industry Not too bad. Interested to see how it progresses. Had enough to keep me involved and interested i...
20 Aug 2018 IT - Part One Didn't get the intention of the game. Took awhile for the doors to allow me to open them, then i ...
13 Aug 2018 Dead Lab Liked what I was able to play. Looking forward to it being completed. Enjoyed the transition from...
12 Aug 2018 Bigger Guns Nearby Good playing game with a good amount of action. Would like to see it developed more so I can con...
11 Aug 2018 Distress Signal Not sure what happened other than I was driving along and fell into a pit hanging out in space. I...
11 Aug 2018 Trouble Dutch It was a quick play, but still worth others taking a look at.
05 Aug 2018 Hunt Down the Freeman - 24 Hours I thought that it was a good story and one that I would go back and play again. It took some smar...
01 Aug 2018 Overtime Thought that it was a good with fast moving play overall. Would have like to be able to move into...
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