2023 General Chat

1st January 2023

Another year is upon us already! Here’s a new General Chat! Best wishes from me to you for a great 2023!

This year, I’m still hoping that mods I mentioned a year ago see the light of day, like The Core, Dark Matter, Signal Lost, and THWL Tower Source.

I also plan to catch up with mods and games I’ve been wanting to play, like an Alyx replay as well as FMPONE’s Levitation which was released in November.

What are your 2023 resolutions? Or better yet, goals?


  1. In 2023, I’m hoping to be able to release a mod of my own.

    I’ve also been meaning to give Alyx a replay myself, as well as play some of the mods for it. But playing VR in the summer isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, so it’ll have to wait a bit.

  2. Just hoping for many more non-VR maps/mods.

  3. Anyone played Entropy Zero 2 yet? I just finished chapter 4 of Black Mesa: Blue Shift (always excellent), and am hoping EZ2 hits that same quality level.

    1. well let me tell you that.

      EZ 2 has an interesting thinks and you will like it

      but of curse BLACK MESA is the best one

    2. EZ2 is far far better than EZ1. It’s funnier, bigger, and actually more serious too. There are some big name modders working on that. Voice acting is stunning too! BM:BS is really damn good too though.

      1. Yeah. I skipped EZ1 entirely based on the reviews that talked about the quality/difficulty level issues.

      2. Just played the latest chapter in Blue Shift. Really enjoyed it, and can’t wait until the next one comes out!

        1. Same. The quality remains so high with this team of modders.

  4. I’m currently tinkering with the standard map builder in Portal – just for fun. If I like it I might try to release something as a first effort this year.

  5. Hello! Welcome to 2023! I eventually hope to release a mod of my own (99% sure it will just be a mappack though). I also am excited for the future of Source because Evacuation has just released and it was a sweet little mod. I won’t talk about it too much here, but it had some very unique challenges I didn’t see before. My goals for 2023 is to continue to play and enter mapping challenges and push myself to new limits. High quality, bigger maps faster. I have been trying to join more mod teams to help reach my goals. See you in the comments 😀

  6. In my personal point of view, Blue shift for BM (last version) and Raising the bar redux (last version) are the best mods I have ever played. Don’t shoot me or hit me with a crowbar if you are not sharing my point of view, it is only a personal judgement 😊. But try them both if not yet, you will be surprised

    1. Thanks so much for pointing out Raising the Bar Redux. I agree with you, it is an amazing mod.

  7. Hec

    Well, probably my main goal in 2023 is to pay my debts fully, so I hope I can do it this year.

    Anyway, I just to chat about something related to Half-Life. I wonder if Unq plans to release Half-Life Delta, a total Russian conversion of HL1. I think that one should be a mandatory release here as it’s a very interesting mod.

    Here’s the link to the Delta mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-delta

    1. Unq

      I will play and add Delta, but I’m waiting on the full overhaul that’s underway.

  8. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by irl stuff and instability but once I get those ironed out, I’m gonna go on a Source binge.

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