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[url=][img][/img] john bailey tallahassee florida
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  1. Return to castle Wolfenstein
  2. Fallout 3
  3. Bioshock 1
  4. Bioshock 2

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30 Jan 2024 2024 General Chat I"m looking forward to any game time I can squeeze out. Did not have much in 2023. New job is so ...
24 Dec 2023 2023 General Chat As 2023 comes to a close. I wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. For 2024 I hop...
25 Sep 2022 Half-Life: Echoes I only play an hour or so at a setting. Plus couldn't pick the game back up for almost a year. W...
14 Sep 2022 Half-Life: Echoes It was last year when I tore out my right shoulder. As a result I couldn't play anything. I stopp...
04 May 2022 Vote for the May 2022 Classic of the Month! I totally missed this is how you get to vote for the classic of the month. I thought we had to em...
13 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat I'm excited about 2022 as well. I hurt by shoulder bad but thinking I'll be able to fire up the c...
13 Sep 2021 Half-Life: Visitors I first played Visitors back when it came out. I also remember reading on a HL website his 'publi...
02 Sep 2021 Arctic Incident What a great adventure. Everything is Artic themed from aliens to grunts. Loved the crunching s...
30 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine Well I crashed my train, blew up lots of stuff and in the end stopped the combine. It was a ver...
24 Aug 2021 The Challenger Deep 2 Eight years ago I played Challenger Deep 2. Just got to the big boss battles at the end and said ...
24 Aug 2021 The Challenger Deep 2 Eight years ago I played Challenger Deep 2. Just got to the big boss battles at the end and said ...
11 Jul 2021 Introduce Yourself After a long absence I am back. Use to post and review here back when it was Planet Phillip (10...
11 Jul 2021 Uplinked I played the Uplink map pack alone. I can see how much fun this pack would add as inserted into t...
10 Jul 2021 Cthulhu Thank you Don, I played till it got the first weapon. Seems to be doing fine Cthulhu be praised.
07 Jul 2021 Cthulhu Phillip, can you fix the links for download their broken. Thanks.
07 Jul 2021 Uplinked Agreed, they have a very devious mind, love it.
07 Jul 2021 Uplinked Oh, kind of a spoiler (alert) when you have the walker on the second level you can jump to those ...
07 Jul 2021 Uplinked I was going to ask for a hint. I was stuck with the walker for 2 days. I had it on the top shelf ...
30 Jun 2021 Strider Mountain Okay, I got it. For a more detailed 'help' you need to go into properties of your Source SDK Base...
30 Jun 2021 Strider Mountain I played Strider when it came out. Then I remembered something Valve did that wouldn't make it pl...
25 Mar 2015 Alchemilla Maybe. I did not complete the mod. When it first came out I played for a while. The puzzles were...
05 Mar 2015 Poll Question 307 - How long will you play until turning on GOD mode? I choose the 10 -20 minutes option. However I must add this, I only go to God mode when in a mod ...
06 Feb 2015 Alchemilla I'm still playing it. Don't know why but I move on..
04 Feb 2015 Alchemilla silly me, I have found the wrench and moved on. Going to take a bit of getting use to, this mod i...
04 Feb 2015 Alchemilla I downloaded it from PP and manually installed it and it works fine. Although I am already st...
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