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  1. Return to castle Wolfenstein
  2. Fallout 3
  3. Bioshock 1
  4. Bioshock 2

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Latest 25 Comments
25 Mar 2015 Alchemilla Maybe. I did not complete the mod. When it first came out I played for a while. The puzzles were...
05 Mar 2015 Poll Question 307 - How long will you play until turning on GOD mode? I choose the 10 -20 minutes option. However I must add this, I only go to God mode when in a mod ...
06 Feb 2015 Alchemilla I'm still playing it. Don't know why but I move on..
04 Feb 2015 Alchemilla silly me, I have found the wrench and moved on. Going to take a bit of getting use to, this mod i...
04 Feb 2015 Alchemilla I downloaded it from PP and manually installed it and it works fine. Although I am already st...
01 Jan 2015 January 2015 General Chat A Happy New Year and to Phillip and everybody. The new domain will be fun when it's ready. No...
28 Nov 2014 Moving Domains Sounds like a smart move and staff will be a great bonus. Through out the years I have come to en...
20 Nov 2014 Black Guard I say Play it Now as any long Half Life 1 mod with a story is worth playing. However, I had a fe...
12 Nov 2014 Black Guard Well, I don't know how it happened but Einstein finally decided to follow me. IT as a bear to get...
11 Nov 2014 Black Guard Ok now I am stuck. I got to the control room with the green hand pad. It wouldn't work so I went ...
09 Nov 2014 Black Guard when I go to the library it only shows the 7 games I have plus two mods, strider and black mesa. ...
08 Nov 2014 Black Guard Thanks Phillip The exact path is This PC, Acer C:, Program Files (x86), Steam, SteamApps, Commo...
08 Nov 2014 Black Guard I downloaded the mod, placed it in the Half-life folder and restarted steam it does not show. any...
08 Nov 2014 The Masked Prisoner This was a great mod, with an ending that leads to a possible sequel. The action was well balanc...
07 Nov 2014 Return to Ravenholm Endless spawning of enemies keeps you on the run then guess what maps over. I am grateful that ...
10 Jun 2013 The Challenger Deep 2 I really enjoyed the mod and found no "bugs". I did have a bit of a problem getting the scientist...
07 Jun 2013 Deep Down (Classic) thank you for the tip on getting the mods name in the library. I think I will be ok and let it ri...
06 Jun 2013 Deep Down (Classic) Just to add to the txt document comments. I did what the "guest" said and it works fine. The mod ...
02 Jun 2013 The Challenger Deep 2 I always liked challenger deep even with its 2 -3 bugs. The old mod's remind us how the game was ...
15 Feb 2013 The Evasion I put it at 3hrs because it played it over the course of a few days. This is a very fun mod, I...
23 Jan 2013 Poll Question 290 - Do you need to be in the right mood to play mods? yes, sometimes I want to play but just am not up to it. Maybe exploring a mod sounds fun, but I a...
19 Dec 2012 Poll Question 287 - Are you waiting until they release the final (Xen) section to play Black Mesa? I am walking in the direction of the conveyor belts. I think I did forget that you can temporaril...
18 Dec 2012 Poll Question 287 - Are you waiting until they release the final (Xen) section to play Black Mesa? I love how black mesa is just different enough to trick you. I am currently stuck in the conveyer...
05 Dec 2012 Silent Escape Go ahead and play it, the action is good and the visuals are nice. I did have an issue with the c...
01 Oct 2012 Lost Under the Snow I pulled it out and I normally don't. The bugs and glitches previously mentioned just made it so ...
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