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I've been a fan of HL1. At that time I started collecting HL1 mods and maps that I saved on CDs so they will not be forgotten. I didn't know at that time that a wonderful site like this one would gather all the HL1 mods but also HL2, HL2Ep1, HL2Ep2. I haven'tvplayed any more for 15 years, and then 2 years ago I discovered that some enthusiasts had made a remake of HL1 on the engine of HL2 (yes, obviously: "Black Mesa"). I bought a PC with a good graphics card and...here I am rediscovering mods and maps. I played a lot (really a lot) of mods: those of HL1 (my first love) but also recently those of Ep1 and Ep2 and Black Mesa too.
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20 Jun 2022 2022 General Chat Do you know an active forum to exchange info about the HL2 mods and Black Mesa mods ? I mean I'm ...
06 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat For the one looking for a (very) good HL2 mod : have you ever tried Southernmost Combine or What ...
28 Jul 2021 2020 General Chat Thanks, Duke, I will try this new HL2 mod tonight :-)
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat If you want to exchange good mods or tricks about BM or HL2, I would love it
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat It seems it is this one
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat Have you tryied this one ? A very good mod I found : https://www.moddb.com/mods/black-mesa-milita...
05 May 2021 2020 General Chat I look on the page that displays the full list of Black Mesa maps and mods, but it seems not kept...
05 May 2021 2020 General Chat Hi, I would like to discuss about good mods and maps for Black Mesa. Is it the good place ? I wo...
05 May 2021 Deeper Down A very good mod. Some bugs like alredy explained above, but should be a "play it now" rated :-)
26 Dec 2020 Deeper Down I loaded the 2 or 3 maps manually (the ones that have problem to be loaded) and I confirm my firs...
25 Dec 2020 Deeper Down If Jim Partridge takes the courage to fix the different bugs described here above, it will define...
23 Dec 2020 Deeper Down I agree with the post of Wiseperson here ebove : it could heve been one of my favorite mod but al...
20 Dec 2020 2020 General Chat thx. I thought it was on Steam ;-)
18 Dec 2020 2020 General Chat Hi, I tried to find "Deeper Down" on Steam but no result. In the past there was a tab named "Hidd...
03 Jun 2020 2020 General Chat Some mods are even on a tab called 'hidden' in my Steam. Strange. It tooks me 15 minutes to find ...
02 Jun 2020 2020 General Chat Hi everybody, I hope it is the good place to post it. Here below are all the (good and best) ...
27 May 2020 Introduce Yourself Hi, My name is Danny and I live in Belgium. I speak French but I'm OK to read and write in Engl...
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