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I've been a fan of HL1. At that time I started collecting HL1 mods and maps that I saved on CDs so they will not be forgotten. I didn't know at that time that a wonderful site like this one would gather all the HL1 mods but also HL2, HL2Ep1, HL2Ep2. I haven'tvplayed any more for 15 years, and then 2 years ago I discovered that some enthusiasts had made a remake of HL1 on the engine of HL2 (yes, obviously: "Black Mesa"). I bought a PC with a good graphics card and...here I am rediscovering mods and maps. I played a lot (really a lot) of mods: those of HL1 (my first love) but also recently those of Ep1 and Ep2 and Black Mesa too.
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12 Mar 2024 2024 General Chat I'm glad to see this site relives. I thing I have tried all the HL2 and BM mods, but....maybe not...
07 Aug 2023 2023 General Chat Thank you. You give me the opportunity to discover Swelter that I didn't know. I'm a collector of...
14 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat In my personal point of view, Blue shift for BM (last version) and Raising the bar redux (last ve...
20 Jun 2022 2022 General Chat Do you know an active forum to exchange info about the HL2 mods and Black Mesa mods ? I mean I'm ...
06 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat For the one looking for a (very) good HL2 mod : have you ever tried Southernmost Combine or What ...
28 Jul 2021 2020 General Chat Thanks, Duke, I will try this new HL2 mod tonight :-)
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat If you want to exchange good mods or tricks about BM or HL2, I would love it
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat It seems it is this one
13 May 2021 2020 General Chat Have you tryied this one ? A very good mod I found : https://www.moddb.com/mods/black-mesa-milita...
05 May 2021 2020 General Chat I look on the page that displays the full list of Black Mesa maps and mods, but it seems not kept...
05 May 2021 2020 General Chat Hi, I would like to discuss about good mods and maps for Black Mesa. Is it the good place ? I wo...
05 May 2021 Deeper Down A very good mod. Some bugs like alredy explained above, but should be a "play it now" rated :-)
26 Dec 2020 Deeper Down I loaded the 2 or 3 maps manually (the ones that have problem to be loaded) and I confirm my firs...
25 Dec 2020 Deeper Down If Jim Partridge takes the courage to fix the different bugs described here above, it will define...
23 Dec 2020 Deeper Down I agree with the post of Wiseperson here ebove : it could heve been one of my favorite mod but al...
20 Dec 2020 2020 General Chat thx. I thought it was on Steam ;-)
18 Dec 2020 2020 General Chat Hi, I tried to find "Deeper Down" on Steam but no result. In the past there was a tab named "Hidd...
03 Jun 2020 2020 General Chat Some mods are even on a tab called 'hidden' in my Steam. Strange. It tooks me 15 minutes to find ...
02 Jun 2020 2020 General Chat Hi everybody, I hope it is the good place to post it. Here below are all the (good and best) ...
27 May 2020 Introduce Yourself Hi, My name is Danny and I live in Belgium. I speak French but I'm OK to read and write in Engl...
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