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Latest 25 Comments
31 Mar 2024 Gamestar Wired design for me, but I got my HL feeling
03 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Happy new, thanks for keeping site alive
19 Dec 2023 Freeman's Escape Very short map, but fun
14 Dec 2023 Freeman's Allegiance I suppose it must be some kind challenge map but execution not good. A hell of mumber Grunds on ...
14 Dec 2023 Experimental Problems A big single map, with the “lap” idea if I could say so, mapping itself pretty decent. But throug...
14 Dec 2023 Experimental Problems A big single map, with the "lap" idea if I could say so, mapping itself pretty decent. But throug...
12 Dec 2023 Faraon 3-4 Attention, the complition of these maps is impossible due to the same problem with others Pharaon...
26 Nov 2023 Faraon 2 The continuation of faraon map (, but have a probl...
26 Nov 2023 Faraon Single vs Grunts short map, this was very fun 15 minutes, But it has problem with loading next fa...
20 Nov 2023 Extinct life form hunt It like dev room map, just showcase unused models
19 Aug 2023 Escape 2 Difficult(in a good way) high-octane combat mod. Continuation of the first Escape mod Great game...
15 Aug 2023 2023 General Chat Yes, I understand. Thanks for reply and moderating this incredible site
15 Aug 2023 Escape by DMC Interactive Great "Black Mesa Scenario" type mod. You play as Dr. James West, a survival scientist without HE...
14 Aug 2023 2023 General Chat Is it possible to update released date of mods? There is some mods with 01 Jan 1998 release date ...
14 Aug 2023 Dwell Surprisingly interesting mod for me. It has an intriguing story, mapping that making gameplay Tom...
14 Aug 2023 Down Life Unfinished and abandoned mod. One very small SP map and the only thing you can do is read one lin...
13 Aug 2023 Do In general it has strange gothic idea (I think it was made with somekinda humor and gameplay is c...
12 Aug 2023 Deja Vu v.2.00 A short mod that brings back the famous first levels of Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D. Great ...
30 Apr 2021 Database Well, pretty not so bad map. As I understand it a very first map of a popular mapmaker. You can p...
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