Deja Vu v.2.00

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: Deja Vu v.2.00
  • File Name: hl1-sp-deja-vu.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 3.93Mb
  • Author: Tom Wettermark
  • Date Released: 03 October 2004
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  1. Noel

    “Deja Vu” is very difficult to rate. The author is rather unknown, the map features some really surprising … “scenes”. Knowledge of some egoshooter-oldies (such as “Wolfenstein” and “Duke Nukem 3D” is useful. Otherwise you won’t get out much of this mod. The main game-setting: After a city has been built above of the remains of castle Wolfenstein, you are imprisoned there. Original textures (including swastikas, which makes this mod illegal to play in Germany, I think) of Wolfenstein are used, and the level design is strongly based of the original Wolfenstein-level design. That means, corridors are always cubic, the height to the ceiling is always exactly the same. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The only variations are made by textures. Lightning is average (you won’t notice it).

    The special part of the game starts, when you type in the console: map dejavu01. This is a bonus-stage, where you are able to visit some more levels of the author which are all based of older shooters. My favorite is “The Duke’s Peepshow” where original sprites from Duke Nukem 3D are used. A pleasure to view. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The abilities of the author is good (as shown in some parts at the beginning of the mod) but the decision of the author to fit the original look of Wolfenstein prevented him from showing it. Anyway, the idea and the bonus-levels are good enough to get a good rating!

  2. Avoid It!

    Long it is not. About 40 mins includung “bonus” maps.
    Starts with a long series of very similar rooms with human grunts to kill. When a grunt or any enemy is killed near a door, that door is jammed, needing “noclip” to get through. As there are many doors and many enemies, this glitch happens frequently and ruins the flow of the game.
    Textures and design are basic, with envirinments being poorly scaled. Some scenes are good to look at, although they are few.
    The gameplay has a pointless feel about it, as each task (except one) is only to get more health/power/weapons. The exception gets you a keycard that takes you to….. nowhere, Well, it takes you to an apology for no end, then it’s The End.
    The “bonus” levels have no connection and no goal, just some bad ideas invloving semi naked women and a really poor idea where you easily kill a crowd of defenceless human grunts.
    This is a first proper map from Tom W and effort is to be praised. Lots of room for improvement.

  3. Anonymous

    You may play the original games Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D to get the most fun from this mod. Duke Nukem High Resolution pack is made for modern PC’s, using the old levels from the original game from the ninetys. Duke Nukem was made a few years before half-life, Wolfenstein 3D a few years before Duke Nukem 3D. Good to know, because the levels look a bit poor like the originals.

  4. Play It Later

    Awwww! What a nice flashback, especially the Duke part!
    So here you can replay the first levels of the classic 3D shooter games “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Duke Nukem 3D” in HL!
    It’s obvious that these milestones of levels (especially Duke’s 1st) are converted to a newer engine, I guess these levels exist for almost every newer shooter engine such as the ones from “Unreal” etc.

    Noel is right about rating this, as I both played these classic games over and over again, ages ago.
    So of course I did remember the secrets areas in “Hollywood Holocaust” level (the one starting at the rooftop with the helicopter crashing down), and almost every secret made it into the game, yay!
    It was some sort of special flair, yeah yeah nostalgia is greeting!

    And piledriver, if a door is jammed because of a corpse near it, smash the corpse with the crowbar until it’s gone, and voilรƒยก!

    As for the “Wolfenstein 3D” part, yes, there’s no HEV suit at the beginning, but it’s quite easy to find (it’s in a secret area too) if you are able to read the map parts in that levels. So there’s no critic here about the missing HEV as it’s quite easy to survive without it.
    The swastikas are not forbidden in Germany (I’m German) in movies/TV or games if they are used to make it authentic as possible, as a fact of realism, but of course it’s not allowed to spray such symbol on public walls.
    (And often wents on the index here if it’s a game, what a shame!)
    Another point of authenticity is the level design of the Wolfenstein map, of course it’s all cubic but that’s exactly what it was back in 1992 as the game was released.
    Meaning there wasn’t much more to see, or possible to show.. it’s 20 years ago!
    The Duke level is indeed better-looking as the original game came out in 1996 and there was a way better engine (“Build”) so there are more details, possibilities..

    The objective of both game parts here is to complete the levels, by simply fighting your way through the exit (Wolfenstein) and almost the same with the other part (Duke), but not that linear, with more secret areas, more fun, interaction etc.

    -Typical nostalgia Wolfenstein 3D/Duke Nukem 3D feeling with the old textures, sound
    -Very good mapping
    -Secret areas included with lot of goodies (even though not every secret included)
    -An ocean of ammo, weapons, health and HEV batteries (especially in Duke part)
    -Gruntfest at all times (except a few houndeyes IIRC)
    -Bonus maps

    -Not everybodies taste
    -Not that suitable for kids ๐Ÿ˜‰
    -Short playtime
    -Wolfenstein part is poor mapping – but on purpose, as the map did look like that
    -Some scripts and secret areas missing (Duke Nukem 3D part) also no jetpack ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Play It Now!

    I don’t see why this gets such a bad rap: it may just be that this was the first hl mod I played, but come on!! Level 1 of Wolfenstein 3D and Level 1 of Duke Nukem 3D, plus so-called “secret levels”! Who can disagree with that who has played those games!!?? And if you haven’t, go play them already!!!!!

  6. Maybe?

    Deja Vu was a pleasent little experience for me, though it is marred by Half-Life’s gameplay mechanics. A run little callback to Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D, one of my all time favourite games.

    While overall this map pack is little more than a gruntfest, the environments are interesting to explore, though only if you have intimate knowledge of the source material. Otherwise, I can see this being a little bewildering to those unfortunately enough to have not played these classic FPS games.

    So, while I am giving this a maybe overall, I would say that it is a “Play it Later” for people familiar with Wolfenstein and Duke 3D, and maybe a “Think Twice” for those who are not.

  7. Play It Later

    Deja Vu is a set of maps which are recreations of Wofl3D E1M1, Duke3D E1L1 and part of E1L2.

    Wolf3D – E1M1

    The map opens up with a surprisingly long and elaborate intro which attempts to explain why you’re in the first map of Wolf3D. As expected, it doesn’t really make sense and the intro is too long but I do appreciate the work that went into making the flyby.

    The map itself is a faithful recreation replete with Wolf textures and scenery sprite props remade as brushes. I found the brushes to be very cute and enjoyable – there are tables, chairs, wells, vases and so on.

    If you haven’t played Wolf3D and don’t know the secrets there a few maps, as textures, dotted around the map which show where the secret pushwalls are.

    The pushwalls are a bit buggy as are the doors. Sometimes, a pushwall would hurt me and drag me along with it. Other times, doors would damage me or wouldn’t open as expected.

    After reaching the secret exit you are taking to a hub room with 3 possible maps to go to.

    Duke3D E1M1

    Again, this is a faithful recreation. It’s not 1:1 and a lot of work must have gone into translating a duke map to half-life. There are a lot of Duke elements such as textures or sprite women which you can tell to ‘shake it, baby’. It is quite disconcerting to kill a sprite based woman and see 3d gibs fly out…

    I really enjoyed exploring the map but the combat was quite meh. It’s entirely hgrunts that you fight. I ended up using mp5 nades for most of the map. Hiding the HEV in a secret wasn’t a good idea, but at least it’s there.


    The second map in the hub, Mounters, is a tiny level which features many grunts in a glass box. You can climb up and throw grenades to see all the grunts pop into a bloody mess.

    This is the sort of map I’d make for myself for fun but not release. That being said, I am glad it was included as it was pretty fun.

    Duke3D E1M2

    This is a partial recreation of the second map of Duke E1. It focuses on the porno shop where you kill many more human grunts. The exit for this map is terrible and one of the few marks against this mapset. To get to the exit tele you need to press a tiny switch in a different room which opens a secret wall revealing the tele. I had to noclip to find this.

    Overall, this set is a fun way to spend an hour. If you grew up on 90s FPS ,or even just enjoyed them, I’d recommend playing Deja Vu. The combats not great but the maps are worth checking out.

  8. Play It Later

    A short mod that brings back the famous first levels of Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D.
    Great idea and well executed in my opinion. A little long start and short playtime, but it’s worth checking out for yourself

  9. Maybe?

    What hurts this mod is that it’s unfinished. The author did admit that this was based on Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem with the exact level design, textures, and enemy placement. But to be honest, just play the actual game instead for better experience. So I’m giving this a maybe for those who wanna try and for those who can’t afford Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein

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