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mods are awesum

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10 Aug 2012 Half-Life: Uplink aaah so much fun replaying this.
10 Aug 2012 Half-Life: Nihilanth and Endgame omg I have to see that surviving scientist. How the hell did he even get there? seriously, did h...
16 Jul 2012 The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift Very fun mod with very funny ending, nothing unique, but still worth your time. It can be annoyi...
21 Jun 2012 eXterminate Insanely fun and panicky, just kill all that moves
19 Jun 2012 Poll Question 006 - Which type of enemy do you prefer to play against? Aliens or monsters. Humans are too over-used and just fire at you with a gun or throw grenades. ...
18 Jun 2012 Life's End This mod does NOT take itself seriously. [spoiler]Drug hallucinations, death by b-movie aliens, ...
18 Jun 2012 HNAII - office komplex for a map this short and weird (and believe me, ), I find myself replaying this constantly, almo...
18 Jun 2012 Half Secret Starts out slow, but gets better quickly. The end is really fun as you get a barney who can defi...
18 Jun 2012 Deja Vu v.2.00 I don't see why this gets such a bad rap: it may just be that this was the first hl mod I played,...
18 Jun 2012 DAV Train The beginning was definitely unfair (no hev suit you vs. several grunts with no cover) but other ...
18 Jun 2012 The Cupboard of Doom I really don't know about this one. On one hand, there's zero combat and zero replayability, but...
18 Jun 2012 Crash Really did enjoy playing this one. It had fun encounters, one of those devastating gun turret se...
18 Jun 2012 ETC - Earthquake Test Centre I love this one. Great level design, you can tell it's well thought-out. There aren't just stra...
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