Scientist Slaughterhouse

for Half-Life

7th April 2006

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Basic Details
  • Title: Scientist Slaughterhouse
  • File Name: hl1-sp-scientist-slaughterhouse.7z
  • Original File Name: ssh10.exe
  • Size : 15.1Mb
  • Author: Denix Linelli
  • Date Released: 01 January 1998
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  1. wart

    why is some of the files missing
    texture files

  2. I don’t know. When I have some time I will check my local copy.

  3. i found the files I needed tfc.wad and tfc2.wad also, if anyone needs help getting the .wads heres a link to download both of them

  4. wart

    really just do what I did if you do not want to take too much time up just take the file from tfc and just change it to tfc2.wad thats how I got mine to work

  5. ok well nevermind about the .wad’s really have trouble with the textures now. in a bunch of the areas there’s the punk and black squared boxes everyone and yes I do hav the wad’s

  6. Qwertyus

    I have a link, but file size is 37.19 Mb!–i434.htm
    What it may be?
    As I know, the last version of this mod is 1.0, and file size is 20 Mb. Link:
    Authors homepage:

  7. Postal

    Woot, this mod rules beyond belief. Check out this tribute video I made, if you are unsure if this Mod will be any good:

  8. dougjp

    I have normal hl, not the version bought through steam. When this download is fixed so it doesn’t have to be messed with, please post in news 🙂 Thanks.

  9. akira

    If you actually bother to read the walkthough (I know, call me insane), The tfc wads are already in your c:/sierra/half-life/tfc, you just need to copy them into c:/sierra/half-life valve!

    Seriously, this mod is pure inane delightfulness.

  10. ssh please

    Can Someone tell me what to do after I unzip all the files?

  11. ssh please

    ya so mr bojanglez, ill be able to play this ttly awsome mod if I download the wads?!

  12. ssh please

    how come when I try to start the mod it says, “‘the drive or network connection that the shortcut Scientist Slaughterhouse refers to is unavalible make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network is avalible, then try again”. ) :

  13. hizal

    ya me too, I took all the wad folder to valve, downloaded the mod (of course) and I cant figure out where to even start the mod!!!!

  14. novacane

    why is this mod soo comlicated to download!

  15. nunxinator

    i realy wanted the mod and I got it but not working about could not open wad something like that

  16. nunxinator

    this mod is for the olad half life 1 so that why its not working

  17. shungokusatsu

    i realy wanted the mod and I got it but not working about could not open wad something like that

    Copy tfc.wad and tfc2.wad from your tfc folder to your ssh folder! It’s all in the manual, but people don’t tend to read those anymore do they…

  18. UnknownFate

    Why I still cant play the mod?i deleted the client.dll but now they say invalid dll version???

  19. Sahand

    I cant even find tfc2.wad in my half life folder????

  20. Wtf

    this mod is really unstable, I cant get it to work, perhaps poor programming?

  21. Fang30

    This mod angered me. Every time I tried to run it.. In console it would say something like halflife/ssh/events/ is missing.

    Even in hazard course.. I reinstalled it 3 times.. Could someone help me.

  22. Mel
    Think Twice

    Just different ways of killing scientist, petty all this effort did not go into making a playable game.
    I am not sure about all the issues raised in the above comments, I can not remember having such problems but then I can’t remember where I downloaded it from. Either way it’s not may type of mod/map but play it if you must.

  23. Qinetix
    Play It Now!

    cool awesome game there you can kill scientist on serval ways and the 10 version is more awesome , but somthing idk why they dont release the 11 version why wath hapened to the one or ones who creted that mod?

  24. Dr. Doomy
    Personal Favourite

    Oh man, I played this when it was availble as PHL(I hate them now) Mod of the Week.

    Nothing more than the title! Slaughterhouse for scientists! So if you want stories and enemies that shoot back, this isn’t for you!

    But very funny and very entertaining. There was 4 alternative pistol ammo that made really creative kills, and who could forget the NUKE grenade? (Not a mini-nuke, full blown nuke).

    If you need a quick laugh while hearing “Stop attacking, he’s a friend!” then this is the mod!

  25. Talon

    I used to have a lot of fun messing around with this. If you enjoy going on a scientist-killing rampage without thought for a storyline, this will entertain you for a couple hours. I agree with Dr. Doomy. Hearing the scientists screaming and whining is always great for a laugh.

  26. Anonymous

    for some reason when I try to open SSH there is a warning that says couldnt open valve/ linelli.wad

  27. Anon_224054

    so when I run it. and start a new game thers a pop-up that says can not run client.dll what do I do

  28. Think Twice

    This was just what I expected after reading the mod’s title. There’s nothing to do but activate deadly machinery to kill scientists, or shoot them with (mostly) customized weapons in and on an aircraft carrier.
    Fun for a few minutes, but not really worth playing if you ask me.

    -Customized HL weapons (look, “bullets” and / or ammo clip size)
    -Customized HEV suit with more health / armor (but totally useless here)
    -Fun killing scientists for a couple of minutes
    -Infos about targets (name/type, health, hostile/neutral etc.)

    -Bugs (graphics, textures)
    -Poor design
    -Odd gameplay
    -No story, puzzles
    -Very short playtime (depending on how long you wanna watch)

    Conclusion: The idea of changing the weapons and with the heads up display about the targets is nice, but this is more like a voyeur mod. The pros can be used way better in some kind of other mod..

  29. Personal Favourite

    Amazing mod! There’s not much to review here, this is just a killing game, no story etc. but it was awesome, nice level design, new cool weapons and funny ways to kill scientists! Play this mod!

  30. the g-freeman man


  31. ElectroShock

    Mod page says that this was released January 1st, of 1998.


    1. Yeah, it’s code for “We haven’t updated this post yet”.

  32. Personal Favourite

    Back when Half-life got released and I was a kid I spent a lot of time killing scientists in c1a0. I was stoked to find out others enjoyed this too, to the point where someone made a mod that revolves around killing those bastards.

    I played a number of versions of this mod, the one I remember from childhood didn’t have the fancy dll trickery this version has e.g: locational kill messages etc It was a series of rooms with different contraptions to spawn and kill scientists and it was truly a blast for me.

    This newer version has a lot more features, machines, contraptions and weapons which honestly just makes it better. I would love to try an old version to see if I can remember any of it but this version is great too.

    I’d say this mod is up there with other classics like They Hunger and Azure Sheep. Not in terms of quality of gameplay but more in terms of significance. If someone asked me to make a list of 5 Half-life mods to play Scientist Slaughterhouse would be one of those 5.

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