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I play far too many Half-Life mods, enjoys making maps for HL2, No More Room in Hell and more.
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Latest 25 Comments
14 Jun 2024 La Habana Libre Thanks, Hec! I'm glad you liked it! I'd love to do more with a Cuban or South American theme one ...
01 May 2024 Introduce Yourself Ah, someone I recognize! Welcome, Red
04 Dec 2023 La Habana Libre Maybe you have to go back, and look for a similar symbol near the start of the map? ;)
05 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre Thank you!
04 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre Glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing!
07 Aug 2023 Half-Shell A short and sweet map, with an interesting location that I haven't really seen in a map before. T...
28 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat Ah, hello Dmitron!
02 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat In 2023, I'm hoping to be able to release a mod of my own. I've also been meaning to give Aly...
22 Nov 2022 Companion Piece 3: To the Grave - Map Labs Presents This was a short one, and unfortunately none of the maps particularly stood out, but it was still...
29 Oct 2022 The Hammer Cup 2022 Wrap-up Congrats to the winners and thanks to Unq for the copy of Raising the Bar! This was fun to partic...
08 Oct 2022 Hypnagogia I played all of shadgrimvy's maps a long time ago and this manages to capture the style quite wel...
09 Sep 2022 EscapeVille - Map Labs Test Tube #18 Overall, this Ville was quite good, with a lot of varied maps and some that really stand out, so ...
17 Jul 2022 EscapeVille - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 3 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) Hopefully it isn't too far off now- I'm eager to hear about the cup winners
14 Jul 2022 Introduce Yourself Hello, I'm Coralilac I've been playing mods and mapping competitions from this site for a whil...
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