Combine Destiny

for Half-Life 2

4th December 2005

Rebels have made a base at the top of a mountain near a town called Coonersville. The Combine decided to send Headcrab canisters into the town instead of trying a normal assault and possibly wasting Combine lives and resources. After a suitable period of time to allow the Headcrabs to do their work, a sweeper team is sent in to secure the town and capture the base.

The Combine turned the rebel base into the Quiver Mountain Research Facility and Military Installation. Recently, the Citadel has lost contact with the Quiver Base and the Administrator feels that there were perhaps a few rebels who escaped the Headcrabs and Sweeper team. These rebels may have re-taken the base. In an attempt to save valuable resources more Headcrab cannisters are aimed at the town. However some actually missed their target and they have lost all track of them.

The Administrator is hesitant to send in any forces, because the Combine troops are needed elsewhere to counter a new threat. However, the Combine Advisors feel that they need to strike back quickly and regain control of the base. You are part of the team being deployed to infiltrate and take back the base. Good luck.

  • Gordon’s enemies are your friends.
  • Gordon’s friends are your enemies.
  • Take the leading role in a Combine team

Basic Details
  • Title: Combine Destiny
  • File Name: combine-destiny.exe
  • Size : 63.46MB
  • Author: Combine Destiny Team
  • Date Released: 03 December 2005

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  1. el_espaniol

    Congratulations again for your Enhanced-Looking webpage…keep on moving and thanks for the resources we found here, …More HL1…plzzzzz!

  2. Passerbywhoplayshalflife

    Many people elsewhere have a lot to gripe about this mod. Admittedly, it could have been better and was boring for considerable swathes. Nevertheless, I quite liked it – I realised that playing as a combine changed the psychology of the game – whereas in HL2 I would try to keep my allies out of trouble, I found I would willingly send my combine grunts ahead as bait.

    No bugs after I upgraded my drivers. Few nice set pieces such as the antlion. Still, it did get quite boring towards the end and my tactic became that of running past the enemies rather than engaging in combat. Why did you get so few frigging grenades… would have come in really handy.

  3. ASH


  4. The Abandoned Workshops

    Average and repetitive, sometimes boring. There are a lot of zombie fights throughout which can get tiresome at some points, especially with the fast zombies. Boss fights however are interestingly planned out which are a good thing. There is plenty of supplies about, sometimes lacking in a few areas but enough around to last the whole mod. As I stated above, the structure is quite linear which removes any excitement to the mod which is a shame.

    The design of the levels in this mod varies depending on who made the map, however it remains average in most of the maps. The structure of each map is quite linear where some maps have many corridors in them. Texturing is average as well with some decent choices and a good set used which keeps a similar colour theme. Lighting is also good but there’s nothing too special about it. Most of the areas in the mod remain medium to large scale, some being very empty with a few props here and there. I did however like the text above the controls which are useable making it more easier to find the needed switch.

    An average modification which has an interesting idea, but sometimes boring and repetitive throughout.

    Rating: 74%

  5. akira

    Can anyone help me? I’m stuck on the bit after you beat the ant sentry and go down the lift. Then when you are in the room with infinite spawing headcrabs, I don’t know where to go!

  6. HELP!!!!

    i need help, my installer doesnt let me check the box to install the mod, is this happening to someone else or am I doing something wrong.

  7. Mel

    A long game good in parts with settings, textures and overall design good. Restricted to tight buildings and underground passages, making you feel like wanting to get outdoors for some air and space to explore and wander.

  8. In this mod you will play a day in a life of a combine featuring the electrical stick…Overall design is above average but shows here and there several missaligned texture, place that could no be, or trappy places. Gameplay is mostly straight forward but could make you travel from place to place by another side, there seems to be a support to you in a kind of hear system or message spawned on console. progression and gameplay is correct but become sometimes boring when you ecountrerd fast zombies. The way you need to fight (and kill) the rebellion is something new in HL2 and can be frustrating. Finally sevral chapter (ravenholm) doesn’t really have their places and the lac to cutscenes and ambient sound destroys a little the atmosphere it is still one of my recommanded mod

  9. I really enjoyed this mod! It really covers a lot of ground. There are several areas where you’ll keep moving through the map and there isn’t anything to shoot. But the levels are very interesting and flowing.
    In one level I came upon some two unarmed people and decided not to shoot them. But when one of their members dropped down through hole, I shot him and was very surprised to see one of the unarmed people pick up the gun and start shooting at me. Thats smart AI!
    Some levels are very dark and scary but still managable. I played it on the Medium setting and had tons of fun. I’ll be playing this one again

  10. molly

    Great game, having trouble going thru aircon shaft down at the bottom level of the multilevel section just above the walkway with the dead combine and gun. I put a crate there so I could jump into the shaft but can’t get in. I can here gunfire in there. Is this the way to continue or have I missed something? Thanks for the help – can’t wait to continue on.

  11. Zockopa
    Play It Now!

    Played the patched version of this mod. Was nicely entertained for around 60% of the mods playtime but towards the end it becomes more
    and more boring. There are a couple well done
    levels untill you get cought. After that the
    mod is simply a class weaker than before and
    the playtime feels artificial stretched.
    However,i look forward to the second part that
    is in the making and recommend part 1 cause the
    first half is well done.

  12. Play It Now!

    Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

    The Citadel has lost contact with a research facility and thinks it has been overrun by rebels so naturally they shell the nearby town with headcrabs. They miss. Now, as a Combine Squad Leader, it’s up to you to enter the base and take it back.

    Combine Destiny opens with the obligatory cinematic sequence which has you flying down a canyon in a drop ship and then you are left at the doors to the base. After a short stroll down a tunnel with your squad you’ll encounter a handful of howler zombies then, and I don’t want to give too much away, something will happen that separates you from your team (give it a moment – it hasn’t crashed).

    Every now and then you’ll receive communications from the Citadel in the form of on-screen text messages which offer you hints about what to do next. Many people don’t like these messages, but I found them unobtrusive and would rather have them than suffer terrible voice acting like you get in some mods. There is a little voice work near the end of the mod and in this case, it is very well done.

    Playing as Combine, your enemies are the various kinds of zombie, headcrab, antlion and rebel. A few times you will be aided by Combine hardware such as turret guns which makes a refreshing change from having them tear you apart. Also, you will frequently have a squad following you and because the environments here are more open than the tenement buildings of Half-Life 2, it seems to work better. This might be due to the fact that they aren’t constantly getting in your way and nagging you to reload your weapon after every shot.

    At one point the Citadel informs you that jumping into the water will take you to the sewer system. If you do jump you will miss a large amount of the mod which includes a labyrinthine section that I actually found quite annoying. However, I recommend taking the long way around at least once because as well as the tedious maze there is a squad based assault on a prison which was quite enjoyable.

    A lot of people have complained that some of this mod is too dark. What do they expect when they’re underground and the power’s out? Personally, I found creeping around narrow corridors shining the torch as I went to be a lot of fun to play and thought these sequences were much more entertaining than the similar ones in Doom 3.

    Eventually you’ll find yourself weaponless and trapped in a boarded up room. This map (CD12) has a bug which prevents some people from seeing the boards on the windows or the crowbar on the floor and if they do manage to find their way out then they can’t see the enemies outside either. There’s a patch available (see the Basic Details section at the top of this post) which should fix this problem but it’s strange that it wasn’t sorted before release. If the patch doesn’t work for you, try doing a quicksave followed by a quickload.

    The mapping and architecture are very good; the textures are well used and there are enough atmospherics to create a convincing game world. The environments range from narrow tunnels dug out of the rock to shiny black Combine metal in the rain to huge concrete caverns. Though there is nothing that we haven’t seen before, it’s varied enough to stop the mod from ever getting boring.


    – You play as Combine
    – Great mapping and architecture
    – Parts are dark and atmospheric


    – Major bug in map CD12
    – Parts are too dark for some players
    – Labyrinthine in places


    Playing as Combine is far from unique but in Combine Destiny it is particularly well implemented especially when you have a squad with you.

    This mod is of a near professional standard and I found it a lot of fun to play. It easily makes it into my Top 10 list of Half-Life 2 mods. I eagerly await Combine Destiny 2.

    My Recommendation:

  13. Ezequielhl
    Play It Later

    What I like of this mod is hw I have to use so many ways to kill too much headcrabs: drowning them in water, using the banacles and using an oportunistic turret; all to save ammo.

    The Architecture is good, not the best, but in some times the game can be repetitive and buggy. And there’s things that could be placed in this mod to use well the potential of “being a combine”.

    If you search for more HL2 games, and you already played the best of them, this is a good alternative.

  14. Lantathae
    Play It Now!

    I’m not a big fan of mods which are mostly zombie killing but this one I really enjoyed. Playing as a combine was pretty cool, especially how they changed the sound the suit makes when you sprint.

    The one thing was that the amount of ammo you get is very limited. Though I quite enjoyed playing the last couple of maps with just a crowbar.

  15. Denizen

    Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
    Play it for the atmosphere!

  16. Robspace 1
    Play It Now!

    It was good but as some have aready said, the first half was way too long with way too little action. It should be cut in half and double the enemies, in this case the Rebels. I had trouble with that also. Killing the Rebels was hard to get into, especially the women. There was way too many headcrabs and zombies and nearly enough threats from humans. Other then that it was fine. Good length and nice maps. The maps are really big and it got confusing at times to figure out which way to go as there always seemed to be more then one exit from an area. I may have to go back and explore the other rooms I missed. Good job though-thanks

  17. Play It Now!

    When I played this mod I was excited to be able to play as combine, as I had just gotten into mods and didn’t know too many of them. I found the game a little too much zombie-orientated, but I quickly knew it could be the intro for a longer story – a story told in Combine Destiny 2? I’m a developer now, but I haven’t tried the Alpha yet.

    Even though the atmosphere is dark mostly, you clearly know your a combine. The messages comfirm, you shall not be left behind at all costs. Also you know what you’re doing. People that have read other comments from me, will quickly realize, this is something I care about a lot!

    So, I haven’t been a developer for a week yet, but I already have the feeling everyone here, thinks twice about what the player wants, what the palyer needs. They are modders and gamers both, and that’s what makes them so cool! XD

  18. Play It Later

    I enjoyed this a lot. I like horror mods and Speed Zombies are my favourite.
    A bit odd to be playing a Combine though. I felt a bit uncomfortable.
    I didn’t think this was excellent but certainly good enough and I reccommend a play.

  19. Play It Now!

    Great mod! It’s different being a Combine and going against Rebels. This mod is great, but it can get boring. You’re mostly killing just Headcrabs and Zombies by yourself, hardly any Rebels or Antlions. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Zombines in here, because it would be highy likely for one to appear. Overall this is a great mod, play it now! Can’t wait for the sequel!

  20. Play It Later

    I was a little disappointed, I expected more story and epic moments. But it’s all Zombie and a few Rebel fighting in a Combine base.

    However, this is well-done overall, but there is nothing really unique or transcendantal…
    When you put the player as a Combine, I expected something more in the like of Combine Combat (this GREAT project… now dead…), for example.

    Play it after you finished other great mods.

  21. Also, where was my “team”? This bloody Combine did nothing in following me, and there was EVEN moments where they shot me!

    1. Oh, I think I know your problem. It’s because of the Valve update, it messed up the mod. Go to the gameinfo and change SteamAppId to 215. Let’s see if that helps you out, homie!

  22. Play It Now!


    This was the second mod I ever played. I kinda liked this mod. It was nice to see a Combine Soldier’s point of view. I got into the game real good at first, but it started to get boring because of all those Zombies in the mod. Everywhere I turn there is a Fast Zombie somewhere! Fighting nothing but Zombies doesn’t really take much skill. It started to get good when we start fighting Rebels. If you ask me, fighting Rebels isn’t really my cup of hot cocca. All they’re doing is fighting for their world back and I wouldn’t hold it against them. I didn’t bother killing the defenseless civilians hiding behind boxes, or the wounded Rebel in one of the sewer levels. Combines usually travel in groups, and being alone wasn’t all that fun. Only a few times I had some Combine friends with me, and they didn’t last too long, like the Combine after the Antlion Guard battle. There should’ve been more Antlions around. Also you can get stuck in certain parts of the mod. There are also two alternative paths which you can take which is okay, I don’t really like that much. =|

    If I have anything positive about the mod, I gotta say it’s nice seeing a Combine’s point of view. Working with the best business in that world (in fact the only legal business left in that world). Using the Combine interfaces are very interesting. The detail and architecture of the mod is pretty good! It was pretty fun at parts and I think you’ll enjoy this mod! Combine Destiny 2 is gonna be alot better, I know it! Lots more Combine friends, new weapons, new types of allies and enemies. I hope it gets released soon, it’s been over 2-3 years already. You guys getting lazy on us? 😉 Thanks for making this fantastic mod though!

    BTW: There is a hidden .357 Magnum and Crossbow somewhere around the mod. I found the magnum over in a little shack full of boxes around the underground areas, I can’t explain much detail. I haven’t found the Crossbow yet though. Also there is a G-Man appearance when you enter the train tracks, up at a window on the left wall if you’re facing the tracks.

  23. The download links are broken, not a review, but can you fix it?

  24. Goldeneer

    Not a recommendation / rating, but when I start the game, it crashes immediately and it does show the Combine Destiny Trademark right before I crash aswell. Help?

    1. Hello @Goldeneer

      First i would like to apologize for the mod you want to play not to be working properly. I would love to help you fix this, i made a simple step-by-step tutorial all you have to do is follow it!

      Step #01: Goto Moddb’s website [www . moddb . com]
      Step #02: Search in the Search bar “Combine Destiny”
      Step #03: Download and Install [Combine Destiny (ZIP version 1.0)]
      Step #04: Download and Install [Combine Destiny – Patch to 1.1] (OVERRIDE FILES)
      Step #05: Download and Install [CombineDestiny Patch – Source SDK 2013] (OVERRIDE FILES)
      Step #06: Goto Steam tools tab and Download [Source SDK Base 2013]
      Step #07: Make sure this tool is set to the upcoming beta! (See Step 8)
      Step #08: Right Click Tool -> Click Properties -> Click Betas Tab -> Opt to upcoming
      Step #09: Restart Steam
      Step #10: Start Game

      Everything should be working again! if not please let me know!
      Thank you,
      Jamie “Pikachusky” D.

      1. vlademir

        click on the game opens and closes

  25. This should definitely get the tag “Play as Combine”

    1. vlademir

      can’t find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf the game is open gives the error ??? help öe please

    2. vlademir

      can’t find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf the game is open gives the error ??? help e please

      1. This error is most likely caused by the many updates Valve did to the engine. To fix this, go and install the Source SDK 2013 patch found on ModDB. After that the error should no longer occur.

        1. vlademir

          help me please ?? click on the game opens and closes

          1. Unq

            Did you try the patch to run it under SDK 2013 as suggested?

            Link here:

  26. i really like it it was fun and really long i recommend this try it out

  27. Help!

    so i’m very new to hl2 mods, i really wanna play combine destiny, it installed (i think), it’s in the right folder, it’s even in my steam library, However, when i open the game it’ll show a loading screen for about 3-5 seconds before crashing and closing itself. As I said i’m new to this stuff so i’m not sure if it’s me, the mod or if i’m missing some stuff.

    1. Mogg

      This is happening to me too @Cry.Skull7
      I think the mod is broken, can’t find any fixes for it.

    2. Same issue. I even installed the v1.1 patch. Didn’t work.

  28. Maybe?

    Kinda bland maps. Interesting idea. I don’t think I’ll be playing it again but give it a try.

  29. Erick

    Well its not working for me in other words,i tryed anything i can do to make it work but it didnt

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