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02 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019

Rock 24

for Half-Life 2

The mod takes place on a previously abandoned cliffside prison. The combine have moved in and are re-using the prison as a place to hold rebel leaders. Gordon is required to infiltrate, free the Rebel leader and escape from the facility.


Total Downloads: 94017th November 2006
170 Comments and 14 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Socialist Tension

for Half-Life 2

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

In Socialist Tension, you are in the role of a Contract killer, who was sent to City 17 for his next assighment. His client, one of the citizens of City 17 wants you to assassinate Dr. Breen and put an end to his domination. But he doesn’t know that the “death” of Dr. Breen will lead to tragic consequences and thus your only hope is to get out of City 17 as soon as fast.
Good luck.


Total Downloads: 021st August 2006
23 Comments and 3 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!


for Half-Life 2

About Apparently taking place during Gordon’s absence after the fall of Nova Prospekt, the story seems is centred around one man, John, a Resistance member who was injured in a fire fight and brought by his friends to the outskirts of Ravenholm to recover. None of them remember how to get out of Ravenholm, and… Read More


Total Downloads: 029th June 2006
62 Comments and 13 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Antlion Deuce

for Half-Life 2

Description Following the events of Antlion Troopers, you again play a young combine soldier. Due to your exemplary performance in the first antlion encounter, the Combine Advisors have started you on a path to become a Commander. They have placed you under the care of Commander Vesque to train you in the abilities needed to… Read More


Total Downloads: 07th May 2006
4 Comments and 1 recommendation, most really enjoyed it!

Cry Shield

for Half-Life 2

About In this Single Player Mod, Gordon is back in a whole new story. In this episode you fight your way through a Combine Prison only to find yourself established into a secret Rebel force called The CryShield. This mod only contains one other mission after your fight through the prison. It’s short but sweet.… Read More


Total Downloads: 012th February 2006
11 Comments and 1 recommendation, most really enjoyed it!

Combine Destiny

for Half-Life 2

Rebels have made a base at the top of a mountain near a town called Coonersville. The Combine decided to send Headcrab canisters into the town instead of trying a normal assault and possibly wasting Combine lives and resources. After a suitable period of time to allow the Headcrabs to do their work, a sweeper team is sent in to secure the town and capture the base.


Total Downloads: 5,3074th December 2005
39 Comments and 10 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Assault On A Strider Base

for Half-Life 2

About A 4 level Half-Life 2 mission pack. In this level your goal is to travel with the airboat up river and deliver a message to friendly forces. Along the way you need to destroy oil tanks on the beach. The resulting commotion should distract the Combine and aid in the assault. Reader Recommendations Avoid… Read More


Total Downloads: 018th September 2005
18 Comments and 4 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Day 13

for Half-Life 2

Story You are Dr Gordon Freeman (surprise!). For the last 12 days and nights, the Combine has incarcerated you in a “Re-Education facility”. Each day so far, you have been forced to partake in “simulations”, which fortunately so far have been somewhat harmless. You can’t help wonder what they have in store for you next…on… Read More


Total Downloads: 020th July 2005
16 Comments and 1 recommendation, most really enjoyed it!

Live to Fight Another Day

for Half-Life 2

Story You are Gordon Freeman (AKA: the “Free-man”); you were placed in the city over powered by the combine force to help the resistance. After the revolt started you hear some startling news: The Combine has a new weapon in place; that place being outer space. The Combine have launched a satellite that will reign… Read More


Total Downloads: 018th July 2005
19 Comments and 2 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Leon’s Mappack 1

for Half-Life 2

You get extracted in the sewers outside a big city that is controlled by the Combine, although there are certain parts of the city that are filled with headcrabs and other creatures.

You have to find and fight your way through the sewer, over the railroad track into the city.

Once you’re in the city, your objective is to find the power plant and destroy it.

It sounds easy but you will have to fight for your life before you get there.


Total Downloads: 64230th March 2005
48 Comments and 19 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"