Day 13

for Half-Life 2

20th July 2005

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

You are Dr Gordon Freeman (surprise!). For the last 12 days and nights, the Combine has incarcerated you in a “Re-Education facility”. Each day so far, you have been forced to partake in “simulations”, which fortunately so far have been somewhat harmless. You can’t help wonder what they have in store for you next…on DAY 13!

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  1. Mike

    Jeez, this is hard. Fighting off antlions in a tiny room with just a crowbar… then a concerted attack from howlers…

  2. bumtown

    gregori is your enemy :O

  3. The Abandoned Workshops

    The Abandoned Workshops Syndicated Review

    The introduction to the map is good, although short. The overall gameplay of the map is challenging the player with hordes of enemies, at different stages of the level. Most of these battles are very challenging. And sometimes lack health. But its fun though. You get a good amount of ammo and weapons, but it remains challenging throughout, especially against Vortigaunts and Gregory

    The map is sometimes detailed in areas, and sometimes empty, but the detail is average. Some rooms are too tight for fights most of the time. The lighting is okay, but could be better though. Texturing is average, sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

    A good map, has an enjoyable experience and challenging.

    Rating: 74%

  4. Mel

    First off, I did not find this map an enjoyable experience mainly due to the out of balance combat against hordes of antlions, howlers, vortigaunts and a rocket launching Gregory. I know many players will enjoy and consider it a fun map, but the gameplay just is not they to hold my attention and to want more of the same. I do understand that the author is limited to what in the way of content he can include within a short map of this size, but just throwing hordes of aliens at the player is not very imaginative or new.

    The design and architecture was very varied ranging from very cramped settings to take on antlions and howlers to a large and poorly scaled set with Gregory firing rocket at our hero. The second level was by far the best constructed setting with challenging displacement of Combin troops in well designed surroundings, which made for the best part of the map by far.

    The author has obvious mapping talent and it will be interesting to see if Day 14 & 15 improve on Day 13 with more varied gameplay and a challenging experience which is also fun to play.

  5. Foolster41

    How do you get past the first big room with the g=man and Scientsit? Nothign happens, everyone just stand around.

  6. Talk to the scientist and then then the door opens so you can get a suit.Its all pretty straight forward.

  7. Foolster41

    I tried talking to the sceintist. Nothing happened. I’ll try it again, though I beat it by clipping through the door. (Only cheat I used)

    It was hard, but not as hard as people make it sound.

  8. Play It Now!

    Short but very good!

    Have to agree with the README: hard if you don’t know what you are doing, easy if you do. Made lots of mistakes while playing this which made some fights really hard but quickly understood what I was doing wrong and how to make it easy. Lots and lots of fun – thanks Chris!

  9. 2muchvideogames

    hl2 vorts are much more challenging than hl1 vorts, but methodology for combating them is the same.

  10. This mod is among the many which stopped working after valve infamously decided to change the game’s directory structure.

  11. Darth_Sylph

    can’t download, says the server cannot be found

  12. Cannot download. Could you check this link please?

    1. Sorry, but I’m not updating the site because I am on a sabbatical.

      1. Can you update it now?

        1. Yeah, okay, I’ll look into it.

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