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Dennis G.

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29 August 2006


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Love game development. Big fan of Modding. Love 3d modeling. Did Jail Escape, Hypercube: Source. Worked on, From Coastline to atmosphere, Strider Mountain, Evolution, Rip Cage, and many others.

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06 Oct 2007 Episodic Content Rant You can transfer the duplicate games (hl2 and ep1) you have legally. Its called like Steam Gift o...
11 Jun 2007 Poll Question 034 - Is the gender of the playing character important? haha, yeah I agree lol.
24 Apr 2007 Day 13 3/5 good work.
28 Feb 2007 Jail Escape Hands down the best mod I have ever played lol. ;-) 5/5 stars
18 Feb 2007 Day Of Redemption: Chapter 1 Its great to see the developer here. Im downloading now.
30 Dec 2006 Reviewing the Reviews "Why do you write reviews? If you do, what's your motivation?" I like to write short reviews ...
30 Dec 2006 Poll Question 011 - 1 Great or 3 Average? Oh, if my above choice is not a choice then I would get the GREAT game over the good games.
30 Dec 2006 Poll Question 011 - 1 Great or 3 Average? well if it was a gameshow prize I would totally pick the 3 good games over the 1 great game. Then...
29 Dec 2006 A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe This was a very unprofessional looking mod with poor map design and no ending (that I could find)...
27 Dec 2006 Gut Rot -=Spoiler=- My Review: Very short, about 2-3 minutes of play time. 3 rooms of a house is the e...
27 Dec 2006 Checking Out This was a very nice map. It had no bugs that I saw. Great little story with a small ammount of c...
23 Dec 2006 Outpost Xen Ok here are my thoughts I would say a bit below average all together but it was nice to see cu...
22 Dec 2006 Day Of A Million Soldiers and I gotta stop saying lol after every line.
22 Dec 2006 Day Of A Million Soldiers LOL, I feel so dumb Phillip. First of all lol. You can put down the size of "RATE THIS MAP" if y...
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