A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe

for Half-Life 2

29th June 2006

Story: A piece of space high above the sky once suddenly disappeared, and on its place strange floating islands appeared along with many colourful dudes walking around on them.

Your mission: Learn how THOSE RETARDED STOCKJOBBERS make such huge stakes.

Secondary task: Find the eye OF SHAITAN and steal it.

Other tasks (if possible): Kill as much as possible.

As whom do you play in this map: As Father Grigori.

What do you need to do in this map: Fight the corruption.

Basic Details
  • Title: A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe
  • File Name:
  • Size : 613Kb
  • Author: Tom Kranis
  • Date Released: 01 June 2006
  • Possible Sequel Download: Supposed Sequel – Combine Fate

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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. OK, Not one of my favourite levels but there may be some PP readers who like this type of level. I played for about te minutes and got so frustrated I stopped. It took a very long time to load and as you can see from the console screenshot there seems to be quite a lot of problems. This could be due to engine upgrade changes, I don’t know.

  2. Please allow me to explain. The images of the cats and the floating island, all destroy any sense of realism. It’s not that I hate jumping puzzles, but I hate jumping puzzles where you die EVERY time you miss a ledge. IF you have to go back and start again all the time it becomes very frustrating and boring. Personally I think this is poor level design. This type of level is a perfect example of the designer ignoring most players and designing something only a handfull of players will enjoy.

    I’m not saying that all levels have to be the same but there has to be a balance between creativity and playability.

    Perhaps the designer will say “If you can’t accomplish the jumps then don’t play my levels”.

    He would be right, I won’t bother even testing any of his levels if they are like this.

    Please feel free to disagree with me.

  3. dufferx

    I trust your judgement, so will not even attempt it. Not too fond of jumping.

  4. Mike

    Likewise. I try most HL2 mods and make my own mind up about it, but to misjudge a jump, die, then wait while the level reloads is a pain. If that’s all the game consist of I shan’t bother. Pity, cos I think there is a lot of room for ‘mods with a difference’.

  5. Migandi

    Well Wacko!
    and what a title for a map lol:)
    I just could not be bothered even downloading it

  6. JC

    You know, I think the author of this level was smoking “something” when he made it… 🙂
    It’s certainly a weird level.

  7. cubedude89

    HAHAHAHA this is funny, Im downloading it. Jeez im dumb aint I.

  8. cubedude89

    Ya im asking for trouble

  9. Anonymous

    This map crashes your game when you try to load a save from it.

  10. I never got far enough to save! I kept dying on the first set of jumps.

  11. Cubedude

    Freak, I forgot my username and/or password.

    anyway. this game wasnt THAT bad. I kinda enjoyed it. LOL.

  12. BiggyEyEs

    if this was made for half life 1 then even if you die after jumping you can reload your quick save fast…

    but on hl2, reloading the game is a pain.

  13. if this was made for half life 1 then even if you die after jumping you can reload your quick save fast…

    but on hl2, reloading the game is a pain.

    True, but let us hope that nobody wastes their time on making it for HL1!

  14. kitty

    that last pic there was a “Murzik”m typed at that cat wat was with green eyes and big smiiiile

  15. This was a very unprofessional looking mod with poor map design and no ending (that I could find) not really worth your time to download unless your trying to have a title like “”Played Every HL2 MOD EVER”” lol.
    2/5 stars.
    Nope not 1/5 I gave it an extra point because I liked the custom textures of the pretty cats 😀

  16. dethtoll

    either somethingawful’s FYAD or 4chan’s /b/ is responsible for this.

  17. Nope, it’s a russian mod btw

  18. I have added a link to a possible sequal to this mod but have no way to check at the moment.If it can be verified please post so we can add to the list.Link was left here.

  19. Mongoloid

    Great fun – very original. I encourage you to play this one through as there are interesting parts after the initial jumping.

    I imagine the title is a reference to the graphic novel “Watchmen.” The character Rorscach sees a dog with it’s head split in half by an axe during his psych test.

  20. Mongoloid

    Forget to add a few things-

    http://www.tomkranis.com for more from him. Combine Fate is by the same guy and you play as the same character with a similar mod description.

    Jumping is short and only at the beginning really. If you have trouble loading quick saves, shorten the map title.

  21. I dont remember my true name

    well this is really weirdo. its very god damned difficult to get into places and its pretty bad placed. well I suck into platform jumping… I didnt liked this one too

  22. TheRipper
    Avoid It!

    Unplayable because of the crashes during reload. It can depend on your system, but I also had to reboot my computer after such a crash.

  23. It’s things like this that make me wish that FileCloud server still worked. I love playing weird stuff, even if it isn’t good.

    1. Be careful what you wish for! I’ve updated the post to include a working download.

  24. Think Twice

    I’ve taken a break from my chronological romp through Episode Two releases to play this. It’s awful. One of the worst maps I’ve ever played… and yet I love it. It’s really, really weird, the environment is like Xen crossed with The Fantastic Game, there are pictures of cats all over the place, Father Grigori randomly blabbers at you throughout the map, there are oddly coloured headcrabs and an oddly coloured Grigori and Kleiner, there’s a metrocop dancing on a camera and you need to collect an eyeball to finish the map! I should probably give this an Avoid It rating, most people would absolutely hate this map, but if there’s anybody else out there who’s as weird as I am, they’ll love this map. It’s the best worst map ever.

    If I were to give this map an alternative name, it would be The Room: Source.

  25. Avoid It!

    Why. Just why. Why would someone make this map.

    I usually care about broken textures when I play custom maps and mods, but here I simply didn’t give a shit. The environment is horrendous and before you make a mod or a map MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ENGLISH. Also, I often like those CSS-style platforming puzzles, but this one is just cheap, stupid and unfair. The title didn’t even have anything to do with the map anyway. Also, you can’t save on this map, otherwise you return to the menu. But I actually beat it. After 45 minutes of dying, swearing and wanting to kill myself, I beat it. AND IT WAS NOT WORTH IT.


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