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Luna Veronica

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25 August 2014




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In Half-Life, I like to be careful and strategize to take out enemies. This is why I do not like large arenas with no cover.

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I actually vary from game to game, in games like Doom I'm more aggressive and in games like Quake I'm more balanced.

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  1. Portal 2
  2. Psychonauts
  3. Pikmin 2
  4. OFF
  5. Spelunky

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Latest 25 Comments
08 Feb 2015 A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe I've taken a break from my chronological romp through Episode Two releases to play this. It's awf...
08 Feb 2015 A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe It's things like this that make me wish that FileCloud server still worked. I love playing weird ...
08 Feb 2015 Your Favourite Underrated FPS Games Harmony, probably the best freeware FPS I've ever played. It's built on the Doom engine but it is...
08 Feb 2015 Very Hard Mod This should not be called . It should be called or . Just look at the third puzzle in the walkth...
07 Feb 2015 February 2015 General Chat I'm currently learning to map for Doom II; I plan on "climbing" a "ladder" of FPS mapping, starti...
07 Feb 2015 The New Theme It's a lot "shinier", which is pretty nice. I also like the map/mod browsing, it reminds me of th...
07 Feb 2015 Neuromancer It's fun to open the panoramic image and spin it, then just stare at it for a while...
05 Feb 2015 Escape By EX-MO I'm stuck in the beginning, the rebel who is apparently supposed to throw a grenade did and I hea...
03 Feb 2015 2015 Award Categories I just thought of a good one - best ville entry.
02 Feb 2015 Rat's Nest It's a concept map involving a crane, if you read that and cringed you probably won't like it. I ...
02 Feb 2015 Flash Flood It's a short concept map from the creator of "Ghost in the Machine". I wish he had made a full-le...
02 Feb 2015 Ghost In The Machine Wow, this map is brilliant! It's a bit like the map "Neuromancer" in that you go into a cool cybe...
02 Feb 2015 City 45 I really like the setting and the idea is cool, but it's just not that fun to play through. Your ...
02 Feb 2015 City 5 This is a rather pretty map to look at, and it's well detailed even in areas the player can't go ...
02 Feb 2015 Wasteland Combat This is a very short map, and the combat is pretty fun. So why personal favourite? Well, because ...
02 Feb 2015 The Day I Tried To live This map is not terrible. What it is, however, is perhaps even worse than terrible, it's boring. ...
02 Feb 2015 Apocalypse Not too bad for an early mapper. I haven't played Escape From Shalkamaz (author's other map) yet ...
01 Feb 2015 Fake Episode 3 Maps Has some nice ideas, especially in the Borealis, but this is a very amateurish mappack. The firs...
01 Feb 2015 Above The Downtrodden If this were longer, I would give it a "Play it Later" rating, I had fun playing it. I rather lik...
01 Feb 2015 Base Jump A pretty bland concept/defense map. I like the idea a lot and it's not executed too badly, but it...
01 Feb 2015 Pit Stop Boring and ugly mapping, boring combat, mostly easy puzzles except one confusing one, really shor...
01 Feb 2015 Dawn Of The Headcrabs I didn't beat this map, but I didn't feel like starting over. It puts a nice spin on the "zombie ...
01 Feb 2015 The Factory It has a nice sense of scale and a decent atmosphere, but that's really all the good things I can...
01 Feb 2015 Firestorm Woah there, this one's got some serious mapping issues. The very first thing I did was turn aroun...
01 Feb 2015 Harry The Headcrab It's a cool concept and I usually like gravgun puzzles, but as is the case a lot of these types o...
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