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29th June 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Apparently taking place during Gordon’s absence after the fall of Nova Prospekt, the story seems is centred around one man, John, a Resistance member who was injured in a fire fight and brought by his friends to the outskirts of Ravenholm to recover. None of them remember how to get out of Ravenholm, and it’s up to John to fight his way through.

Basic Details
  • Title: Ravenholm
  • File Name: RavenholmENG.exe
  • Size : 69.20Mb
  • Author: Lord Games
  • Date Released: 01 January 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

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Created by Sarmatia Project, which is an excellent concept and deserves your support.


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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. fragmaster

    Excellent HL2 Sourcemod with intresting gameplay & puzzles & spoiler When you complete the mod you can play it again with the Bonus weapon The Gravity Gun to get hidden treasures marked with the HL 2 symbol
    Def worth the Download

  2. dethtoll

    technically, this is a mod, not a map.

  3. Matt

    I’m stuck already… I just started the “Canals” level, and I’m in a pool of water, where I loaded four blue bouyant barrels into a grate thingy, which rose to the surface of the water… now what?

  4. dethtoll

    climb over the bars that are at an angle, near the now-floating crate full of blue barrels.

  5. dougjp

    I prefer playing mostly against combines, and this is the opposite, however I still rate it higher than Leon’s CTA. I’d say a 9 out of 10.

    While its difficult, the key thing here is that the developer never lost sight of gameplay balance throughout. Its possible to play this without getting mad at the developer! There are many things to think through, puzzles to solve and ways to approach things. Nice work!

  6. A really enjoyable experience with everything beeing well balanced a new enemi (or kind of) a good storyline that keeps you busy, small puzzle and fight (mostly zombies and monsters) all well put together


  7. Ezequielhl

    It’s a good experience to a half life gamer. The name does honor for the mod un every single aspect: obscure creepy ambient, lot of cadavers (the walking with a headcrab leeching the head too XD), and plenty ammo, making it more tactical.

    There’s a new enemy. And new traps. You cant use the gravity gun until you win the game at least ONE TIME, making it a bonus. The mapping is decent to very good in some parts. Good challenge in enemies positions and puzzles.

    Bad thing? maybe if you are a CS (casual) gamer who says “I didn’t like Ravenholm: there wasn’t too many soldiers too fight OMG Ravenholm level sux” you’ll not enjoy this. BUT in exchange, the parts where are soldiers and a chopper are very well.

    4/5, but if you are the “CS gamer kind of player I said” maybe you’ll not enjoy this.

  8. Extremely Frightening!
    Loads of zombies!
    Spooky Forests!
    Interesting Story!
    Excellent Mod!

    Read my full review with 24 pics here:
    Ravenholm Review

  9. Andyno

    Hi. I’m stuck in the 2nd forest where I’m running around again and again but I can’t find any way out of this creepy place. Please help.

  10. Andyno

    Hard to explain it so look at these help pages


    Thanks a lot man, I was looking for some walkthrough on the web but I didn’t find anything. Thank again. 🙂


    Please be warned: This comment contains spoilers related to this mod.

    For the most part, I enjoyed this mod. Some random comments:

    It’s huge–it seemed to be a game unto itself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was longer than some full games I’ve played.

    I could have done without the frequent sabotage. For example, I’d jump down, and be instantly killed by exploding barrels with a tripwire. Or, I’d walk through a doorway, and be killed by some other trap. And so on. And on. To me, a good rule of thumb to be used when creating a map is that if while creating it you laugh to yourself about how it will mess with the player, it may not be a good idea.

    By 3/4 through the game, I was rrrrrrrreally tired of those fast zombies! They’ve always unnerved me. 🙂

    Some parts were pretty difficult to figure out. I got stuck for at least awhile several times.

    The creators of this mod gave in to the utterly-overused cliché: It gets harder the more you progress. When I reached the point where there were exploding headcrabs, every kind of zombie available, combines, a helicopter that took 8 or 9 hits to go down (on Easy mode), and poor lighting, all at once, the game was essentially over for me. I tried a few times then turned on god mode just so I could finish it.

    This is a very well-done mod. And I really enjoyed the first half of it!

  12. Now I’m stuck. How do I proceed to the next area? I’m just past the part in Ravenholm02 after I turn the rotating blade on, go through the little tunnel way & a dead guy hanging in a tree drops from the rope. There’s also a metal water tower there as well. No doors work, I’ve tried stacking boxes to get to the ledge, it doesn’t work either. I think I know where I’m supposed to go, I just can’t figure out to get from point A to point B.

  13. Figured it out. Come to find out, I didn’t know where to go but now see the err of my ways. I’ll finish tomorrow.

  14. Thats one of the niche’s of Ravenholm…
    they don’t make an easy route to the next area. I had to stack boxes several times to jump over a wall or get to the top of a building… I don’t remember the exact area you are in…?
    Do you see the area in one of the photos in my review?

  15. Here’s a five words or less review: Ridiculously difficult and boring.

    Chianti wasn’t kidding when he/she said that it gets more difficult the further you progress. Too much puzzle solving & not enough action for my tastes. While I enjoy puzzles, I don’t like the ones that rack your brain for a long period of time. I’ll admit I have good days and bad days & most times (and I stress most), I can figure it out. I don’t like having to stack boxes upon boxes or even doing that and it’s not the solution to begin with! I’ve only made it past the canals part, but I’m hanging my hat up on this one. There just isn’t enough action to hold my interest and it’s just too hard in other aspects. One thing is for sure, the developer(s) sure got the ambience and level design right & make you feel right at home in Ravenholm.

  16. Don’t give up Goddess! There is a lot more action if you keep going. There are some great scripted events too…
    It definitely gets harder, but you know how it is… you die a few times and re-load… by the 5th time you know how to beat-em!
    You’re missing some great stuff later in the mod.

  17. Okay. I will try to continue on when I have some extra time again.

  18. Booman, I’ve just read the letter about some guy in a lab but I have no clue where to go next. Everything seems to be a dead end and I am so incredibly bored with it right now. I have to admit, I’m not a big zombie fan. Ravenholm was nice in HL2 because it was fast paced & didn’t leave you running around clueless for half an hour. I’m just thinking of all the stuff I could have done in that half hour like a load of laundry, dishes, sweeping & vaccuming, swaying in my hammock tonight sipping wine, hearing eerie sounds in the woods like The Blair Witch Project; sipping more wine so I’ll really be hearing eerie sounds in the woods and then believe I actually saw a witch.

  19. Its been a couple of months since I played it so its hard to remember…
    Have you been through the forests yet?
    I think the lab is right before that. In the lab you have to break the windows and jump through while killing some of those black headcrabs. Then next is the scary dark forest.
    I didn’t think it was boring at all. I actually thought some parts were way too hard, but I kept at it and finished it.

  20. Nope, no forests yet. Just buildings. I don’t know where to go to look for the lab. Everywhere I turn seems a dead end unless I go back where to I came from (canals). Frustrating!

  21. Hey Boo, I figured out my problem & am now in the second part of the forests!

  22. Goddess Alyria, I got stuck in the same part you initially mentioned (the part with the guy hanging from a rope). It was annoying to me…as it always annoys me to be stuck for more than about 5 minutes. I think I was stuck in that spot for at least a half hour, maybe more (given my lack of a sense of time, it may have actually been an hour or more).

    The forest sections started getting old to me by the time I was done. Walking around and around and around…and around. Oh, what’s this? The ten-billionth zombie!

  23. I know what you mean Chianti. And what’s up with not being able to RUN? A bit silly if you ask me. I understand the maker wanting you to take your time & think your way out of the mess, but in the vast outdoor sections after you’ve encountered that ten-billionth zombie & become bored with it, you wanna hoof it to the next part.

    In all fairness, I’m replaying the whole thing again now that I know where my errors were getting stuck because it really took away from the experience for me. Incredible level design. I think my favorite parts were the traps. I’m sure a lot of thinking went into that.

  24. Play It Now!

    I underestimated this mod at the beginning. I usually play games in small intervals to keep it fresh. So I played one or two levels thinking “hmm, kinda fun, very scary, and a little confusing”. Now it’s about a week later and I’m totally impressed with the size of the project and how obsessed I am to keep playing it. This is a really long mod with something new introduced at almost every level. Its starts off small and kinda eerie, then bursts into a full story of madness. I’m not even sure where to begin.

    Almost all the models and textures are from Half-Life 2 but they are used so well to create a completely new environment. The mapper spared no expense with detail and variety. I just kept taking screenshots after screenshots to show you how much work has gone into each level. Lots of geometric architecture and lots of organic natural structures. This mapper has no limit to what needs to be built. Each level lives up to Half-Life 2’s expectations and reputation. The levels have plenty of objects for cover and plenty of digressing areas where there is usually an item instead of a dead end.

    I found myself exploring just to kill one more headcrab or zombie, even if it was out of the way. And I would admire the architecture as I went. I also enjoyed using the explosive barrels to throw at zombies and then shoot to blow them up. Sometimes I would carry an explosive barrel through a few buildings just to save ammo. There are also plenty of new “traps” for killing zombies. All of it is very innovative and original. The will include creepy indoor areas and vast outdoor alleyways or forests. There are some secret places to find ammo or health and some areas where you will need to jump and climb to progress to the next level. This is probably a good place to describe some of the gameplay.

    Following the reputation of Half-Life 2, Ravenholm includes intense action, puzzles, and an interesting storyline. You will play the main character “John” and you wake up to a friend telling you what has happened. All the dialog is in French but there are English subtitles. You will venture through many different buildings with lots of headcrabs and zombies. Explore but keep your pistol handy. I also found that learning to kill headcrabs with crowbar will save you a lot of ammo, but work on the timing. Sometimes you will kill one but they will still get a small scratch in. As the levels progress you start with just the crowbar and maybe a pistol, but will later acquire most of the Half-Life 2 weapons. They placed them very well so you will be forced to not take your weapons for granted. Each weapon serves its purpose and can be used cleverly to save ammo, set off traps, or keep health to a maximum.

    Slow progress through puzzling levels
    Can get stuck if you don’t plan ahead
    Lots and lots of zombies (for those who get tired of them)

    Very clever levels and use of objects
    Interesting story and suspense
    Some new content not seen in Half-Life 2

    Ravenholm shows how a team can really produce an expansion pack to Half-Life 2 without having to create a lot of new content. There is so much variety and ways to keep you immersed in the game. I loved how you will have to carry crates to hard-to-reach places so you can progress to the next level. But if you destroy all the crates…. re-load. They really keep you on your toes! Never just run around chaotically destroying every barrel and box, you may need it later.

    Explore every area because if you miss something you may get stuck. Great use of gravity for pulleys and elevators. There was even a moment when the zombies throw barrels and stuff at you… well one of them thew a health container at me from the top of a trash can. I really needed it too. Ravenholm is very re-playable because you can try killing zombies in different ways. I dare someone to complete the whole game only using the crowbar. That would be crazy!

    My Recommendation

  25. David

    It was OK, I suppose. I know some find the length to be a strong point, but I thought the mod could have been shortened a little. It got to the point where I was saying to myself “There’s MORE?! Oh no…”

    By the end, I hated fast zombies more than any other enemy in any game I have ever played (yes, I hate them even more than the Berserker from Gears of War). Most of the time, two or more of the little buggers would jump out in front of me while I was already fighting a huge horde of regular zombies and various types of headcrabs. I finally had to turn on god mode because I was getting sick of the constant attacks.

    The puzzles were fairly well done, though some of them had solutions that were less than obvious. Some parts of the game had hidden exits that I just could not find. I finally turned on “noclip” and went to an overhead view so I could see where to go.

    The storyline wasn’t great and some parts were left out or unexplained. The part that annoyed me the most was these “phantasms”. They didn’t add anything to the game, in my opinion. Plus, WHY was the character having visions??? Some of it needed to be explained a little better.

    I understand English isn’t the game’s native language, but if you’re going to translate something, get someone who can speak English fluently. The messages in the game were sometimes hard to understand and it seemed as though the author used BabelFish to translate everything.

    Overall, if you like spending a long time wandering around a dead town fighting hordes of zombies in a game with a bad storyline and badly translated subtitles, then go ahead and download it. I can’t really say “Avoid it” since there were parts that I found fun. But, I’ll go with…

  26. Play It Now!

    Finished playing this last night – it is a very long mod – I played on normal and it took me more than 10 hours to complete. I cannot have enough praise for the makers of this mode – let me explain.When I first played HL2, Ravenholm drove me nuts – dark and scary, not enough ammo and stupid as I am I never really considered using the Gravity Gun as a weapon – yep, I’m an idiot.

    Interestingly enough when you first play this mod you have no Gravity Gun either – you have to rely on your weapons and the ammo is pretty scarce so trust your crowbar, note where the explosive barrels are to shoot them at the right time for maximum effectiveness and pay attention to the traps that are already set and ready for you to use. Given that I played the original Ravenholm in the same circumstances I can say with confidence that this mod is far better. The map layout is very good, puzzles are great (and many :-)) and the difficulty increases in a very nice progression towards the end. Although I have played on normal I haven’t died much and was able to complete even the most difficult battles on the second or third try even though it gets pretty hairy at times.

    Those that like to explore will be rewarded with all kinds of goodies hidden all over. Although I have found a lot I am not so sure I got them all – I believe I should have gotten the crossbow at some point because I found some ammo – however I still managed without it; there was also some AR-2 ammo but I only got the AR-2 before the very last battle – and I put it to good use 🙂

    The fun factor is also there – what could be more fun than having an infinite box of rockets to shoot poison zombies and their minions?

    Overall I have been extremely satisfied with this mod and I think I’ll rate it just a tad higher than Coastline to Atmosphere – so right up there at top with Minerva.

    And special kudos to the developers for more than 10 hours of play in a 70MB mod 🙂

  27. Forgot to add something: there is a bug that I found – when you meet the second antlion queen, the tower fells and it is supposed to kill it – this may not work all the time. If it doesn’t die, the game will crash shortly after. If this happens to you try to position yourself in such a way before the tower falls as to draw the antlion to the middle of the open space (not to the sides) where it will get killed!

  28. Robspace1

    love the game so far but I am very stuck in the canal-the water is electric and I can see no way across to the walkway on the other side. There is a zombie in the water which is no problem but how do I make it across this. I tried shooting out the switch and that failed. I tried many times to cross on the wall pipes but they stop short. How do I cross this? Thanks Rob ,Vancouver Wa.

    1. Play It Now!

      In the area where you can see the three switches,jump on the railing and then jump onto that slim pipe that goes across to the switch.
      I tried coming back the same way after I turned off the power but could not make the jump back from that pipe to the railing .

  29. Robspace1

    also-the walkthrough link goes noplace-dead end link

  30. This is a zipped html file from the discussion board on the authors site.Its supposed to show how to cross the electric water.


  31. Robspace1

    Thanks Andyb-I checked it out and the photos are fuzzy but I did see one possible solution-There is alot of people stuck at this same spot and there is no clear answer on there to make it out. I did email one guy for help. Thanks again for yours-(I should be out of that sewer in a week or so) wow-should be ripe by then !

  32. I remember that section now.Just gotta not fall in the water but still stack up crates to get on the platform.Then you need 1 box on the platform to jump to the ledge.

  33. Robspace1

    well, I tried going that way but didn’t have enough boxes to make it out. I did make it to the switch but there were only 2 movable boxes to throw over the rail. I ended up on the other side throwing down boxes and making it over to the swinging platform then hopping up. After that the door cam be opened and the switch shut off. I was lacking maybe one box from making it out your way-I probably smashed it on the way in, something I,m learning not to do in this mod. All boxes become steps.

  34. Play It Now!

    A really nice mod. I didn’t expect to much at the beginning because of the crappy mapping. But throughout the game you could really tell Lord making progress!! You always knew what you were supposed to be doing and you could tell Lord knew he was doing with his story and everything. Valve also said, messing up Ravenholms environment is easy with adding rebels and combines, however this mod showed this doesn’t always have to be true. A sequel has also finally been released: Eye of the storm.

  35. sentry man

    I am at the very first forest and I have no clue how to get out. Someone please help me.

    1. HammerHand

      Late answer, but sentry man you need to find a mine, so keep close to the rocks surrounding you. I think the mine entry is along your right side when you enter the forest.

  36. Ratzoid

    Where is the “Gravity Gun” ? Second time through past the graveyard.. no G-gun.

  37. HammerHand
    Play It Now!

    Lovely if you like Ravenholm. Slow-paced at first with little activity, but grows harder soon.

    To Ratzoid:
    From Ravenholm main menu choose “New Game”, press “more” to reach “chapter 9”. You can’t miss the picture of the Gravity Gun 😉

    1. Ratzoid

      Thank you very much “HammerHand” I would’ve played through the whole mod again wondering where that thing was hidden! Is it possible to just find it or is Chapter Nine it?
      Anyway, Thanks alot!

  38. Play It Now!

    This mod is just like the kind of mod I like. I enjoyed every moment of it, but I saw just two small problems. 1 – There’s a canal part where I had to use Noclip because I really couldn’t find a way to get out there, It’s a room with some big grates in front of you and just after it there’s a room where you trigger various zombies. 2 – The forest and foggy area was pretty laggy at the time, could have improved a bit on it, and one thing that really got my nerves was the kinda of fast respawn of zombies and headcrabs. Overall It’s a nice mod and I really like it. I’am waiting for the second episode of It’s successor, Eye of the Storm or something like that heh.

  39. Glen

    I’m stuck in the electrified area too. i’ve seen hints that you should throw boxes into the water but this makes no sense because when I try to jump onto them they smash and if I try to jump on a barrel then it conducts the electricity and if I try to jump on the pallet it just sinks into the elecrified water. can anyone help please ?
    Both links that have been posted so far seem to be dead

    1. gsp1995

      I can’t really remember where exactly this part is, but if It’s in some kind of sewer. Just use noclip to get to the other side or something.

  40. Glen

    I FINALLY got through this

    I found this site that has some tips.


    Basically I was able to deduce from the pictures that you’re supposed to have loads of boxes to play with, that for some reason were missing for me. I restarted the level and they were there when I reached that room the next time around.
    There’s apparently two ways to do this ways to do this. Dump all the spare boxes and barrels in the right hand room then use the right hand ledge to get across to turn off the electric you then need to stack the boxes and barrels to get out of that section because there’s no ladder. with the electric off you can then easily get across the left hand part after killing the zombie)

    or the way I did it, (because I couldn’t get across the ledge) you can leave the electricity on, kill the zombie then carefully make your way across the left hand room stacking and moving boxes as you go. The tricky bit is getting a box onto the swinging platform and getting up on it from there to climb over the railing. But it can be done.

  41. Personal Favourite

    I have played this mod very many times because I have an ambition to beat all the good mods which means not going back to saves including auto-saves.
    I’m not a lover of fighting the spawn of Ravenholm. I prefer fighting Combine who at least have the decency of killing you with a weapon instread of tearing your face off.
    This, though is very different and with room for exploration and the use of tactics.
    I enjoyed it all the more, the more times I played it. A very, very good mod indeed. If you have not played it, you really should.
    If you want to give it a go(thoroughly recommended), the PP filecloud download link will not work. Instead click on ‘lord Games” just above it.
    On the landing page click for the english version.
    On the next page go to the first entry
    “Ravenholm in French, Spanish, German and Russian Lord – 2.19.2006
    All promised languages are available to download! Look at section download.
    Click on download and you will find an English version – even though not mentioned above.
    It’s the date of the version that is vital, 2.19.2006 because it’s the de-bugged version.

  42. Play It Now!

    I really enjoyed this mod, in nearly all ways, its quite fun for me as a survival horror type thing, barly making it by by the skin of your teeth, was lots of fun and the length for a mod was amazing and it never really got old. Only thing that bothered me was the dialoge, but hey, everything else is a real geme in this mod 🙂

  43. Anon_224394

    hey I downloaded this mod but when I start this up it shows the start and I cant move and I cant even noclip out, please if you now how to help me please post here. if someone reads this I would love the help so reply as quick as possible. Thank you when you do.

    1. Follow the link in the main post about getting Mods Working. A recent update by Valve caused a lot of mods to stop working.

  44. o4e1

    I made this mod working by your solution.But there is another problem:mouselook doesnt work.All another games and mods works normally.Commands about mouse(cl_mouseenable,cl_mouselook) what I found are right.I used impulse 101 then crosshair and mouselook appeared,but how do it without cheating?Does anybody khow?

    1. Javilin

      You need to download the HL2 content file by Silvermink (sp) and use the bin file from there and replace/add it the Ravenholm folder.

  45. Personal Favourite

    I’ve replayed this so many times I can’t remember. Played this last week, this week Steam did another update and now it’s quit working. ANY ONE know how to fix this?

    1. Did you do the fix at forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1289845 ?
      After the Valve update 3 months ago.
      If yes, you should be fine.
      If no, you need to do the fix.

  46. Play It Now!

    This mod is soooo great! Although I have one problem.
    How can there be an Antlion Guard in Ravenholm, but not a single Antlion is spotted in Ravenholm? Also, I was upset that there was only one Father Grigori appearance, but I’m glad he’s still alive.

  47. Filmore

    I could use some help in the area when you meet up with michael, it looks like you need to blow the back door out of the building with all the gas barrels and the big gas line, and the flame throwers, I’ve put the battery in the one, but they won’t stay lit, I’ve dropped the beams but they don’t do anything, any help would be appreciated, thanks

    1. Adam

      I’ve got this problem as well. I enter the room with all the exploding barrels, two flamethrower traps, and Michael, but nothing happens. Are zombies supposed to immediately break out? There aren’t any suspicious error messages in the console. I’ve tried everything from blowing up all the barrels to exhausting both flamethrowers, but I feel as if I’m missing something.

      Oh well… time to manually load map 16…

  48. Gilfrarry

    If you’re in map Ravenholm15, the barrels and flamethrowers are just to help defend against the onslaught of zombies. During the rush a door will open, near the trap with two barrels.

    I did notice once that Michael would not follow (and the game would not let me progress) until, it seemed, the last barrel was exploded.

  49. Phillip, why is this mod not in the hall of fame?

  50. This is another oldie-but-goodie like Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter, see my comment there, because the fixes applied there also work here. the gameinfo.txt file needs to look like this…

    game “Ravenholm”
    title “”
    icon “ravenholm”
    developer “Lord games”
    developer_url “http://ravenholm.wz.cz/english.html”
    manual “http://ravenholm.wz.cz/manual/eng.html”
    type singleplayer_only
    SteamAppId 215 // GCFs (215=HL2 – 2007).
    ToolsAppId 211 // For SDK caches.

    Game |gameinfo_path|.
    Game hl2

    And the bin folder can be imported/copy-pasted from SMOD40aq. the files there are…
    client.dll dated 9/20/2008
    game_shader_generic_smod.dll dated 1/26/2008
    server.dll dated 9/20/2008

    I know what you’re thinking, if the mod was released in 2006, how come the dll’s are from 2008? Don’t ask, they just work.

    Best of all, the mod plays like it did when it was released back in 2006. A few years ago these fixes did NOT work, but now they do…at least until the next Steam ‘upgrade’ screws the whole thing up again. Keep the faith, bro.


    1. Just use Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer and this patch to play Ravenholm in 2016:


  51. Play It Now!

    Very atmospheric horror, but so old. I played that mod twice and was very enjoyed in it. Ravenholm is my one of favourite orig-HL levels and mod is so like that.
    But mod is a little bit of long, levels are so repeatable and it makes some bored of this.
    Sorry for my English please

  52. Maybe?

    Boy, did this mod dragged on for me.

    First off, if you are not good at English, please let the native speakers polish the texts and subtitles for you. It was hard to analyze the texts to get a grasp of what you’re trying to tell.

    I love the original Ravenholm from Half-Life 2, I see that this mod can give me an excuse to kick down the door and perform shotgun-pellets-injection on the undeads’ craniums. I got what I wished for, except it was a bit too much for me. The whole mod took me 3 hours and I have to be honest, it dragged on too long.

    The story is so bad it’s funny, mostly because of translation. You outright left a friend at the beginning, then you meet someone you are supposed to care about. (Who dies three maps later after meeting him.) There’s also zero explanation of why is this guy keeps getting “phantasms”. There’s also explosive headcrabs, which are terrible additions in my opinion. Nothing screams frustration more than a headcrab who moves fast and can, and will, instant kill you.

    Level design is a mix between good, redeemable, and straight up horrid. Checkpoints are few and far between. On some occasions, you face too many enemies more than what you can handle. One example is when you have to trek through a wide, opened, foggy forest. On top of not knowing where to go, you are constantly harassed by an endless stream of Fast Headcrabs and Fast Zombies. Also, this mod really likes stacking puzzles and weight puzzles. I’m serious, they are used very frequently.

    I think the creator kind of misunderstood what makes Ravenholm so memorable. One thing is because it stands out from the other chapters by the only kind of enemies here are zombies. Zombies only, but not too short to make it a slog. Another thing is, while you can blast through the chapter with just firearms, you can always opt to play with the Gravity Gun if you get bored. Also, any mods that try to recapture Ravenholm forgot one thing: Ravenholm IS dark, but not pitch-black dark, light sources populate the chapter just right so the player can see. Zombies are usually crammed into tight spaces so they would actually act as an obstacle for the player.

    The Gravity Gun is unlocked after beating the mod as a New Game+, it makes literally everything easier as now you can carry around props to throw at zombies with you. You also gain access to previously unreachable supply caches too.

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

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